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i love old wristwatches,pens,silver,glass,tobbaciana,cufflinks,etc,i love frequenting antique fairs,jumble sales,charity shops,which means that i am always finding ni love old wristwatches,pens,silver,glass,tobbaciana,cufflinks,etc,i love frequenting antique fairs,jumble sales,charity shops,which means that i am always finding new items to collect. (Read more)


blue glass decanter,with guilding - Bottlesin Bottles
UNIVERSAL GENEVE - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
citizen quartz watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
osco automatic wristwatch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1940's fludo watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
tie pin - Silverin Silver


  1. there is scrap gold value and a value a keen collector would be willing to pay a market related price,so happy surfing doing your research.
  2. 800 pertaiains to the silver content,925,950,are percentage of alloy in the silver ,so 800 is good quality,had a few european pieces,and also had a mexican piece once with the 800 mark.
  3. try looking at irish hallmarks,just a thought.
  4. try looking up american carnival glass,i am no expert,but item looks like carnival glass.
  5. seen plenty of theses in india,most are reproductions,nice piece though.
  6. thanks AR8JASON,i remember now that i had a longines wittenauer at some point,thanks for correcting me.
  7. yes,toolate2 is right,i too have seen 2 movado examples of theses purse watches,they date from around 1930's,they range in price from around 120 usd to 550 usd,i saw them in the millers collectors gui...
  8. very nice buy,baume and mercier is a very good watch.check a site called Dr ranftt.
  9. gold filled means that a base metal is fused with a sheet of real gold by means of heat and pressure,wittenauer is a good make,i think it's german,i stand to be corrected,but depends on the reason to ...
  10. i agree with lowspeed,very desirable watch,IWC , international watch company.you should keep it.
  11. the rolex looks like a late 1960's to early 70's model,might be the 16433 model,oyster perpetual day date,the band is the jubilee bracelet,18ct,and the bezel is also 18ct,the rest is stainless steel
  12. the lion means it's english,the ladies head meeans it is a jubilee mark,certain years had the jubilee mark pertaining to british royalty,you can research more onb the web.
  13. truly beautiful examples,great little collection.
  14. i second the idea of it being a letter opener
  15. ok,i was wrong,toddy is palm wine.
  16. i have seen similiar examples before and they are called toddy ladles,toddy being a liquor distilled from coconuts,i might be wrong.
  17. scent bottle maybe,but the vinaigrette is what the previous writer is referring to,these were little square boxes with a grate inside,they used to soak a piece of cloth with perfume and hold it to the...
  18. yes,the previous writer is correct,thay are called condiment sets,and there should be blue glass liners in the salts.
  19. tudor is made by rolex,the bracelet is called the jubilee band and rolex still uses it today,they generally use 18ct and stainless steel,as for value,between $1000 - 1500. the bezel should also be 18...
  20. very beautiful watch indeed,a prominent watch name,seems like late 1950's to early 1960's model.
  21. the watch looks like an automatic motor,which means the half moon piece of metal spins when there is movement and keys itself.
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Antique Solinger Cutlery Lustre Lamp POCKET WATCH Mont Blanc Pen Baume et Mercier 1950s watch? Art Deco 14K white gold watch with diamonds and saphhires Old Pearl Bladed Sterling Silver Knife Silver tray Universal Geneve Men's Wrist Watch, Small Second Hand Who is this watchmaker?


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