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  1. It's a CARP from a weather vane .
  2. These are trammels. One was used hanging in a fireplace to raise or lower a cooking pot. A household seldom needed two.
  3. Not so Bruce. There is another post about the Seth calendar clock.
  4. Do you have a specific question ? Do you have the key and pendulum ? Just what are you afraid of ? Being bitten ? A bomb ? Being sued ? The clock was made in Jan. 1881
  5. Yes, Bruce, thank you. PARLOR not OFFICE ! Close, but no cigar for me.
  6. The clock on the right is a Seth Thomas Office #5. It is time, strike on a bell, and a perpetual calendar. On the back is usually a stencil 1" high in black paint. A letter and four digits. The letter...
  7. WOW ! Such a great piece of history.
  8. Trolly car bell. Google image for examples.
  9. Yes, mcheconi, this dummy recognized another dummy right away. But wouldn't the film be HUGE ?
  10. Very nice. But.............can you still buy film for these cameras ?
  11. Is it to keep a loaf of bread fresh ?
  12. A champagne tap.
  14. Very pretty machine.
  15. What are firmaments ? That is a float for a toilet tank .
  16. What you see in the fourth picture on the side tubes are handles of small torches. The tube had a little fluid in it and the torch was lit with the lamp and used to light the cigar. The torches can be...
  17. This is a champagne dispenser .It was used to keep the bubbly fresh.
  18. The first item is a automotive valve lapping tool. I do not know the second. You are allowed to post dimensions here to add further clues.
  19. A glove stretcher.
  20. You need to remove the hands and dial. The movement is probably marked E.N. Welch Co. USA. It looks like a case made by the Anglo American Clock Co. Tenby was the retailer. c1900.
  21. I believe this chair was made by Hunzinger of New York city because of the fabric wrapped steel banding on the back. He patented that banding. BUT..........I cannot find a comparable chair online.
  22. One item I forgot to mention. The original springs are way too strong for the movement and promote wear. Your great wheels look very good. Most need replacement. Use springs 3/4" X .018" or .0165". Ch...
  23. 1900 to 1930 perhaps for the age. The original dials were metal. Yours may be under the paper. Dials and dial surrounds can be found on ebay at times. The movements are very high quality. It's worth h...
  24. This clock was made by International Time Recorder it uses a movement made by Seth Thomas. The pendulum looks right. It is hung on a suspension spring attached to a stud on the iron frame. Google imag...
  25. Remove the hands and dial and post pictures of the movement. This looks like a Seth Thomas time recorder with a heavily modified case. The pendulum/crutch wire connection in the brass slit sounds ri...
  26. Oooooh ! They look like glass German Christmas ornaments.
  27. L.O. Beard measuring instrument patented Mar. 27, 1934 #1,952,965
  28. I think this is a primitive (cheap ) form of an automobile valve lapping tool.
  29. This is a tire changing tool of the teens and early 20s. Not made by Ford.
  30. I believe this tool has been discussed before here. It is used to cut flexible metal electrical conduit known as Greenfield. No or Not ?
  31. Cartridge crimper for shot gun shells.
  32. 1840s. What parts do you need ? Gong base, wire gong, weights, key, pendulum, lower glass in door, proper weight cord , clock oil (DO NOT USE WD40!). will have what you need.
  33. This case form is known as Neuchatel. It may or may not be from the town of Neuchatel. You need to look for marks of the manufacturer on the case or clock movement.
  34. Definitely valve seat cutters for an engine.
  35. I had one made by Camillus.
  36. This is a plumbers basin wrench. Used to remove and install the drain fitting in the bottom of old sinks.
  37. I was wrong. That is Phillip Haas & Sons .
  38. Shop online for "metric barrel nuts". Several options, you may have to compromise.
  39. This tool is a threading die holder.
  40. This clock is made by Gordian Hettich Sons. The brass leaping rabbit on the movement is their trademark. Made about 1900 + - .
  41. Cool tool !
  44. Why do you think this is cast iron ? It looks like formed steel . Can you measure it and provide dimensions ? That may help .
  45. Or perhaps..........a cotter pin removal tool. Sears used to sell them
  46. It is not from a Ford. You must look elsewhere.
  47. Wood works OG 30 hour run time. Time, strike, and alarm. Made between 1835 and 1838. Condition is very good, especially the dial and label. Take the hands and dial off and add a pic. The part on the r...
  48. Buggy wrench to fit in drill brace. More at
  49. "A FLORIDA GARAGE SALE?" That serves me right for not moving to Florida when I had the chances ! A beautiful memento of the 1960s Navy. Treasure that.
  50. Are these not poultry shears ? Yes, the handles seem a bit odd.
  51. See more


Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903