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  1. Did you find this link to movies on magic lanterns? It references the patent numbers.
  2. Wood plane iron sharpener fixture.
  3. A lamp finial.
  4. No, I have not seen that form, but I think you have a tire valve stem tap, die, and core remover. Those same tools are made as one tool today for modern tire valve stems. Your tool may be for an early...
  5. I was referring to the instrument made from a gourd that is rubbed with a stick.
  6. Uncle Ron thinks it may be a guero.
  7. Known as a cylinder arm machine.
  8. The serial and model number on the front of the base will identify the machine. Unless the numbers are ground off.
  9. You don't offer any dimensions. It looks like a modern Asian creation. Black Forest clockmakers did not make such clocks.
  10. This is a model of the German four masted bark HERZOGIN CECILIE. Wikipedia has a page of its story.
  11. A wire fencing tool.
  12. Used in saw sharpening.
  13. Bully for you. Still .....I find the story and price hard to believe.
  14. Hunslet is a town in West Yorkshire England. Prince was a clockmaker late 1700s to early 1800s. Without seeing the movement from many sides You and we have no idea what it is. Eight day or one. Time o...
  15. Made by Seth Thomas in the 1920s. Not worth a great deal. It needs to be overhauled first, the springs are wound full up now. A repairman will supply the key needed.
  16. Leather slitter. Missing the gauge bar and cutting blade.
  17. Same purpose, but the better term for this tool is hawsing iron. Google image shows many examples
  18. Thanks Ric. I thought a ship rights tool, but the blade threw me.
  19. Go to this Forum and post the back of movement picture . Ask for info re maker and where to source pendulum.
  20. Bud vase from a 1920s automobile .
  21. You are at a disadvantage because the OP did not state the dimensions . Usually two to four inches long, this is a watchmakers screw plate. Used to repair or make threads on watch screws. Still made ...
  22. Lay shaft.
  23. Thanks to Ron too !
  24. For cutting button holes ?
  25. This is a tool for dressing grinding wheels.
  26. Automobile valve lapping tool .
  27. Rolled in thin black paint , this tool would be used to put the fine black lines on woodgraining when painting quartersawn oak .
  28. Used to free painted shut double hung window frames .
  29. The last I saw sold for $250 near same condition . Are we allowed to say that ?
  30. Ham bone holder for slicing the ham .
  31. May have a bronze finish , but made of spelter. A zinc like material . These were made by Ansonia Clock Co . Bases are probably cast iron . c1880 to 1900 .
  32. Sock darner .
  33. Tool for removing small clock or gauge hands .
  34. Rake for harvesting clams ?
  35. For opening clams or oysters .
  36. This is a tool to lap valves in an auto engine . It is missing a fitting from the shaft end to adapt to the valve .
  37. Very early skydiver !
  38. Try the web site The Wrenching News .
  39. Is the back marked with a makers name or logo ?
  40. It looks very much like a piston ring groove cleaner/scraper . Perhaps some dimensions will help .
  41. Betel nut cutter .
  42. DRGM just means it has a German patent . The back of the movement may have a makers mark .
  43. Medical instrument sterilizer .
  44. Are the holes threaded ? Putting screws in the holes would act as depth stops for bending the metal .
  45. Made by Badger Brass Co. 1900 to 1920 . Used for tail light for automobile .
  46. Early auto parts ! These are top bow clamps to hold the bows when the top is folded down on a touring car. Teens through twenties . They mount on the back corners of the body and these are held in wit...
  47. Perhaps it is a can opener .
  48. This was made by Consolidated Lamp or Pittsburgh Brass & Glass . Kerosene originally , The bottom globe was not originally lit . It is known today as a Gone With The Wind lamp . Then called a double g...
  49. Eva Brauns' knickers ? Must have made her little fuhrer crazy ! Naw.....I believe the circus story . Still..............
  50. This looks like a brad driver, used to push small wire nails into wood .
  51. See more


Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903