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  1. Here in Europe, these Certina watches are highly appreciated.
  2. Grosvenor was a brand from Reichenberg & Company \ Talis Watch. The brand was registered July 13th 1928.
  3. There were quite a few watch brands with the name Jupiter in Switzerland, but this one is definitely a Jupiter from Cortebert. Cortebert was a large factory that made very good watch movements. It is...
  4. Avance-Retard is French and means Fast-Slow for regulating the watch. It is in French so the watch is most likely Swiss made. It could be 1900 - 1920
  5. Finding a new (or even a good) dial is very difficult. I know that these Swiss Zenith watches are watches of very high quality and they are very appreciated here in Europe. Zenith still excists today...
  6. I think it's not so valuable. It has a cilinder movement with 6 jewels. So it was placed in the lower range of watchmaking. It is a nice looking watch.
  7. The case is made of Argentan or German Silver. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel_silver
  8. http://nawcc.pastperfect-online.com/31724cgi/mweb.exe?request=record&id=71A08D64-342B-4F40-9FD1-616582492270&type=101
  9. JV probably stands for Jaques Vorpe from Geneva in Swtzerland.
  10. There was a company named Perret in Le Locle (Switzerland) in the heart of the watchmaking area.
  11. Chinese fakes. Not Patek Philippe finish.
  12. Favory was a brand from James-Favre Fallet from St.Imier in Switzerland. The brand was registered on september 17th in 1890.
  13. Le Locle is a town/village in Switzerland in the heart of the watch making industrie. So your watch is probably Swiss made. A clear picture of the movement mabye tells us more.
  14. Movement is NOT Roskopf style. A better picture of the movement mabye could tell us more
  15. These watches from Chronograf Suisse were sold with many names. They are great looking watches.
  16. As I look tt the appearance of the watch (eg the hands) it looks to me that it's a Roskopf watch. If you have a clear picture of the movement we can tell you more.
  17. It's not a Roskopf watch. Most likely it's an Ebosa or a Baumgartner.
  18. Sorry to say this, but it's not a watch from WW II. These watches were made till the early 2000's for tourists. The factory closed down a couple of years ago. They are very good. I have a couple of ...
  19. It looks to be a good movement. It has 15 jewels and not a cylinder movement. A watch of the higher class
  20. If you have a picture from the actual movement, maybe we can say more of this watch. It looks European to me. Probably Swiss made around 1900.
  21. You can push it in with your fingernail and when you turn the crown at he same time you set the time.
  22. No it was made for the Dutch market. The day indicator is in Dutch.
  23. If you could make a picture of the actual movement, then perhaps some of us can tell you more.
  24. I think there's a Roskopf movement inside.
  25. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's a Chinese fake. These clocks/watches are made by the tenthousands nowadays and they all have that same Chinese movement. There's nothing Swiss on this watch. The...
  26. It says shock -resisitant on the dial so it's from the 1950's and forward.
  27. The case was made in England and the movement was made in Switzerland.
  28. This brand is from Switzerland and is not very old. The brand Steelco is registered 13.3.1956 and the company behind it is Era Watch Co. SA from Biel.
  29. I have 3 of these Vostok watches and they are all 3 very good runners. The last one, I bought on a watch sale market and is about 35 years old. This old Russian handwinder keeps time as good as any ve...
  30. These Vostok watches are very popular amongst watch overs here in Europe .
  31. Top brand watch.
  32. In the Black Forest in Germany the clocks were sold by men who carried up to 20 clocks with them. They went to go to farmers to try to sell the Black Forest clocks. These tiny clocks are figurines of ...
  33. I am sorry to say this, but your watch is made long after WW II. They date from the 1980's on forward and are made for tourists. They come in many different varieties and with many different backs. ...
  34. It's a Swiss pin-lever escapement from Baumgartner.
  35. It has a common Chinese movement in it. These movements can be found in several (new) pocketwatches. These movements can run very good. It is not an antique watch but it's a nice looking watch.
  36. The anti-shock system was commercialized from the 1950's onwards. So the pocket watch is not very very old. It's a pretty rare piece though. I have never seen a pocket watch like yours. The Oris fac...
  37. Remontoir means nothing more than stemwinding. Before that watches should be wound with a key. If you have a clear picture of the movement, maybe we can help you identify your watch. The movement is...
  38. A clear picture of the movement would be very helpfull.
  39. This is a German watch made by the Thomas Haller company. Thomas Haller joined with the famous Junghans company and the Bravo brand was registered on March, 29 in 1905. The movement is a Haller move...
  40. It looks to be having a Baumgartner or Ebosa movement. I think it's a 1930's watch. It looks good and for a very cheap movement it's very accurate.
  41. Engorsele is an (East) German UMF Ruhla watch with a different name on it.
  42. What yu have is an Hebdomas with 8 day movement. Most watches had the be wound up every day and the Hebdomas from Switzerland was the first watch that could run up to 8 days. They are still making the...
  43. Yep it's that famous Chinese movement inside. This watch has nothing to do with Switzerland. I have one with a HMT movement from India and it says Roskopf on the dial.
  44. The name Robanne was registered April 3th, 1957 in Washington DC. http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker
  45. A lucky find for a buck. Look here (page in German):http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker
  46. What a beautiful watch. A watch to treasure because it came from your father. Try to purchase a new crystal, they should be around somewhere.
  47. Follow the link for some information about Gruen watches (page is in German, bu t with a translator you ,ust be able to read it): http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker
  48. Click on the following link : http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker Orator was owned by the Schild company founded by Adolph Schild. They were based in Le Chaux-de-Fonds, a town in ...
  49. Click on this link: http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker There are more factories/companies that used the name. It could be the Ultramar from Miami due to the Spanish ? words on th...
  50. Maybe you can send an e-mail with pictures to the factory. They still exsist and make high end watches. http://www.iwc.com/en/
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