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collector a of antique boat motors, glassware and Sewing machines


  1. Did you know that the first electric sewing machines came out around 1895 the first home unites came out in the 1920 and 1930
  2. It is a 1919 model 66 with Redeye decals G- 6791271 to 6841270 model 66 allotment/patent date in March 4, 1919 looks like pretty nice and complete.
  3. Hi I belong to a Vintage sewing machine site and that is the best story of a lost machine recovery your Grandmother truly wanted you to have that machine its a Singer Lotus 66 that is a wonderful mach...
  4. Hi I deal with these machines the wood part I don't know what its called you will need to make one or have one made out of some good Walnut or Red Oak. your machine is a 27 Singer with Sphinx decals t...
  5. Hi nice that is only the second one I have seen nice find I have the same but a hand crank not much info known its English made suspect it is 1880 - 1890 being its a low arm fiddle base really small c...
  6. My guess it is a German singer with La Vencedora decals the bad part all records were lost during WW2
  7. Sweet deal well worth 20.00 for a 100.00 + dollar machine early model Redeye with Back clamping foot
  8. Its hard to date these tables except by design your was made after 1900 up to the 1960's your is between the 1900 and 1940's the letter G and the register # don't apply to cabinet machines heads only.
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