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Some of my more of my husbands antiques  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
My husbands collection of antiques  - Electronicsin Electronics
Old trunk  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Generation Ball (Jade)  - Asianin Asian
Wedgewood Jasperware  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Maybe Waterford Crystal can you help - Glasswarein Glassware
Question are they Della Robbia Pottery  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. It’s been 4 years since I first posted this and was hoping that someone might be able to help. Many thanks .
  2. It’s been 4 years since I post this I would love to hear if anyone has any ideas of the origin of these plates. Thanks
  3. I live in Australia and travelled through remote areas in the 70s and it was very common to see the insulation caps purple in colour. We did collect a couple along the way.
  4. Would love to know if anyone has any ideas of the region they might come from. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi Again Drill, great thought had not considered that before. I know what I will be doing when the fines up. Cheers Gayle
  6. Thanks again Drill, cheers Gayle
  7. Thank you for your lovely comments. SpiritBear I too love the clock and it still works and chimes. (When I allow it to).
  8. Thanks fortapache the magic lanterns are fantastic, there are loads of glass slides and two film rolls sadly very brittle now due to age.
  9. Hi Drill thank you much for posting the links and thanks for your time in searching. Cheers from Oz
  10. Noob thank you for that info, I should have googled it myself. It is possible that the piece may have been in the family before 1867. I do not know for sure. I live in hope, it is a most beautiful pie...
  11. It does look like Iron Pyrite to me the Chrystal structure and colour fits. Google images to see the different types.
  12. Can anyone help to identify, please.
  13. Thanks freon it's taken Years to collect and ages to clean too.
  14. Thank you for your comments, cheers
  15. Thank you so much for your comments. Some I've seen are truly amazing, athrough I would not be surprised if they were produced using a laser today. Yet another master art lost to progress.
  16. Sorry shareurpassion to burst your bubble, yes I did purchase it brand new. Cheers to you in Tasmania.
  17. Hi, I have one identical. I purchased mine about 25 years ago in Singapore market. I paid about $20.00 for it. In another shop further along I saw an American chap holding up the very same tablecloth...
  18. What a great find, its beautiful.
  19. I believe Della Robbia used terracotta these are white clay. I have uploaded another photo showing the signature. Cheers
  20. Many thanks Mrstyndall. I will posting again soon, I have a vase that dates back before 1857 with a very interesting story. Cheers
  21. Yes it looks like E P Para***. The last three letters are hard to work out the first could be an n or u maybe the next looks like and I and the last could be an o or d very hard to say.
  22. Thanks for comments. I have included a couple of pics of the markings.
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The Value in a Flaw trunk I found in the attic Spanish glass vase


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