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  1. I have!!!
  2. I was pretty sure it was Native American because of the lazy lines but thank you for all the information and I'll mark this one solved!
  3. Yes I still have it and this site removed the posting just for saying it might have a new home in the future lol.
  4. Thank you
  5. This one is diffrent then most of the bottles in my collection I only have two with a paper lable I'll have to post the other one tomorrow.
  6. Thank you!
  7. We were thinking it might be some kind of light but the part that hooks on threw us off. It's a cool weird thing and really heavy for its size too. It's just about all I can do to hold it up with one ...
  8. I can't tell if the heart is Ivory or bone but it looks and feels the same as the necklace. When you look at the necklace in person you can tell its been worn a lot the inside of the necklace is a lot...
  9. I'll have to see if they know anything about my bottle and I acquired it from some friends who are liquidating. His mother liked antiques and collected from the 1950-1990's so it's a rather big collec...
  10. Me too just wish I could find information on it!!!
  11. I know they're gold because I acid tested them and I tried uploading new pictures but I wasn't able to. And it's that's what they are cool!!!
  12. Ok I haven't done anything to it and I happy someone else likes it too!
  13. The metal triangles were pushed into the glass when it was still soft and being made. And it could be a newer piece but I got it in a estate sale and they were old time antique dealers so thought it m...
  14. Thank you and I love it as well it's pretty cool and its ashamed someone left it in the old house.
  15. Well I tried looking it up online but most looks new and the other ones range in price and I don't know how to tell a good one from a great one lol. They all kinda look the same with just very little ...
  16. Sorry all the pictures are sideways
  17. Thank you :)
  18. Lol that is an odd grouping but thank you so much for your help!!!
  19. That's so freaking awesome!!!
  20. Thank you and yours is in beautiful condition. Sadly this one was buried in the back of a barn.
  21. Cool thank you bobby725
  22. Yeah you're probably right about the corner tang it looks more like a knife or something on those lines.
  23. And speaking of beautiful things you have some stunning jewelry and other things on your page
  24. Thank you kyratango I'm sorry im just now seeing your comment I never got a email saying I had a new comment. And she does have some beautiful ones on her page
  25. Well they didn't say the one I have has celluloid pages the different one in the middle does. And I don't think the pages in mine are celluloid. But thank you for showing me that page
  26. Well I saw a few on Google images and none had Sunday. I kinda think because it has some age that it was back when Sunday was still gods day so they probably didn't really need to plan anything on Sun...
  27. You are so right it can drive me mad sometimes trying to figure something out with no clue with what it really is
  28. Thank you Jim
  29. Well thank you for that link I learned about the maker.
  30. I don't see the lines crossing one another but I do see parallel lines.
  31. Thank you so much idcloisonne you've helped me so much in understaning what my pot is. I must say I'm a little disappointed to find out its not Cloisonné but still very happy to know its still an anti...
  32. Thank you everyone and for the site it was interesting reading through it :).
  33. Thank you all for your information. These just had me puzzled because they where brass and most " brass" knuckles I see are cast iron or if they are brass they are new repops.
  34. Haha I hope someone knows something about my sign.
  35. Thank you and I just wish I knew the company that made it, but someone tested it and turns out it's stainless steal.
  36. Thank you Ollie for helping me with the stones!
  37. thank you Dave
  38. We went to an auction today and there was a sign like yours, but it was a size smaller and it was in rough condition and it sold for about $200.
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Keeler Chiropractic Plaque1959 Dr C.Lemly Blacksmith Made Door Pull Original Circa 1940 One Sided Indian Motorcycles Sign Indian Dealers clock 1939 Dr. Pepper "Drink A Bite To Eat" sign "Good For Life" 10-2-4 Dr. Pepper any one Cobalt Bule Sulphide Marble? UNIQUE TURQUOISE & SILVER THUNDERBIRD NECKLACE Huge Old Native American Navajo ? Mens Silver & Turquoise Cuff Bracelet UNKNOW? Bronze Statues Attached to white basin.Was told it was converted to Base of Table.Can someone giveme insight?Thanks can you tell me about this #5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Casite thermometer Is it Art Deco Crystal with Sterling metal or costume jewelry?


knuckle duster