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Small artglass vase with pontil mark and makers stamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
antique ceramic drummer boy electric lamp - Asianin Asian
unknown makers mark - Kitchenin Kitchen
old porcelain doll with porcelain sleepy eyes and soft body - Dollsin Dolls
small rough glaze pot - Asianin Asian
another op shop unknown - Asianin Asian
my latest op shop purchase - Potteryin Pottery
small black vase   - Potteryin Pottery
small chinese?  porcelain bowl with leaves and small red flowers - Asianin Asian
chinese plate with marks  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. hi i think you will find that they are satsuma japanese made
  2. hi racer have just found the mark and you were correct it is a mid century chinese mark thanks for your input Rob
  3. i also thought the squiggles beneath the man could be some kind of date or name but cant come up with anything
  4. hi racer i thought that but he is smoking a pipe thats what put me of also iv googled chineese old and new marks and they nearly all have some form of chinese writing .so im stumped just hoping somebo...
  5. hi this looks alot like murano art glass
  6. hi racer 4 four im notsure if you will see this but i have found a very similar lamp on e bay and you were correct with your assumtionof lustreware a rarer type as it over porcelain so its case sort o...
  7. hi itlooks alot like the base of a copodomite style lamp italian i think googke and see if you can find a matck cheers the gold lines are a give away
  8. yes id say eggshell porcelain its white on the insidw but you can see drips of black were the paint has run and it quite lite for the size about21 cm tall havnt been able to see anything that resemble...
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antique ceramic drummer boy electric lamp Flea market find. Who is he?