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Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Lancashire man, enjoys collecting all sorts, has a love of fishing and sports, not as young as I used to be, enjoying life to the brim Cheers


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Eastern tea set maybe soapstone? Odd marks to base, very beautiful but is it genuine? Could I ask the group? - Asianin Asian
Chinese or Japanese vase (from a pair)  - Asianin Asian
Large watercolour signed, Begonias and Peaches  in a glass vase possibly Chinese or Japanese - Asianin Asian
Small stoneware Chinese ? Octagonal Bowl with Export Seal - Asianin Asian
Pair of small Chinese ginger jars with six character marks - Asianin Asian
Small Porcelain Bowl, Firing Marks Some Flaws  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
2 similar porcelain bowls both with (an hua) hidden decoration. Chenghua era Ming Dynasty. Are they REAL? - Asianin Asian
ink painting of shrimp with red marks very similar to those of Qi Baishi so my collector friends, what is it real or fake? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Gallé cased glass vase with winding maroon Clematis 200 x 100mm complete with the lid or top - Art Glassin Art Glass
similar to the works of Yue Minjun it looks like one of his smiling face portraits, it has been in a frame, what do you think - Asianin Asian


  1. I do agree, thank you
  2. Vetraio50 , your knowledge is enormous, double thanks Peter
  3. Thank you very much, I do use the Gothenburg site, but I struggled to find any of these type of marks, I appreciate your comment, thanks again
  4. Thank you for your comment Apostata
  5. kwqd I am very grateful for your comment, I can confirm that this is 100% Watercolour, I’ve been buying art for some time, I’ve checked it with a jewellers loop several times, it and s genuine, I did ...
  6. Thanks Apostata Peter
  7. Ok Apostata I understand, thank you I appreciate your comments and honesty You know, sometimes it’s not about the money to me it’s just about having a collection of objects I can enjoy it’s kind o...
  8. Many thanks Apostata
  9. Apostata I can’t thank you enough for your diligence
  10. Ok thanks Apostata
  11. Hi Apostata, thank you once again for your knowledge Peter
  12. Please can anyone help me establish whether this is genuine or rubbish, thank you
  13. Apostata, thank you for your interest, so how old do you reckon it is ?
  14. Apostata, thank you for your enlightening comments
  15. Hi wma, I’ll take a look thanks
  16. Ok thanks Peter
  17. I have looked at the Exhibition you mentioned and I see 2 similar boxes both with similar lozenge with the writing on I must say that there is no colour to either just dark brown, for your argument to...
  18. Could you explain the relevance of the mark please yop Peter
  19. Hello yop, thank you, these would be the 8 precious Buddhist marks sometimes found on Kangxi ceramics I guess, thank you for your interest Peter
  20. Thank you carmenisacat
  21. Oh I forgot one piece of the jigsaw, the ink stone is mixed with water when grinding on the ink stone to form a deep black/blue ink. Cheers
  22. Ink sticks were/are made from the soot found on the underside of small ceramic bowls that have been held over a candle, the soot is gathered and mixed with resin made into a pastes and stamped into a ...
  23. Thank you WMA enlightening
  24. Morning mp. Kunst I guess it could be, I’ve been trying to find out what type of canvas Minjun used in case it’s a preparatory sketch for the larger similar painting Peter
  25. Yes I think so, I’m glad you agree, thank you Vetraio50
  26. Mmm ok I get it cheers Peter
  27. Blow me away!!! I thought you were having a break renedijkstra, marvellous knowledge, brilliant breadth of understanding. Thanks Peter
  28. I understand you have been very wonderful letting me into a bit of your knowledge, Thanks Peter
  29. Many thanks renedijkstra Peter
  30. Mmm Aristotle even has a say in discussions about Chinese porcelain, can’t say I’m surprised Peter
  31. Rom should read rim it’s time I slowed down my typing!!!
  32. Thanks renedijkstra, just for the record the rom is copper metal, such a tight fit I don’t know how they got it on!! I am indebted to you for sharing your knowledge, many thanks Peter
  33. Ok, I’ve looked and I’ve found the items you mentioned, so, mines not genuine I guess , what a shame, but hats off to you renedijkstra for a brilliant bit of detective work! Thanks Peter
  34. Hi renedijkstra, thank you again for commenting on one of my items, can you please confirm something on your comment, are you talking about my item with your description or are you talking about the c...
  35. Ok then I’ll take it cheers renedijkstra Peter
  36. Hi renedijkstra , thanks again, I appreciate that you are in hospital I was myself last year, so, one final comment if you would on the hunting bowl. Do you think it is worthwhile taking to antique...
  37. Good afternoon renedijkstra, thank you for that, best not take mine to the antique roadshow?? I appreciate your comments very much, thank you again Peter
  38. Hi truthordare, thank you again for your constructive comments, if it happens to be as you suggest, a pressie for the emperor that would be amazing Cheers Peter
  39. I used to watch this with my twin brother when we were children, bloody fabulous item Cheers Peter
  40. Renedijkstra, I am blown away, that’s so fabulous, thank you for your comments, I receive them gratefully, I’ll let you know when I take it to Antiques Roadshow UK for their experts to see Cheers ...
  41. Hi, I think maybe this is painted by one of the Newlyn painters from, Cornwall, UK they were a group of artists from the 19 century that painted these sorts of maritime paintings, they included, Lamo...
  42. Might seem stupid, but it looks like it might be a tap for turning water on, a tap or a faucet depends where you are Cheers Peter
  43. Mcheconi, Thank you for your advice and positive comments, they are very welcome Cheers Peter
  44. Hello keramikos, I’ve almost given up on translation, it seems everyone can find a different meaning even with the same characters, who knows, you could be absolutely correct, I admire your efforts, t...
  45. Hi keramikos, thank you for your interest and your comments, I agree, there is a reason people shy away from translation. Who knows you could have made a better job of it than me Thank you for your ...
  46. Many thanks truthordare, i appreciate your comments and thank you for your correction, Peter
  47. Hi truthordare thank you for positive comments, very kind of you, peter For your interest I have had a go at translating the text, I would welcome your thoughts on if I am correct in my translation...
  48. Never went to Bonhams, London, I left the box in my camphor wood storage box and moved house (twice) consequently i hadn’t seen it for 3 years, just picked it back up yesterday, I think it’s grown mo...
  49. You geordies, you're something else !!
  50. Aye fingers crossed, cheers Pete
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Eastern tea set maybe soapstone? Odd marks to base, very beautiful but is it genuine? Could I ask the group? No Hop Sing ,,Brothers sing Oil painting with Winsor & Newton, year ? Porcelain bowl Xianfeng marks Qianlong ? wooden box Unusual marking to Chinese porcelain "The Way Home" chinese painting Oil Portrait of a Man with Intensely Blue Eyes Chinese painting by ? Asian scroll wall hanging Chinese/Japenese fish Chinese clay pot