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  2. It is a tail light known as Wig-Wag. Studebaker auto manufacturers option. Made by Safety Signal Devices Inc. of Chicago. Quite RARE.
  3. model wont help now needs overhaul you do any clock restorations no bob trial run will be fast pickup only by bottom they come apart anyway
  4. This is an eight day clock movement . The pendulum was a 3 inch diameter brass disc. Also missing is the pendulum leader with suspension spring. Parts are around.
  5. Not a mattock. That is an ice ax for mountain climbing . I cannot help with the maker .
  6. Thank dav2no1 for the best advice you will get . Needs a better descriptive title than HELP.
  7. Champion sewing machine.............
  8. A dark room lantern for photography .
  9. Try asking here with photos .
  10. yes........"to stainless"
  11. Some folks claim it is a gun lock. Placed low enough to the floor the gun cannot be removed . Yet others claim it is to lock your personal pool que in the billiard hall. Yours is numbered giving crede...
  12. The model is Mahogany No. 2 . Don't take your clock apart and spray it with WD40 . It makes a goopy mess .
  13. I cannot find the model name . Most likely the clock doesnot need replacement parts , it just needs overhaul . Disassemble , clean , polish , and lubricate . Those clocks are sensitive to dirt and lac...
  14. Worn to ward off the evil eye . Popular in Greece as well as others .
  15. This is a plumbers wrench to reach into a tub drain and unscrew the drain flange .
  16. Research 'coverlet" . Center sewn seam is older and was made on a narrow loom .
  17. It is a belt buckle .
  18. This key is model T era . 1919 to 1927 .
  19. Are inter-urban locks considered railroad ? Are they also collectable?
  20. Odauctions: I do not know if they were bigger or not . Few dimensions given. I used GOOGLE IMAGE before posting here . I don't know about tomahawks .
  21. Cedar shingle hammer . Very badly abused .
  22. Ice cream scoop .
  23. Research "love token" . Common around 1900 .
  24. German Lusterweibchen .
  25. Cone spool thread winder . US Navy ? I do not know . I spent four years in aircraft maintenance . I suspect parts are missing to better explain this .
  26. This adjustable tool is used to turn the tenons on the ends of wood wheel spokes .
  27. A lovely brooch . But not even close to SS . just bS .
  28. It is so beautiful . How tall is it ?
  29. The collar unscrews from the handle to remove the blade .
  30. One of a pair . Clock garniture .
  31. Wagon wheel hub center .
  32. Razor for shaving.
  33. Not a BIG Bang cannon . Yours fires caps .
  34. It is a clock pendulum . Pics don't show relevant points .
  35. Please , don't tell us you found this in a thrift store for $1 . Please . Don't .
  36. I have never seen the like . What a fascinating cabinet . Due to the labels in it, it must have held a vast array of one companies products . Thanks for the tour , sorry I'm no help .
  37. 890 stamped on the movement is August 1890 .
  38. He has such an engaging smile . And warm and inviting eyes . Reminds me of a favorite uncle .
  39. What ? Why would you paint it ?
  40. I believe you are right . I have never seen that model .
  41. Radar wave guide . Check :
  42. That is the most beautiful ! Can you add some dimensions ? How long is the fire box ? Thank you
  43. If you are missing the bottom wood it can be found at , No. 14712. on page 24 .
  44. camming device used by rock climbers .
  45. Used to remove bark from logs .
  46. That is a photographers dark room lantern .
  47. Made by Kraft Behrens in Leipzig . 1900 to 1910 . Most of these used brass on the case trim . Polish if you must . Use silver polish on the dial VERY CAREFULLY .
  48. Four months with no responses . Perhaps his name is not Teddy !
  49. Novel concept !
  50. No , it is not a Ford Model K .
  51. See more


Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903