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Anything with a past to sometimes escape the present.


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Artist Alonso - Fine Artin Fine Art
My Birds have a curious rare chemistry.  - Animalsin Animals
My Lunkenheimer 1" over 200 Whistle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique Russian Marks? 
My collection of Transportation Tre Tryckare III,  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
 Retro Eames teak handles with brass a beautiful patterned glass server tray - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Retro miramar of Calif Sunburst - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Big eyed artist Roth prints - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
south korean celadon ewer - Asianin Asian
Very old vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. rocker-sd hit the nail on the head. The vineyards changed the regulations with the handling process which made these raisin drying boards plentiful but obsolete. So some clever people decided to recyc...
  2. Vintage quality made in the USA a keeper for sure.
  3. Love that it is still with original box and papers.
  4. Reminds me of vintage Spanish carved wood.
  5. I do love this design. I have not seen one like this, which would probably mean a custom designed display case. This is an attractive obviously made for viewing of something important maybe glasses, o...
  6. Is that a face in the door with the reflective light bulb set up? Could you please take a picture of the interior of the fire box? Just curious, Michelle DuBois
  7. Very Beautiful. Michelle DuBois
  8. Again you amaze me, I have a Victorian period cream colored shade and I need to re-freshen it as naturally possible from "The great flue smoke out of 2014" And no I am not going to throw it out, the...
  9. Still wondering in Pa.
  10. Well done, it's a true find, and love restoration fact.
  11. Kato, Yes it is a thick lithograph and the eyes are probably a reflection of a lost love from the artist Roth. I can only guess from what I have read. I am sorry it makes you sad to view this. They ca...
  12. Maybe an art glass but WOW! It has a different owner now but, I still wonder to this day.
  13. Apothecary possibly, just a guess with the fleur de lis and seal that comes with these. Michelle DuBois
  14. You are most welcome I looked at a lot of them because I have a few and you are right they are all stamped. Could be a sticker period. Worth a check into. It is very pretty the only thing that throws ...
  15. I noticed it looks somewhat like an Otagiri. Worth a look see. Michelle DuBois.
  16. blunderbuss2, no bubble to burst. First of all what you say is for the birds. They look nothing like the bird or duck species you raise. You are first of all wrong about the species, along with the fa...
  17. This is a treasure
  18. Still wondering here in Pa?
  19. Thank you it now has a new owner so I guess it will be up to him. I like it this way also it shows the history of where it's been. Michelle DuBois
  20. I love the embraced couple.
  21. Have the nickel content in a meteorite. It's core should be high in volume of nickel.A spectrometer should do the trick some larger salvage yards have these very expensive 20, to$ 40,000.00 gun. That...
  22. Hard to tell if it is flint from pic you can strike it against another piece and see if it sparks , but then you take the chance of ruining the arrowhead in the lower right hand corner it looks like f...
  23. yes Amber a lot of these style purses are called beggars bags some of cloth,leather,and chainmail linkage it would hook onto the o loops, the top is called a gate . Whiting and Davis are usually among...
  24. Inuit maybe? Eskimo folkart
  25. Yes this is a nice brass steam whistle probable train or steam ship. They sometimes use these on a two step like a tractor and these are highly collectible items. Michelle Renee' DuBois
  26. I have Snoopy and Lucy same shape as your's but, No slit in back for coins..hmmm On bottom it is marked C. G. 69 . I was thinking ...uh oh .. that maybe they were done at a learn to make ceramics shop...
  27. I hope they don't all ring at once but, I love them all wow what a collection you have amassed that's dedication. Michelle
  28. What do the experts think?
  29. Not signed no underglass signias or names?
  30. Wonder who she is? Where did he see her? and, does she even know? michellerdubois
  31. I have no idea how to speak Korean let alone South Korean Just wondering if this was made from one of the well known Masters?
  32. wow what can I say this takes me back to a time of comfort. This pattern of weil ware has always been one of my favorites. It is so beautiful weil a find huh?..lol
  33. Antique sz. L. Heavy Copper MinnowTrap/ Vintage Pflueger Reel /Collectable Lures What a find!! Should I polish the copper,or leave as is. Still works too, has a few dents but who doesn't,huh? Fish sho...
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1965 - U.S. Air Force Aircraft Poster Vintage Wildwood brass heron lamps IDENTIFY ME Pietra dura fly stickpin. Carnival Horse Clock My Birds have a curious rare chemistry. Spearhead