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Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz

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  1. you can also check out this is the site for all that is the Beatles!
  2. I have a collection of Royal China with the Star Glow pattern that is very similar to this pattern! Very cool!
  3. the font on the tag looks like the same font for Claire's Accessories, which is a store that sells inexpensive costume jewelry.
  4. lol! masons are a huge group within the military!
  5. Well, the military doesn't typically advocate many publications. You could try posting the pics on the WSMR Facebook page and see what they have to say? htt...
  6. Yellow STOP signs have not been made since the early 1950s, very cool! Also, love the Sinclair sign ;)
  7. Lindsay Dawson and a very lovely gift!
  8. It's a base guide and phone book for residents such as military families and incoming personnel. They are given as a part of a welcome package upon arrival. I have been given one for every duty stat...
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