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I collect paintings, lamps ,watches ,lighters , this native american man statue use to sit in front of a store.


What is this  Make a wild guest. 
 Where did this doll come from? - Dollsin Dolls
What is this? 
Romeo and Julieta Reserva real cigar store display wooden box - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Old brass Sword with stone - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Beautiful watercolor of a woman 
gravel base lamps - Lampsin Lamps


  1. The Durbin items are Bull Horn weights. They are used to keep the Horn straight. When I brought them a person told me they were wagon wheel nuts or bolts.
  2. Will login later Today ; to tell you what they are. You will laugh when you find out.
  3. Oh sorry haven't been on out looking for other things.
  4. bobby725 You are right about the old hand pump. Yes!!!!. fleafinder The word Durbin is on the other items. Any guest?
  5. having problem uploading new picture will try again later.
  6. Sorry I have been away I will post new pictures of it.
  7. love the lamp check the top part that sit on top of porcelain to see if there is a name or mark. It looks like the lamp was an oil lamp once.
  8. Check the brass part that sits on the red & blue lamp to see if there is a mark that might help you.
  9. I love the red and blue pair ; very unusual. check the bottom closely to see if there is a name or mark. I am not sure but maybe 40's or 50's.
  10. The older person that I ask had no clue. I will keep asking other older persons.
  11. I love being on this site . Everyone is great, Awesome comments. I will ask a person about eighty years old maybe he will know and will let everyone what I find out. You have made my day!!!!!!!
  12. I LOVE the comments. It doesn't rotate. It has five holes in the bottom. Love the toilet chain pull but what about the holes in the bottom?
  13. AWESOME!!!!!. Looks like you traveled back in time to buy it NEW from the store.
  14. PKT OCT. 77 RKT OCT 77 pic#3
  15. turn your picture #3 one time to the right to get the information or take a sheet of white paper & pencil, lay the paper on top of the numbers (of your trunk) rub the pencil lead over the paper to ...
  16. I love that trunk. You can test Murphys' wood soap in the corner to see if it will help removed the dirt on the wood. I love Camel back trunks, I have one. They were made to keep other trunk from bein...
  17. It is made from wood do really think so, that would be great !!!!!!
  18. Than everyone for there help.
  19. I saw you have the HAWKEYE Measured Time clock. Would you happen to know which was made first; the one with the name Hawkeye or the one without Hawkeye?
  20. I checked; The item is a Brass fire starter with pumice stone on end of wand. You used the pot to holder the pumice stone . This kept other things from catching on fire.
  21. I would love to know also because I have a wand with the same stone ball and a small brass pot. If I find out first will post the info.
  22. I do too. beautiful colors Excellent piece of jewelry. Love the lady strength, looks just like her.
  23. That is Awesome. reminds me of a photo of Josephine Baker the singer from the 30's.
  24. I love the mannequin. If you type in Schlappi/Bonaveri mannequin google will take you to the site that will explain your mannequin.
  25. Thank you I will try to check
  26. See more


My Favorite Lamp! lamps from my great grandmother what the heck is this??