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Cola Cola cast iron sign Fountain Service! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
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  1. Very nice Ingraham!!! I have 2 Ingraham's myself, pieces of art!!
  2. I wonder how there prices were? Up here in the NY area, they ask an arm and a leg, hard to find a good deal in the City areas! Rock
  3. Thanks Esther, Agram, ANd AR8Jason Ar8Jason, You are a wizard in the antiques world Thank you, Wait till you see all the other stuff I recently got!! TOO MUCH!!!!
  4. Hey SSmoothie, yes they are made of wood with the metal coca cola screwed on top of the wooden lids. It looks homemade. Thanks Rock
  5. Is that a National Cash Register #720? I looks just like mine and in great shape too!!! Hope you have the key, I have mine they are the hardest to find!
  6. They are very common, Not that high in demand, The cost the refinish it will to expensive. If you are planning on keeping it for yourself and the radio works it might be worth it, if you plan on flipp...
  7. Just one problem, I see it is still sealed??? It might still be active, I have heard stories about these going off. Please be careful, I would seek out an expert with these items and get their opinion...
  8. Thanks again SSmoothie!!!
  9. Thanks for the link SSmoothie!!!
  10. Thanks Kid, only paid $2.00, so it ok Thanks Rock
  11. Hey AR, Long time no see, thanks for the info, At least this worked out better than my coke tray!!! LOL Thanks again Rock
  12. Thank you aycockonxion
  13. i have seen stocks that are cashed out and they usually have punched holes on the side. I would check into that one. Might be worth its weight in Uranium :) !!! Nice clean stock cert.
  14. ar8Jason, So i am pretty new to this site, I do appreciate all the comments made by the posters on this site. Did not mean any disrespect. Thank you again John
  15. Thanks for the comments, I think something this historic will have to be authenticated, just to make sure. Thanks John
  16. so ar8Jason do you still think it is Fake???
  17. Vanskyock24 did you get my Message?
  18. new images taken with camera not scanned, back has no photographer id?
  19. Please do, I now own the negative to that photo, would love to know the photographer Thanks John Got so much Rare stuff today YAHOO
  20. So how the heck did I wind up with the original Negative????? Does it say who the photographer is???
  21. Nice VikingFan !!!
  22. Love those cans, I loved Charles Chips in NJ the best. Hey Vanskyock24, email me, my name add I just got a bunch more C/W photos would love to show them to you and get your advice, will e...
  23. Hey Vanskyock24, just did wiki search, NOW i'm scared,,,, mine is same pic as wikipedia???? Could mine be fake??? doesn't look it, what do you think, check wiki. John
  24. WoW !!! thank you GUYS, Vanskyock24 your my new hero !!! Thank you soooooooo much !!! John
  25. Hey Driewer, Just took a closer look it is Russian, the buttons have the russian logo on it. just have to find out what era it is from, looks about WWII (maybe)? Also there is no writing or labels an...
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