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Antique Silver/silverplated Bowl  - Silverin Silver
Vintage Glass Eye Doll Signed On Neck Need ID - Dollsin Dolls
4 Old Tintype Photographs,Anybody Recognize This Group - Photographsin Photographs
Antique Bullet Shaped Florence Italy Wine Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Cast Iron Lanter,Gas Light, Holder? - Lampsin Lamps
Blenko Vintage Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Wood Mold - Kitchenin Kitchen
Antique Roseville? Weller? - Potteryin Pottery
Vintage/Antique Hand Woven Flora Rug Persian? - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Rare Antique Big Boy Brazier,National Cash Register Co. Table - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thanks manikin, oroyoroyosithatyourhorsr
  2. Thanks TallCakes!! I found it!!
  3. Thanks shareurpassion! I'll look into the railroad items
  4. Thanks Manikin! it's a Dutch gingerbread cowboy mold!!
  5. Thanks surfdub66! I will mark as solved.
  6. photo up Manikin
  7. Thanks WolfHawk! I will look into trade beads.
  8. Thanks Billretirecoll!!!!
  9. Thanks so much bilretirecoll!!! I've marked as solve
  10. I don't have Novus products.I will try the silver polishing cloth.Thanks valentino97!
  11. Thanks Kyratango!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks Kyratango! is it hand woven,if it is mystery solved
  13. AnythingObscure it's not a grill,there's no place to cook on,it's just a table
  14. Efesgirl it's bakelite! I tested it for coral then bakelite. thanks!
  15. I'm going to test it today,I found out you can check it with vingar for coral.I never throught bakelite but will check.Thanks,Efesgirl!
  16. Marked as solved Efesgirl!
  17. Thanks CanyonRoad!!!
  18. Thanks Efesgirl!
  19. Thanks CanyonRoad,Efesgirl,and PostCardCollector!!!
  20. Thanks ho2cultcha,Efesgirl,and PostCardCollector!!
  21. Thanks Peasejean55! I'll look look for both names
  22. Thanks so much mp.kunst so much!!!
  23. Thanks shareurpassion!!
  24. Thanks OloFZ I do have more in books just couldn't find those stamps in my post
  25. Thanks CanyonRoad I'll keep loking for answers
  26. Thanks Efesgirl,what kind of rug,Persian,oriental or is there a name for it
  27. You are right Jewels1900!! it's a Lea Stein pendant bolo it is plastic,it's so beautiful and well made look like mother of pearl the V is Lea Stein marks,thanks so much!!!
  28. Thanks Efesgirl I didn't even get that when I google,again thanks!
  29. I believe they are snakes Mrstyndall ,but still can't make out the artist
  30. nope lollol lots of old stuff inside storage
  31. fleafinder I'm not even going to touch any wires lolol
  32. blunderbuss2 it probably would lololo
  33. GeodeJem I have no intention of turning it on lololo
  34. Thanks OlofZ!!!!
  35. Thanks so much Keen055!!!!!!!!
  36. Thanks blunderbuss2! for eyeglass frames? I can't find anything on this item still searching
  37. Happy New Year to you too vetraio50!! have a blessed year!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Thanks racer4four there are several older machines I have no idea what they were used
  39. Thanks racer4four
  40. Thanks,antiquerose,fhrjr2,and bobby725!
  41. Found one almost like mine,it's a chiropractors table
  42. I would hope so,but because of the glass being broken in frame it pierced one foot not bad but I'm sure it will take away some value,thanks shareurpassion
  43. Thanks art.pottery
  44. Found it on another site Leo Politi
  45. Thanks ho2cultcha!
  46. Thanks maryh1956! I had no idea I assumed it was made that way well I know very little about this item,I got this piece out of a storage auction I bought.
  47. Thanks msKittyloo,I throught it was suppose to be there
  48. Wow thank so much CanyonRoad!!!!!!
  49. Thanks vetraio50!
  50. Thanks so much Keeno55!!
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Pre-Raphaelite-Arts and Craft Movement (?) Oil On Canvas 16" x 23" On Stretcher marked "Trotter" /Circa Late 19th Century Rocking Chair with Sewing Drawer Beautiful Blue Asian Vessel Antique/Vintage Porcelain Figurine ~ Manana Importing. Company N ew York, NJ 411 ~ MADE IN JAPAN Florentine Art Studio Plaster Lamp  1890 MOTHER HUBBARD SERIES BY DONAHUE  HENNEBERY & CO. More Asian Art.My bedroom wall KOKESHI DOLLS (AFRICAN) JAPANESE KOKESHI DOLLS