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I collect old west and cowboy related and Winchester memorabilia along with some advertising signs. I ride my horses and love going junkin.


  1. What is the size of the 3rd tray from the left?
  2. This is the third one for me. 3500.00-5500.00 and very likely more at auction. There are some hard core gum collectors out there.
  3. By the way..Coke did invent frozen coca cola in the latter 50s. This machine definatley has a patent number for 1961.
  4. Patent numbers date to 1961. So...1961 my friend.
  5. It is from the 80s. I would put the value at about 250.00. I have the same sign.
  6. Made in the early 70s by Stout sign company. Double mint condition worth about 275.00.
  7. Actually Coca Cola made that sign back in I'm thinking late 80s or around 1990. They made a set of three different kinds.
  8. Missing the slider rack on inside. Reality in that condition about 125.00. Cap catcher is worth just as much as the machine.
  9. Vendo 110. Worth about 1000.00 restored.
  10. It is a Ideal 35 slider. They only emossed 35s were Royal Crown Cola. I am restoring one now.
  11. In near mint condition it would bring around 450.00. In this condition..250.00 .
  12. Actually it was called 'TOILET WATER".
  13. I have the same bottle with the label still intact with the top. Dates to the 1880s.
  14. I would value it on the low end at 1500.00 and possibly 2000.00. Go check completed auctions on Ebay.
  15. I have a Stereo Views book that lists all the famous photographers and D. S. Mitchell is not listed..but then again there were 10,000 or more photographers and publishers issued commercial views back ...
  16. Mine was photographed by S. J. Morrow which I believe would be worth just as much since he was one of the more famous photographers in that era. Also it sold for that amount in 2004 and old west memor...
  17. Look at it thru a magnifying glass and if you see a is a repo. If not then it is probably the real deal.
  18. Yes sir. Has the original Atwell stamp on the back. Denver Library authenticated it.
  19. What you have is actually a chuckwagon cabinet(portable pantry). I have one simular. Yours was made in the 1890s. Value would be somewhere in the 1200.00-1500.00 range with this economy. 5 years ago.....
  20. I would say early late 50s-early 60s. Too bad of the condition..I like the Indian logo.
  21. No there is not.
  22. There is one on ebay right now for 375.00..but I am sure it is a India repo.
  23. Cool... thanks.
  24. Does it have a signature?
  25. I would say 350.00-450.00. I have a friend who sold a very similar one about 10 years ago for 400.00. Nice piece.
  26. Can you send me some more photos. Looks to be missing the tray and maybe some other parts. My email is
  27. Condition..condition..condition. That TC sign in mint condition would fetch around 250.00-300.00. In that condition...20.00- 30.00.
  28. I would say Harold Edward Bryant. 1894-1950. Is it a print or painting? Jerry
  29. u said.
  30. I used to collect Coca Cola..for about 25 years or so. Got a divorce and it had to go. I collect old west memorabilia..also Winchester advertising now. I have been on the hunt for this specimen for ab...
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Can anyone help? My favorite guitar  1968 Gibson 335 Gibson Les Paul Std 1959, Sunburst FENDER 1949-1951 PROTOTYPE TELECASTER National Glenwood 99, 1965 Standard Cabinet Information


Siemens Brothers 'Vitality Charger'! Red Jacket Advertising Sign. Old western pictures