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Central, NY

I love old cars and I am just getting interested in antiques.


  1. I found a write up from 1896 that the store salesman took a model of a Corning and Haskins Superior Evaporator to the town hall meeting! I am pretty positive it was my model. Very cool......thank you ...
  2. Thank you, I signed up for the Maple Trader on-line and I tried to open the pictures of the scale model evaporator but it would not allow me to view them. These are nice conversation pieces!
  4. I actually just found an ad for it on-line! I have been searching for something about it for several years. It apparently was in a local newspaper in 1908 and I think it may even be a picture of my m...
  5. No, I do not have a picture of them with this. I have one 2nd cousin also related to them that I might check with for more pictures.
  6. Can anyone place a monetary value on this minature display model from the late 1800's to early 1900's?
  7. The rider of this statue may have been wounded in a battle and died afterwards since one front leg of the horse is off the ground.
  8. These are cool. I have the same one with a price tag on the back that says "29 cents". My Father in-law gave it to me a few years ago to have near my garage wood stove.
  9. Beautiful car!
  10. Anyone ever seen a minature like this or heard of "Corning and Haskins" evaporators?
  11. I had one too way back in the mid 60's. Not sure what it is worth but it does bring back memories. Nice picture, thanks for sharing...
  12. Is that the original paint? It looks like the 1984 8-horse model I had in the 1980's minus the white and blue paint. It ran like a champ until the hydrostatic pump stopped working.
  13. It looks like a Ben Franklin stove I bought maybe 20 years ago. I believe it could be from the 1970's.
  14. Maybe Goofus glass?
  15. Do you know where this bridge is?
  16. This is shaped similar to some Carnival vases but it looks like clear glass under the gold coating.
  17. I haven't been able to find out anything about this pitcher. Have you seen another similar to it? Thank you
  18. One of my favorite groups in the late 70's early 80's.
  19. Very nice machines!
  20. What state did you find it? This is a neat piece. I could not find anything on-line that looked exactly like it. It looks like a coin made into a pendant. Don't give up, I am sure someone out ther...
  21. Thank you for sharing the article. It was very interesting!
  22. Thanks for all the info!
  23. Thank you, I added different pictures to see if they would be clearer.
  24. Thank you, Yes I live 30 miles south of Syracuse.
  25. Your dad is right. I have a necklace made up of late 1800 and early 1900 pennys.
  26. Very nice clock. I have one similar with roman numerals. It is also a Seth Thomas with 8 day movement. I wish I could help you but I also am curious about how much these are worth.
  27. Nice. I have one just like it. I think it was a gift back in the 80's or 90's.
  28. Very nice. How old is it?
  29. It may be Japanese. My dad was in WWII in Iwa Jima and had a smaller one in his collection when he passed. Check ebay for similar ones.
  30. Very nice car. Enjoy it!
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