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  1. I would value the bike at $350-$500 it looks to be a Mid 50's Scwhinn Jaguar what is the tire size if they are 26x2.125 it is a 54 the only year the Jaguar was a balloon tire bike. Looks to have the w...
  2. I would value that bike between $150-$20o is the a light on the front fender. I would clean the bike up and ride it as is. has great patina wouldnt really help the value by restoring it probably will ...
  3. The fastback is worth around $200 or so. Nice find
  4. It is built by Shelby in Shelby Ohio. The bike is worth around $50 now and maybe $100 once you clean it up and make it rideable. cool bike.
  5. please let me know
  6. You are right it is a Mercury pacemaker but with a lot of the wrong parts. and the parts that are missing are very very hard to find. the fenders are shelby fenders from about the same year bike. The ...
  7. Im sure any bike shop would have White walls.
  8. I would say less then $50
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posted 10 years ago