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Buying and selling vintage and antique jewelry for 20 years.


  1. It would help dating if you clearly show the backs and findings. I feel that with the trellis motif this dates to around the turn of the 20th century. It has an Edwardian look to me but could be a lat...
  2. I do not believe there is any way this could be Berlin Iron jewelry which dates c. 1820's. This necklace, though pretty, does not appear to be that old and also has a much different look
  3. I have been told from a very knowledgeable person that this type Victorian revival jewelry is from 1950's-1960's.
  4. kiwipaul, Thank you so much for your reply!
  5. Kiwipaul- Here is an example of the spectacle type moonstone jewelry I see on eBay. My question was is this type of the same era? There is quite a...
  6. I don't believe the Nositer earrings have clips, although it does not say. Your clips can be seen from the front. Is it possible the clips were added later?
  7. Or these by Bernard Instone which have screw backs. This was the fitting of choice for earrings at that time:
  8. Yes, indeed! I still have to say that as far as I know clip earrings were not in use before c. 1930 so it is a mystery to me. Look at these similar earrings:
  9. How beautiful! Again I would say respectfully, as you have much more of these venerable designers jewelry then I, c. 1940-1950. This one looks earlier to me. There is much beautiful costume jewelry fr...
  10. First of all Peasejean55, thank you for your reply. I will be frank but up front to say that my first impression is that this is c. 1950 by design and execution. However, there is no doubt that Arts &...
  11. This is a beautiful set! Weren't clip earrings initially used in the 1930's? From what I have seen this clip back design looks 1940-1950 at the earliest. I do not mean to bring you into question just ...
  12. Thank you Roycroftbooksfromme1 and robin56!
  13. I agree kyratango! I have had another bracelet and necklace from the time period and they both had citrine colored paste stones. Thanks so much for your comment!
  14. Thank you Agram.m! I got a wonderful deal on it too as the seller thought it was costume ;)
  15. Thank you kyrantango, I originally thought c.1915 myself however the white gold threw me off. It is quite striking and I get a lot of compliments on it!
  16. Thank you for your comment verretcheque! This is good to know.
  17. Thank you kyratango!
  18. Possibly but not likely as the setting of the small white stone between the kunzite stones is white also. Presumably white gold though honestly I haven't tested it. Thank you for you input!
  19. Kiwipaul, thanks so much for your kind offer. I don't have one in particular right now so I went on eBay and looked at several pages but did not see any. Usually the auctions I was referring to ar...
  20. I hope someone could answer a question. I see a lot of these spectacle frame necklaces on ebay. Some look quite sloppily done and I am curious as to if the style was done more recently too?
  21. Agram, you have the best jewelry! Some facts I have gleaned about jewelry from China is you will find either pre-1940 (because of the war) or post 1970's when China started exporting jewelry again...
  22. These look like drops from a Chinese court necklace, I have a few myself LOVE these hooks, where did you get them?
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Super big winged insect victorian moonstones brooch. Butterfly wings brooch kyratisation ! Part #1 Bernard Instone ring Pat Cheney Silver and Enamel Bracelet Bernard Instone Silver and Pearl Ring Nouveau Rindskopf Poschinger Kralik Unknown Mounted Vases Bernard Instone necklace and earrings Russian Silver Gilt Cloisonne Bracelet School of Rhoda Wager - Silver & Boulder Opal Ring The Southern Lights Necklace - 64 carats of South Australian Crystal Opal, set in Platinum and Diamonds A Necklace of Blue Jelly Opal, circa 1910