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  1. As you can see I've added 2 more photos. Feedback appreciated
  2. Right of the large one behind the wheel.
  3. Crock on the left is a cooler,yes..the crock on the right has the one opening on top. The original plug/ stopper? is now inside on the bottom.
  4. Correction; SOLINGEN.
  5. I acquired it about 25+yrs ago in a box of stuff near Mare Island in Vallejo, Calif.. The stamp at the base of the blade says CARL ELCKHORN on top & SOLIGEN on the bottem. and a squirrel in the ce...
  6. If you want answers ask an expert! Thanks for the info :)
  7. M.D.DeMetz, .. I always knew it WAS something didn't find out exactly WHAT until about 2 yrs ago. A friend who belongs to the Society of Primitive Technologies identified it for me. Fire was/ & is a ...
  8. My mother in law kept all the letters that dad sent her and I've wanted to write a book thinking it would be very cool to take the letters and use them as a basis for a time line, then to research the...
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Signature arrowheads? Is it possible? Old Pottery Frog Pipe Super Rare birdstone effigy from Lehigh county Pa.  Only one known to exist British soldier (cast iron) BIN LADEN IS DEAD RARE 1913 INDIAN AND PRESIDENT BRONZE SUN DIAL WITH POEM indian artifact,bone comb. Seeking Info On Indian Pipe Native American Indian Mortar & Pestle ?


Broken Pestles