Antique Cartes-De-Visites Photographs

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Civil War Marine cdv photographby scottvez
Civil War Solider possible glass eye??by frank1956
CDV Photo Male or Female? John Fergus Largsby courten…
1st MN Heavy Artillery at Chattanoogaby scottvez
She Needed To Try On The Dress To See If It Still Fit. 1882, Corset was no PostCar…
Part Six Of Photo Album Patented 1882by jscott0…
Part Five Of Photo Album Patented 1882by jscott0…
Part Four Of Photo Album Patented 1882by jscott0…
Part Three Of Photo Album Patented 1882by jscott0…
Part Two Of Antique Photo Album Patented 1882by jscott0…
Antique Photo Album Patented 1882by jscott0…
Military CDV???by frank1956
Tinted CDVby SpiritB…
A Beauty by Thomas of Jackson, Michiganby endeeri…
Assistant Surgeon USNby frank1956
CDV PHOTO, Avoirdupois woman ( Informal Weight or heaviness, especially of a person) Lovely Dressby PostCar…
Civil War Naval Commanderby frank1956
Sarah Lewis Lake CDV  circa 1862by frank1956
Henry P. Conner USNby frank1956
Naval Officerby frank1956
West Point Cadet by frank1956
Civil War Era Photosby between…
Victorian (England) --BOY WITH TENNIS RACKET  CDVby PostCar…
Civil War Zouave ??by frank1956
4 Cabinet Cardsby SpiritB…
Question on CDVs with Stampby SpiritB…
CDV of an early inventor with modelby scottvez
CDV image of Twins!!by scottvez
General George G. Meade Original Civil War Era CDV card. by dps628
RARE Autographed cdv of Richard T. Greenerby scottvez
RARE Civil War era Baseball Cardby scottvez
Bust sculpture of 19th century manby scottvez
Family CDV from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdomby Suzikane
Little girl cuddling her teddy bear, one of my favoritesby Suzikane
First husband of my step great grandmotherby Suzikane
My Step great grandmotherby Suzikane
CDV of Samuel F.B. Morseby scottvez
Civil War soldier cdv, Andersonville POWby scottvez
RARE, MINI CDV PHOTO CARD JUST less than 1& 1/2 X 2 & 3/4  C. 1880s Full photo OF LITTLE BOYby PostCar…
Rueben Cousins C, 1860 Carte De Visiteby verbatim
CDV still life of Vase with tinted flowersby scottvez
French  Carte de Visite Cute Dogby vintage…
Spanish military man from Manila (2)by scottvez
CDV of Military Man with medals by scottvez
CDV of a Civil War officer with a pistol stuck in his bootby scottvez
Old photographs collection: Studio portraits with Art Nouveau furniture IIby austroh…
French WW 1 Soldier - What a cool horeau
Mr. and Mrs General Tom Thumbby Armyeng
Old photographs collection: Soldiers CDV portraits Iby austroh…
Old photographs collection: Berlin couple by austroh…
Native American "Sub Chief" carte de visiteby scottvez
Native American "War Chief" CDVby scottvez
Black American Photographsby Vrgdc
Abraham Lincoln Photoby Vrgdc
Old photographs collection: Studio portraits with Art Nouveau furniture Iby austroh…
1890s CDV of Waltham Watch Factory Equipment (attributed)by rnieder…
Civil War CDV of Heroic Bucktail Soldierwho died at Gettysburgby scottvez
Pennsylvania "Bucktail" Civil War officer CDVby scottvez
Vignette Portrait of a Cute Young Girl by Frank Pearsall, c.1870-71by rnieder…
Civil War HERO of Maineby scottvez
Civil War revenue tax stamps on photographsby scottvez
CDV of woman with Civil War backdropby scottvez
Gibbes Museum Charleston S.C. Cival War photos,Great showby filmnet
CDV of Woman from Clarksville, TN with tax stampby scottvez
CDV copy image of woman from Clarksville, TNby scottvez
CDV of Baby and hidden mother from Clarksville, TNby scottvez
CDV of Woman from Clarksville, TNby scottvez
Cassey & Merellby Lansing…
B.F. Hallby Lansing…
Engelhart & Cottrellby Lansing…
C.H. Mead Art Studioby Lansing…
A.M. Cheneyby Lansing…
Photos of Union Soldier and Babyby NativeJ…
Union soldier in Occupied Richmond c. 1865by scottvez
Spanish American War New Jersey Volunteerby scottvez
Early image of man with a pet Monkeyby scottvez
CDV of child on rocking horseby scottvez
CDV of Civil War era one- room school houseby scottvez
Not a Cdv afterall, what years possibly?by filmnet
Great photo of  6 girlsby filmnet
1867 CDV of an Ice Boat Model for Patentby rnieder…
CDV of child with China Head dollby scottvez
Early Mark Twain CDVby scottvez
Weathered Civil War veteran from Wisconsinby scottvez
