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Poland - "Cows & Cattle" Postage Stampsby aghcoll…
MILK BOILER!!by surfdub66
Strange Ceramic Cow Oxen Planter Black Letter Japan by stwilli…
blue and white cow creamerby mahelsl
Boy Herding Cows Down A  Country Road - Artby dMc
ShakeThatThang Vintage Salt & Pepper Shaker Gold Glazed Longhorn Bulls , 1950's Ucagco Japan,by ShakeTh…
Dream Pets by RDAKIN Inc., San Francisco, Calif. - Red Bullby ho2cult…
 Greek replica ceramics of a crete Golden vapheio cup by Behrinm…
rare cow creamerby kellie32
Photo of a family member on a handy Cow by Manikin
Cool photo i bought on ebay - Boy riding a cowby ho2cult…
Antique Metal Toy Steer ~ 2 3/4" by tom61375
My  Vintage Miniature Farm Set . Maker Unknown by Manikin
Collectible Cows by spearjeff
 Golden Guernsey Dairy Coop 12 ft Cow in my town (we call her Elsie )by Manikin
Just For Fun:  Cow Creamerby freiheit
Cow Puppet Woodenby packratpam
Cow ear tattoo outfitby musikchoo
Contemporary Whimsical Cow Container with Lid and Wire Stand / Unknown Maker by mikelv85
After Many Years, and Maybe 1000 Storms!  Man and Cow Move Inside!!!by toracat
Montana Rodeo Action?by Ted_Str…
Old Black Mouted Texas Longhornsby sisbe
This one is just for funby freiheit
1950's Brush Pottery W10 Cow With Cat Finial Cookie Jarby Collect…
netsukeby artislove
Even Milky The Cow in a drought and fell over from Heat and Hunger :-(by Manikin
Italian handpainted bull cow by Finy
Dr. Hess Udder ointmentby musikchoo
Rescued from the dump 45 years ago!by lilac
Decorative Pottery Bank~BULL~Wonderful Shape & Colorby Budek
Glass longhorn ? cow wall vase or sconce app. 24 inch wide by bug
Old spring toy I mounted to my daughter's swingsetby neon4le…
In The barn and the Cows :-) by Manikin
Cow restraint milking devise?by Oneluck…
Farm life Pre milking machines Grandpaby Manikin
This Steiff Cow is One Mooo-ver and Shaker by Steiffgal
Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow by Kennerby Wonderl…
Free Speech Cow in Burlington VTby potrero
Hood Milk Signs - Elsie the Cowby potrero