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  1. it has some old fashioned grainy looking glass panels in the front behind them lil meshes
  2. actually it does sound really nice, its low n has alot of bass to it , itll be nicer when i make a back panel for it n get it all cleaned up n workin again i guess. only things i see as an isue is th...
  3. hmm seems like a welding debate and a terminology fight lol . tomato tomoto it really doesnt matter if ya call a bun a biscuit or a bun , they are the same thing . i dont recall anyone even using the ...
  4. looks to me like its upside down, might have been a fancy surround for a little trash can? they didnt have suction cups in the 1800s did they? not to afix glass or table tops im pretty sure
  5. looks like a patio table stand to me, those things that look like suction cups look like metal to me and they probably the feet
  6. preheated not poreheated lol
  7. hmm well the welder guaranteed it, the thing about cast iron is it has to be poreheated i believe he told me , i cant remember . im not a welder . this stove had no cracks on any part that was struct...
  8. u cant compare the us weather with canadas, its no comparison . you all are sheltered from true winter temperatures and really i dont think you have a clue what real winter is like . we used to go ...
  9. well i grew up on a farm in northern manitoba , a tad farther up than the usa. was at my babas alot of the time n i remember her cooking on her woodstove, i got it working in here to remind me of the ...
  10. well u grew up down there where its warm all the time up here it hits -40 u bet ppl had hot buns for supper lol :p
  11. well when u made bread or pies or buns or even as you prepared dinners in old days, ppl often had fresh buns, and they kept em warm in the upper trays, not everyone had pie with meals but in them da...
  12. the cracks were one ona vent, one of the lile arms had broken off, and another was on the bread warmer door, just an outline left where itd been now
  13. oh itll last, hes done plenty. to be honest he did sucha good job i cant even see where the cracks used to be anymore
  14. the ovens thermostat works too and the glass isnt cracked or spoiled. i bake bread in it in the winter . so i know its a good unit
  15. it is complete. the firebox isnt warped , has the bun warmer up top all original, there were only 2 cracked pieces on the whole thing, i got em rewelded by a guy in town , it has all the orig vents as...
  16. there ya go i posted the latest stove i found
  17. lol ooh a printer. will it fit in the firebox? i had been offered 2200 for it 3 days after i got it home and assembled, frankly i doubt i could replace it for that tho . i saw what they wanted to r...
  18. lol well there arent any other markings on it ive gone all over it, i use it for making bread in so nah not gonna sell it just yet lol. ill look over it again, any ideas where to look? all i seen is ...
  19. well best i could find by myself was a 48 packard? anyone narrow it down for me a lil bit better?
  20. hmm looks like 2 guys beating up on pikachoo to me .
  21. do u have any palm dairy plastic jugs?
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