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1931-1949 Mohawk-Shelburne (Millers Falls Tools) Clamp, Swivel-Base Vise - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1950s Stanley No. 761 Victor Jersey Clamp-Base Vise - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Great-Grandfather's 14k Gold Pinky Ring, Early-Twentieth Century - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1960s Dunhill Twin Finger Leather Cigar Case as Pen Holder - Pensin Pens
1938-46 Scotch DD-1 Maroon Crinkle Cellulose Tape Dispenser, Art Deco Whale Tail - Art Decoin Art Deco
1980s Whataburger Glass Nickel Coffee Mug - Kitchenin Kitchen
1938-65 Millers Falls No. 77 (“Eggbeater”) Hand Drill - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Great-Grandmother's 1920's Scrap Cloth Quilt - Folk Artin Folk Art
Pre-Civil War 1855-1860 Bakewell & Co. 4 tpi Rip Hand Saw - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Long Handle Shoehorn with Tortoise Shell Horn and End, and Knotty Wooden Shaft - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Thanks, lptools, for the comment. Quick google search found, http://kesterhouse.com/etct/tools.html
  2. Do you happen to still have the address of the website of which you referenced? Thanks, and nice dispenser!
  3. Way to go, Flash!
  4. Great looking brush!
  5. From research, it appears this mug was made by Lamberton/Scammel China during WWII for the United States Quartermaster Corps (USQMC).
  6. Thanks, Schoolbus. Have done some, just need to do a bit more. The search continues.
  7. Lovely clock! I have one as well, but with a different body but same or similar face and innards. I plan to post pics and info as mine as well. Ever able to confirm date of yours?
  8. "opaque milk glass." Hmmm... all milk glass is opaque. :/
  9. Very nice! Love the green! I have one similar (also Brody), but mine's opaque milk glass.
  10. There are those who may disagree. Heard from an executive member of the ACGA who looked at photos and said, "[y]our bowl is definitely American Brilliant Cut Glass." In addition, Glass Lovers Glass Da...
  11. Yeh, I was able to locate an issue of The American Stationer (12/18/1915) referencing B.E. Calkins being in the "the stationery. paper and office supply business, both wholesale and retail, for 29 yea...
  12. Wow! Great stuff, vetraio50, and all the way from Australia, too! Interesting the possible involvement of Dee?! Any idea how long B.E. Calkins was in business (when opened, closed)? Thanks again!
  13. Hey, artsentries. From everything I've found online, the B2 was manufactured here in the U.S.
  14. Not so much a mug as a shaving scuttle. Here's some helpful info: http://sharpologist.com/2014/04/shaving-mugs-scuttles.html.
  15. I know I'm late to the party, but yes, it's a shaving mug.
  16. Yes, looks like a Late Glass Mug 04 - Mid 1970s to 1992 (http://www.oldspicecollectibles.com/Mugs/American%20Glass.html). Hope you're enjoying it!
  17. Love these! Looks like a Early Glass Mug 05 - Late 1950s to 1960, based on this very helpful website: http://www.oldspicecollectibles.com/Mugs/American%20Glass.html
  18. Another provided reference: "Paden City #793 Golden Corsage (Gold encrusted) 1940s. The Glass Candlestick Book volume 3 page 142 (by Tom Felt, and Elaine & Rich Stoer)." Thanks!!
  19. Thanks, antiquerose, and to you, TallCakes! Very helpful in helping to identify! Tallcakes, any idea the age of these? Thanks again!
  20. I, too, have a weeping bright gold vase. Was always in our house growing up, putting it before 1960. Not sure just how old it is. Have posted it on CW.
  21. Thanks, brunswick and antiquerose. Have done the same and have been struck by the diversity of types, styles, ages, etc. of these "biscuit barrels." And haven't seen one like mine (in google images,...
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