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Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Lancashire man, enjoys collecting all sorts, has a love of fishing and sports, not as young as I used to be, enjoying life to the brim Cheers


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Porcelain bowl Xianfeng marks - Asianin Asian
Painting of image on a mirror - Asianin Asian
Red seal on oriental painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Qianlong ? wooden box - Asianin Asian
Chinese painting by ? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Chinese porcelain bowl - Asianin Asian
China bowls - Asianin Asian
Water dropper - Asianin Asian
Large water pot  - Asianin Asian
Small Chinese vase with Artemies leaf mark - Asianin Asian


  1. Hi truthordare, thank you again for your constructive comments, if it happens to be as you suggest, a pressie for the emperor that would be amazing Cheers Peter
  2. I used to watch this with my twin brother when we were children, bloody fabulous item Cheers Peter
  3. Renedijkstra, I am blown away, that’s so fabulous, thank you for your comments, I receive them gratefully, I’ll let you know when I take it to Antiques Roadshow UK for their experts to see Cheers ...
  4. Hi, I think maybe this is painted by one of the Newlyn painters from, Cornwall, UK they were a group of artists from the 19 century that painted these sorts of maritime paintings, they included, Lamo...
  5. Might seem stupid, but it looks like it might be a tap for turning water on, a tap or a faucet depends where you are Cheers Peter
  6. Mcheconi, Thank you for your advice and positive comments, they are very welcome Cheers Peter
  7. Hello keramikos, I’ve almost given up on translation, it seems everyone can find a different meaning even with the same characters, who knows, you could be absolutely correct, I admire your efforts, t...
  8. Hi keramikos, thank you for your interest and your comments, I agree, there is a reason people shy away from translation. Who knows you could have made a better job of it than me Thank you for your ...
  9. Many thanks truthordare, i appreciate your comments and thank you for your correction, Peter
  10. Hi truthordare thank you for positive comments, very kind of you, peter For your interest I have had a go at translating the text, I would welcome your thoughts on if I am correct in my translation...
  11. Never went to Bonhams, London, I left the box in my camphor wood storage box and moved house (twice) consequently i hadn’t seen it for 3 years, just picked it back up yesterday, I think it’s grown mo...
  12. You geordies, you're something else !!
  13. Aye fingers crossed, cheers Pete
  14. Oops v sorry you're such a clever girl !! Cheers Peter
  15. It's not a translation that you need, its understanding who's signature and seal mark it is, you can research online, there are many many seal marks, but look to Chinese landscapes, cheers Peter
  16. Lots and lots of fake lowry's out there, this looks better than most, to be fair, it's probably as good as the real think, just enjoy. It looks like it could be Ashton Town Hall square in greater Manc...
  17. Very well found, it's a great painting, full of atmosphere beautiful artistry
  18. Nice pice, don't recognise the signature, but directly below the signature is the red seal of the artist,the other red seal marks are signs of appreciation for the work made by other artists or someti...
  19. Nice painting, my favourite impressionist style, could be French?
  20. Looks like it might be by Chen Dayu he was a student of Qi Baishi, if you look at a painting I have submitted you might see the similarities
  21. 50 cents very well spent!!!
  22. It's just what collecting should be, fun fun fun, great piece well found
  23. Hi everyone, I took this along with my Qianlong box to Bonhams auction house, they told me it was by a student of Qi Baishi the students name is Chen Dayu as you quite rightly stated fleafinder - suc...
  24. So I found out what it reads on both lid and base, here goes, it reads 'The Qing Emporer Qianlong' wow the appraisal at Bonhams went ok, they asked me to take it to their London office so they can tak...
  25. Mmm, I wondete if it might have a Qi Baishi connection could it be middle 20th C it would fit?
  26. Mmm interesting, do you have any idea who's seal mark it may be?
  27. Would you care to borrow my glasses friend ha ha
  28. Hi fleafinder, just like to keep you on your toes haha any ideas? peter
  29. Hi everyone, I have done some more investigation with this one and I think it may be Tau river stone, any comments very welcome
  30. Hello PostCardCollector thanks for your comment, I have arranged for an appraisal next friday, if you like I will keep you posted, I could easily be incorrect !! Lets wait and see Peter
  31. I'm wondering if this is a box once owned by Qianlong emperor , it seems to work with the characters, especially including character five, if it is woo woo!!!!
  32. Thats fine, thank you very much for attempting to read them Regards Peter
  33. Thank you racer4four I agree, it is a very lovely piece it benefits from your interest, tell me please, do you have any comment to my question about character number 5 ? And best wishes over the water...
  34. I see your correction fleafinder
  35. Hi fleafinder what are you wondering? I'm very interested Peter, oh and thank you for your earlier comment
  36. Hi ho2culcha, the symbols appear to be handpainted under the glaze, any ideas?
  37. I think you are correct ho2cultcha thank you for commenting
  38. Hi shareurpassion I cant wait either, im very excited with the purchase and also wait eagerly for the reply, thanks for your interest
  39. Thats fabulous research IVAN49, and a viable result to the discussion thank you
  40. looks like an English spaniel dog to me, or just a splodge of gravy !!!!!
  41. Hello fleafinder, thank you for your comment, very useful, could you please look at another item I have listed, its a painting I have bought, its my most recent posting, I would be very grateful if yo...
  42. Yes, I understand, I have just started to read Gerald Davidson book 'Markson Chinese Ceramics'
  43. Hi fleafinder, yes I recognise the mark, I do find dating items a bit of a problem because I see Chinese porcelain items for auction on sites like Sotheby's and Christie's and they look almost ne apar...
  44. Thanks for your comment shrine, its always good to learn more, I appreciate your posting
  45. Morning ho2cultcha, when I pressed the hot knife on it there was no smell and no blackening, what happened was that a small piese of what appeared to ne the laquer? Coating came off to reveal a white ...
  46. Hi Gillian, the piece is very lovely, I agree, it isn't painted as such the colour is underglaze cobalt blue I think, and thank for the comment re fleafinder and friend, I agree he has great knowledge...
  47. fleafinder, It helps expand my knowledge a little more, thanks again for your informed comments and your valuable time
  48. great knowledge, please pass on my thanks to your friend, and many thanks for your time
  49. Hello again fleafinder, I don't suppose you might know how the signature reads on the blue and white I have posted, be great if you had the time to have a look thanks
  50. Hi fleafinder, that's great cheers, are these the 2 vertical symbols by the main calligraphy, just so that I might look next time
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No Hop Sing ,,Brothers sing Oil painting with Winsor & Newton, year ? Porcelain bowl Xianfeng marks Qianlong ? wooden box Unusual marking to Chinese porcelain "The Way Home" chinese painting Oil Portrait of a Man with Intensely Blue Eyes Chinese painting by ? Asian scroll wall hanging Chinese/Japenese fish Chinese clay pot


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