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Trolling the web for vintage tin and electronic slot cars. Looking for tin toys, always. The era of 60's 1/32 and 1/24 scale slot cars is my amusement park, alongTrolling the web for vintage tin and electronic slot cars. Looking for tin toys, always. The era of 60's 1/32 and 1/24 scale slot cars is my amusement park, along with 50's and 60's kitch. Live in the Bay Area on the Left Coast. I enjoy the Collectors Weekly more and more each, day! (Read more)


  1. Can you imagine wearing this at a 'Be-In'??
  2. Could not be manufactured or advertised today! ;-)
  3. Please, let me know! Thanks!
  4. I forgot to mention that the front wheels are steerable, so that your toy can go in circles.
  5. Thanks Bellin, Actually the "M13's" are my favorite Tri-ang models. There are many different models Tri-ang makes. I will post in the near future.
  6. I'm bidding on one as we speak!
  7. I'm hoping to race this, again. Motor works great!
  8. Got the head, now I make the decision....... Thanks!
  9. Nice design integration of form and function!
  10. Thanks for the enlightenment. I have never seen such a car, nor heard of the Crusader nor the Deluxe Reading Toy Company. You have opened my eyes!
  11. Is this collection housed in Northern California!!??? Wow!
  12. This is superb. I hear and see the early cartoons of the 30's with the demonic and dark scenes of war.
  13. It sounds like the American manufacturers products fell victim to 'design by committee'.
  14. Have any photos of the logo?
  15. Where is the battery compartment? In the trunk, or underneath?
  16. I forgot to mention. You "use it regularly". For what purpose? :-)
  17. Is yours capable of 'ringing', or do you have another phone that alerts you to a call coming in?
  18. Perhaps I wasn't clear. Today's voltage coming through a typical phone jack does not carry enough voltage to RING the bells on yester-years phones. Phones such as yours and mine require heavier volt...
  19. Most likely way of identifying a Fake Leica is to look at the focusing cam. After you remove the lens, at the top inside just below the range finder window, you will see a ROUND wheel that is spring ...
  20. You just made my DAY! Thanks so much for the link!!!
  21. Interesting! I picked this up in Pueblo, Colorado in 1979 from a mom-n-pop mini market. I guess my item may exhibit earlier canning techniques and methods of manufacture, then. Thanks, for the Head...
  22. Requires much more voltage through today's non-existent phone jack's of yesteryear. Good Luck!
  23. Just looked at your collection on the shelf. Nice!
  24. Beautiful, candle powered fishing craft. And it has a box!!!
  25. Wonderful track! You're so lucky to have the space. I am embarking on an ambitious track building project this year. Hopefully the tables will be built and hold 4 lanes for 1/32 scale model racing....
  26. Flash bulbs??!! You sure it's not a camera in disguise. That is intriguing. I have never heard of such a vehicle using flash bulbs. So it has a battery compartment, too? Incredible find!
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1964 Porsche 904 LeMans #35 1/18 Scale by Minichamps 1964 Crusader 101 by Deluxe Reading Northern Electric Uniphone 1 Model Space theme thermos lunchbox Old Tin Metal Red Car Fire Truck Old toy car