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  1. apostata I will never be your enemy.I'm learning myself.thank you.I'm not an expert I welcome comments abd corrections.
  2. apostata I believe the conclusion is Imari around 1850 or earlier
  3. Thanks Kat22!
  4. Hi,no I didn't trash it.I sell on Ebay and was going to put it on Ebay but I didn't have any information on who the writer was.I just put it up until I could find out more.I've had it for 4 or 5 years...
  5. Thanks apostata!
  6. I do understand fhrjr2, ,I'm 71 and I thank God I stopped in my early 20's.Thank you for your very kind words of wisdom.Praying for you.
  7. Thanks Watchsearch,yep bad habit lol,Thanks Keramikos,I will do a rsearch on that name.
  8. Thank you so much for that great information!!! you can send sample of her signature to Do you happen to know the name of the gallery.again thank you so much!
  9. P1angel,please give e some information on painting.Was your grandmother famous?
  10. so do you happen to know who the artist is.Who was your uncle,if you don't mind me asking.
  11. Hi,yes at the time I posted,I was told it's called Art Nouveau Jugendstil ash tray and cigarette holder combined.At that time it wasn't worth much.I haven't looked it up lately,it's been in my attic
  12. Thanks so much renedijkstra!
  13. Thanks so much!!
  14. Can someone tell me how to edit pictures,there's another name on the pontil,I can't make it out.When I try to edit pictures won't let me
  15. Thanks SpiritBear!
  16. Thanks Katherinescollections!
  17. Ok PostCardCollector I'm putting them up now
  18. Thanks SpiritBear
  19. Thanks ho2cultcha! it is a huipil from Guatemala! I marked as solved
  20. Thanks artfoot! I'll try looking for Old Japan wall pockets
  21. ho2cultcha you were absolutely right!!! I found one almost like mine in the Canda museum thanks so much!!!!
  22. Thanks ho2cultcha! I'll look that up!
  23. Thanks shareurpassion! it is beautiful,you can see the the handwork.
  24. Thanks shareurpassion!
  25. Thanks manikin, oroyoroyosithatyourhorsr
  26. Thanks TallCakes!! I found it!!
  27. Thanks shareurpassion! I'll look into the railroad items
  28. Thanks Manikin! it's a Dutch gingerbread cowboy mold!!
  29. Thanks surfdub66! I will mark as solved.
  30. photo up Manikin
  31. Thanks WolfHawk! I will look into trade beads.
  32. Thanks Billretirecoll!!!!
  33. Thanks so much bilretirecoll!!! I've marked as solve
  34. I don't have Novus products.I will try the silver polishing cloth.Thanks valentino97!
  35. Thanks Kyratango!!!!!!!
  36. Thanks Kyratango! is it hand woven,if it is mystery solved
  37. AnythingObscure it's not a grill,there's no place to cook on,it's just a table
  38. Efesgirl it's bakelite! I tested it for coral then bakelite. thanks!
  39. I'm going to test it today,I found out you can check it with vingar for coral.I never throught bakelite but will check.Thanks,Efesgirl!
  40. Marked as solved Efesgirl!
  41. Thanks CanyonRoad!!!
  42. Thanks Efesgirl!
  43. Thanks CanyonRoad,Efesgirl,and PostCardCollector!!!
  44. Thanks ho2cultcha,Efesgirl,and PostCardCollector!!
  45. Thanks Peasejean55! I'll look look for both names
  46. Thanks so much mp.kunst so much!!!
  47. Thanks shareurpassion!!
  48. Thanks OloFZ I do have more in books just couldn't find those stamps in my post
  49. Thanks CanyonRoad I'll keep loking for answers
  50. Thanks Efesgirl,what kind of rug,Persian,oriental or is there a name for it
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Pre-Raphaelite-Arts and Craft Movement (?) Oil On Canvas 16" x 23" On Stretcher marked "Trotter" /Circa Late 19th Century Rocking Chair with Sewing Drawer Beautiful Blue Asian Vessel Antique/Vintage Porcelain Figurine ~ Manana Importing. Company N ew York, NJ 411 ~ MADE IN JAPAN Florentine Art Studio Plaster Lamp  1890 MOTHER HUBBARD SERIES BY DONAHUE  HENNEBERY & CO. More Asian Art.My bedroom wall KOKESHI DOLLS (AFRICAN) JAPANESE KOKESHI DOLLS