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  1. Here is the same signature.
  2. Just have a look here.
  3. Hi Here is a link.
  4. Hi The one on the left is
  5. Here
  6. Have a look here.
  7. Here. https://classic.liveauctione...
  8. Here
  9. Here
  10. The prints are
  11. Took me 1 minute. (just a joke)
  13. Hello, Your print is from Alejandro Obregón.
  14. Found a few.
  15. Here, This might help you.
  16. Hello, This might help you.
  17. Here.
  18. Here
  19. What a steal ........... for $7 .
  20. Here is his signature.
  21. Hi, I believe that this is your artist.
  22. Here is the translation. Beautiful little wall pan (el) - cracking otherwise nice condition. Stavanger flint- Blue series Bridal design Kari Nyquist, 13 cm x 13 cm.
  23. Here.
  24. Look at this old post.
  25. Upload your pictures here and ask them.
  26. Have a look here.
  27. look here
  28. look here
  29. Try here.
  30. Hi, Your painting is from Joseph Kellner. Enlarge the picture and look at the signature.
  31. Some more here.
  34. Here is one.
  35. Hi, The artist is Gerhard Zank (born 1937)
  36. Hi I believe that the artist has signed K Young.
  37. Hi
  39. Hi, Here is one from the same artist.
  40. The reason no one can find any information on this artist is All the paintings were done by an artistic interiors or the art connection both are oil paining art mill that turned out thousands of origi...
  41. Here
  42. Hi I believe that this signature is from Ethel Mars. Go to this location.
  43. Heritage Auctions have 2 for sale. This would help you with the price.
  44. Hope this will help.
  45. Hello, I read T Sebasta but just can't find anything about the artist. Sorry.
  46. Try this guy.
  47. Arader Galleries owns the collection of copper plates used for engraving and watercoloring. Just contact them.
  48. Hi, Look here.
  49. Hello, Try this place.
  50. Here
  51. See more


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