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  1. This a copy of a beautiful Chinese museum piece. I saw and bought some of these at a major museum show of Chinese sculpture in my state. They are stunning.
  2. This was made in Guererro state in Mexico, probably in Ameyetepec. These artists are the same peoples who make the bark paper paintings they sell all over Mexico. They depict the lives the lead and t...
  3. I have watched a master craftsman in Tonala paint these designs onto a clay pot he holds in his lap. His freehand strokes with a simple dog hair brust creates amazing designs. No fancy equipment, ju...
  4. Beautiful earthenware pot made in Tonala,Jalisco, Mexico. The craft is handed down from generation to generation, designs can date back to pre-Colombian days. This is an elegant pot. I just donated ...
  5. Definitely still from Peru!
  6. Kirk's Folly brooches are especially noted for the many and interesting shapes and gems 'dangling' from the pin itself. Delightful pieces! All are signed by the company.
  7. An amazing Kirk's Folly Christmas Tree brooch. 1979 company started on kitchen table by 4 siblings and Bloomingdales was their first customer. Business closed recently but these magican 'fairy dust' p...
  8. I collect Christmas Tree brooches. This is or is identical to those created by the company called Gerry's, 1950-2001. Very popular Christmas pin. It is a textured gold tone pin with red and green en...
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Ocumicho tableaus part 2


Christmas Tree Brooch = 1980's or so


posted 4 years ago