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  1. This adjustable tool is used to turn the tenons on the ends of wood wheel spokes .
  2. A lovely brooch . But not even close to SS . just bS .
  3. It is so beautiful . How tall is it ?
  4. The collar unscrews from the handle to remove the blade .
  5. One of a pair . Clock garniture .
  6. Wagon wheel hub center .
  7. Razor for shaving.
  8. Not a BIG Bang cannon . Yours fires caps .
  9. It is a clock pendulum . Pics don't show relevant points .
  10. Please , don't tell us you found this in a thrift store for $1 . Please . Don't .
  11. I have never seen the like . What a fascinating cabinet . Due to the labels in it, it must have held a vast array of one companies products . Thanks for the tour , sorry I'm no help .
  12. 890 stamped on the movement is August 1890 .
  13. He has such an engaging smile . And warm and inviting eyes . Reminds me of a favorite uncle .
  14. What ? Why would you paint it ?
  15. I believe you are right . I have never seen that model .
  16. Radar wave guide . Check :
  17. That is the most beautiful ! Can you add some dimensions ? How long is the fire box ? Thank you
  18. If you are missing the bottom wood it can be found at , No. 14712. on page 24 .
  19. camming device used by rock climbers .
  20. Used to remove bark from logs .
  21. That is a photographers dark room lantern .
  22. Made by Kraft Behrens in Leipzig . 1900 to 1910 . Most of these used brass on the case trim . Polish if you must . Use silver polish on the dial VERY CAREFULLY .
  23. Four months with no responses . Perhaps his name is not Teddy !
  24. Novel concept !
  25. No , it is not a Ford Model K .
  26. This is an agate burnisher . It is used to burnish gold leaf .
  27. The tool for making hooked rugs .
  28. Perhaps this chair is by Charles Rohlfs ,Arts & Crafts period .
  29. After 1902 .
  30. Move the hour hand back one hour . It's a friction fit on the hour tube .
  31. A stone carver would use this to texture the surface . Handle has been shortened/broken .
  32. Perhaps General Billy Mitchel .
  33. This was originally a treadle on a sewing machine or jigsaw foot powered machine .Someone has welded four steel pegs on it to make a footrest or who knows what ?
  34. Have you removed the hands and dial ? You must see the movement to look for the makers marks . No one can answer you questions from seeing a photograph . The same applies to the other clock you posted...
  35. That is not a tobacco pipe . It is a holder for smoking a cheroot , a short cigar .
  36. Search for like examples as "victorian door bell". You are missing the T handle for the outside of the door.
  37. Is the back marked Allach ? Then it would be old .
  38. A driedle .
  39. Stair saw .
  41. Reading lamp to attach on bed headboard . If wiring is bad have it replaced.
  42. Look at the movement inside the case. Is it one day or eight day ? Nneds smaller or larger weights. The movement should be marked with the pendulum length in centimetres. Replacements are available fr...
  43. Appenzell is a Swiss town. This is a souvenir piece for tourists.
  44. Found with GOOGLE.................
  45. A GOOGLE SEARCH (it is free) will bring up among many others to supply a leather you install. It doesn't sound like you have been very kind to the desk.
  46. The first image is the back of the button. The front brass cover is missing making it very hard to pin down. You should add the diameter in millimeters, material (brass or steel), and WHERE it was fou...
  47. Try some good auto body shops. That is just like straightening a fender. But easier since it is all straight lines. I too have driven over a tool box !
  48. Do not restore it. Not even the wheels. It's all original !
  49. That shows both sides .
  50. Valve spring compressor tool made by K-D Tool.
  51. See more


Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903