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  1. That is precisely why I think it is European made; use of metric system. Also, I have never seen a hallmark on a lid.
  2. I have one of these babies-had it for years. I still have the staple pack, too. It has been handy over the years. Fits in a briefcase well.
  3. I have posted a couple of new photos on the joints and wood. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I just saw a Lisette evening bag today at Goodwill. It was lovely but condition wise a bit too far gone. What you have is a VERY nice purse; probably vintage.
  5. Exquisite!
  6. Love this! Now, where's the spaceship?
  7. Love this cuff!!!! I owned some earrings back in the 60s that were styled in the same way, but no signature. Enjoy wearing this!
  8. Bonkers par excellence. Rejoice!
  9. Awesome!
  10. I love the creativity! Quite a find.
  11. I kindof think it's "Sideways". Sorry, I couldn't resist. Incredible chair!
  12. This chair is incredible! I've never seen anything like it. What type of wood is it?
  13. There's real gold in those words!
  14. I sold a figure very similar to this on E-Bay several months ago. I bought it in South America in the 80s and it was a tourist trade collectible. I really liked it and still do, but thought it might...
  15. Looks like it might be a container for holy water or oil for anointing. Very beautiful!
  16. Looks like she had open heart surgery.
  17. This painting is AWESOME!!
  18. Keep the cake mix--give me the bowl!!!! It's gorgeous!
  19. Thank you soooo much for the info. He IS a cute little buddy!
  20. Thank you so much for your input!!
  21. The painting of Jesus is from a well known painting and I'm trying to remember... I believe I saw it in a children's Bible or storybook. I think it's a protrayal of Jesus in the temple. Some of the ...
  22. Madame, you have some verrrrry nice things! Thanks for sharing them with us!
  23. I don't have a clue but it is beautiful. I hope you get an answer!
  24. Such nice goodies!! I want a metal detector!!
  25. Absolutely gorgeous!!
  26. Looks like the candyland of my dreams!!!
  27. I kindof looks like there are foundry marks on the underside. An iron gate capital?
  28. Not a clue but it is beautiful. Float pink or white camellias or gardenias in it.
  29. What a beauty!!
  30. Just lovely!! Glad you wear it!!
  31. My dad worked for Lance for 30+ years and that was over 20 years ago. We 2-3 in the basement for a while. This brings back nice memories. We (3 girls ate tons of those cookies and crackers!!!
  32. Looks very much like a Frank Lloyd Wright design.
  33. I love this mystery!! Let me see what I can scare up......
  34. Have you checked for maker's marks or stamps on the pieces?
  35. What a wonderful find!! I've never seen anything like it!!
  36. Boy, does this bring back memories. You are very fortunate!
  37. I know very little about Murano glass but what you purchased is VERY beautiful. I would like to know as well and would like to have one just like this!!
  38. The first piece is exquisite!!
  39. I certainly hope you didn't buy them just for the silver. Now, if these pieces could TALK!! Just imagine where they came from and where they have been. Too fascinating to melt this away.
  40. I had a cross very similar to this and it seems they were popular in the early 70's. I think the metal may be a nickel plate if it's not sterling silver. It is very, very pretty.
  41. These are wonderful!!!!
  42. It appears to be an ambry, a storage place for consecrated bread, wine and containers. It is usually under lock and key. This is a very nice, old one.
  43. These are lovely!!
  44. Not sure of the hallmarks but it looks like a baptismal shell that the priest uses to scoop water from the baptismal font to baptize the recipient. They make more modern versions of this but none tha...
  45. This is an incredibly beautiful work!!
  46. Hi! It looks like an "eternal light" that hangs in some Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic churches. When the lamp is lit it signfies that there is "blessed" host on the premises, ie. bread and wine.
  47. Hi. I have a pair of MH earrings that I purchased in the 60s that bear a resemblance to your ornate necklace. I did a little research on MH and her stuff is very collectible--she did some fabulous pi...
  48. HAHAHAHAHAHA---maybe that's the reason there are so many of these!!
  49. No wonder shoes lasted longer when they were made "back when". The cord is as strong, I believe, as it was the day it was made. New mystery. What could it be made of? It ISN'T cotton. Hemp, perha...
  50. Sewingfool, I think you are right! As a matter of fact, that ties in to another item I found at the site--an old awl. I didn't post this as I knew what it was (from where, I don't know). Shoes perh...
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