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Nicholasville, Kentucky

I collect old canning jars and milk bottles.


  1. Amazing! Copper wire was used for fishing! I love learning something new! It looks a bit similar to the one on ebay Celiene, cast and has the stop on it. Fantastic little mystery treasure.
  2. Onedtent the antenna wire makes much more sense than fishing line for sure. I can't imagine using it as clothesline wire either. I looked at some images on google and haven't found one matching vint...
  3. That is amazing Onedtent. Son in law is a pilot for the Air Force. I will have to show this to him. Thank you so much. Oh, yes, the copper wire looks original and old.
  4. Jeffgordon24 I had to google downrigger images to see what that is. I am not a fisherman. I have hung a few clothes though blunderbuss2. Nothing fresher!
  5. blunderbuss2 I doubt one would use copper for a clothesline, but, ya never know.
  6. Sean68, I have searched for something to compare them to, no luck so far. They are interesting.
  7. Thanks Tom
  8. Thanks Tom. I like it too.
  9. I remember Mom had a couple of these. She kept tea cold in the fridge in them, circa 1960's.
  10. Thank you valentineo97. I filled the jar with bleach for an overnight. I suppose I was too impatient. I will try the week long soak.
  11. Rusty Gold
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Thank you Manikin, these were loveable folks!
  14. I will take a guess and say the date of the photo is around 1930
  15. Great Rail Photo!
  16. Mustangtony, Thank you for the information. This is a little treasure. I need to purchase a Redbook.
  17. I'm happy you like them Zowie! I treasured my Aunt most of all.
  18. I would like to have that lard can! Perhaps, this rail wagon is part of the food service? One or perhaps 2 of the men have on an apron.
  19. The Railroad equipment photo has a slight bend and quality is not excellent, still a nice old postcard.
  20. I will get more pics on the 4th.
  21. walksoftly, I can take more photos on July 14, when I visit her again. Thank you for the link to the nicer one with the pin stripe. Her's isn't quite as sharp as that. blunderbuss2, I had to goo...
  22. The stove is a treasure! You may actually need it one day!
  23. Beautiful!! Priceless!!
  24. It is a squatty wide mouth pint Rachel, unusual, I love it!
  25. I have a couple of these and I enjoy having them.
  26. Pam you graduated the year after I did. Glad you still feel 19. tbone, mine has sentimental value. I have decided to use it in a small brass lamp on an entrance table and only turn it on when curio...
  27. If yours is solid copper you can't rub the copper off. I had mine professionally polished and lacquer coated. Purchase some good polish and use old T-shirts to clean it with, start small. You will ...
  28. Love the lid!
  29. Thanks TallCakes and Paul71, I do need educated. I appreciate your comments.
  30. Thank you TallCakes
  31. this is a small bowl, only about 4" deep, not really deep enough to be an ice bucket.
  32. this looks like one we have carved from a coconut
  33. Just Beautiful!!!!!
  34. Thank you estatesalejunkie!
  35. Enjoy the adventure and wear insect repellent! Very important when junking.
  36. Boyle county borders my county, Jessamine.
  37. It is called a Milk Can
  38. Is this in Kentucky?
  39. I have no idea what a cage is. The seam on the backside was ruptured, it had broken bits of glass inside, we had it cleaned polished and finished. the top screws off and it has a solid bottom. what...
  40. Thank you
  41. Lots of these are still in use, I have a few, some folks collect them, some folks sell them. Check out what others may be selling for to decide. If I had the lids, I would use mine for storage, the...
  42. The folks bought one of these new when I was a small child, oh what memories this brings back. Thanks so much.
  43. I sure would like to have this if you ever decide to part with it.
  44. We have one similar, my husband grew up on a dairy farm and we have photos of him as a toddler, cranking the butter churn. Ours is made without the necessity of a screen and the paddles are darker, y...
  45. I have a lot of the pink cherry blossom pattern, kind of hard to make out the pattern of this one, my eyes aren't what they used to be. It could be the cherry blossom pattern, however all of my cherr...
  46. too bad someone chose to abuse it with hot pink paint, lost a lot of value
  47. If you find any half pint blue jars, you have hit the jar jackpot!
  48. My mother has several of these in green, she served us tapioca pudding, etc in these when I was a child, I thought they were so fancy. She paid a couple of dollars for them at an auction when she wa...
  49. Thank you Savoychina1. We enjoy having it so much.
  50. I think this is a plant stand.
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Vintage Cameo Earrings old bath Depression Bowl Please could you give your advise about these earrings? 1957 Comet "canned ham" camper 1973 Metzendorf 12' Camper Kitchen Items In The Cupboard The BallJarz Room kids fleetline fire engine petal car. 2 oil cans Curious and beautiful box - would love to know what it is!