Beautifully tinted young girl and her large doll CDVby scottvez
CDVs Mounted in Paper Frames: Cute Childrenby rnieder…
CDV of ships captain from the UKby scottvez
Civil War Era Canadian CDV'S Military Fort and The Wealthyby whitman75
President Andrew Jackson cdv? by gaithersbur…
Antique Cabinet Card or CDV - is this the Capitol building?by lostone777
Iconic Robert E. Lee Civil War CDVby scottvez
Perley Putnam CDV 1863by filmnet
CDV of Man with Locomotive Engine on columnby scottvez
Photographers & Their Cameras - 1870s CDV with 4-lens American wetplateby rnieder…
Mourning woman shows CDV in an albumby scottvez
Civil War redeemed slave child CDVby scottvez
CDV of woman with a Parrotby scottvez
CDV of man with photo album showing imageby scottvez
Antique Photo Album Full Of Tintype's and CDVby whitman75
Oglala Sioux CDVby scottvez
CDV of man with well trained dogby scottvez
Did someone tell her she looked good?by scottvez
CDV of Nativist drummer?by scottvez
Lafayette Ltd. 1800s watercolor portrait of woman - Du toit  S. Africa?by lostone777
More Kids on CDVsby antiqua…
CDVs of Kidsby antiqua…
CDV of (could it be?) Alice in Wonderlandby antiqua…
Notman photograph of man on beach -- looking to identify the manby lostone777
Three For Tea on a CDVby antiqua…
Lincoln CDV found in a cdv albumnby filmnet
Continuation on the Platinographs of Mum and Sonby antiqua…
An Interesting Set of Platinographic Photographs from about 1875by antiqua…
Need help with I'd on civil war CDV photo and two German 1899 era cdvby letmplay
A few of my CDV'sby kindy
Unusually poetic/ sentimental Civil War soldierby scottvez
Photographer's advertising still life with Cameraby scottvez
CDV of Woman in a Scarlet Dress – Brady’s National Portrait Gallery (now identified after 4 years!)by rnieder…
CDV with photographer's name painted on columnby scottvez
Civil War Union sailor on blockade duty in South Carolinaby scottvez
Clipper ship list from Melbourne Australia 1889 with realitivesby filmnet
Another CDV with a 1/2 plate Roberts Dag camera + Iron Standby antiquecame…
Photographers & Their Cameras - c.1862 CDV Tradecardby rnieder…
Early image of Minnehaha Fallsby scottvez
Carte de Vistesby macca76
IDd Wisconsin soldier CDVby scottvez
CDV of Horace Greeley c.1872 by Frank Pearsallby rnieder…
CDV of interesting looking manby scottvez
CDV of a woman with great tax stamp cancellationby scottvez
Wisconsin Civil War soldier CDVby scottvez
Die-cut steel spinner carte-de-visiteby scottfr…
African American child CDVby scottvez
Civil War era tinted CDV of boyby scottvez
CDV of Civil War soldier from Ohioby scottvez
Civil War CDV of Union General James B McPherson KIA Atlanta 1864by tlmbaran
Occupational group CDVby scottvez
Carte de visite Look a likeby NinaRob…
Admiral Buchanan (CSN) Civil War CDV by Bradyby scottvez
Disdéri Photoby NinaRob…
William Henry Jackson printby filmnet
1876 Photo of Royalty?by USACollect
Too old photo?by Benking
14th Army Corps Civil War soldier CDVby scottvez
CDV of twins in a twin stroller by scottvez
Hand tinted CDV of Civil War soldier by scottvez
CDV of Post Mortem African American babyby scottvez
CDV of MN Civil War 1SG by Whitneyby scottvez
CDV of Great bell Diabutsuby filmnet
CDV of an earlier daguerreotypeby scottvez
CDV of an earlier Ivory Miniatureby scottvez
Cartes-de-Visites...Valintines From 1906by BeauxPu…
Kentucky woman with long flowing hair CDVby scottvez
CDV of boy in dress with rocking horseby scottvez
CDV of Civil War era girl with toy Dollby scottvez
CDV of children with blocks and pull toyby scottvez
Boy With Huge Bowtieby BeauxPu…
Salesman or Inventor with an early sewing machineby scottvez
CDV of New York man with birth defectby scottvez
Enameled CDVs from 1870sby scottvez
Enameled CDV of girl with a dollby scottvez
Revenue Stamps on carte de visite photographsby scottvez
CDV of General Robert E. Leeby scottvez
United States Military Academy (West Point) Collectionby scottvez
CDV of Louvina (Mitchell) Callby antique…
Crayon/ Enlarged images from the late 19th Centuryby scottvez
George Washington Photosby Deanteaks
CDV of Photographer with his Large Camera c. 1880by scottvez
Unusual baby in blanket CDVby scottvez
CDV of African American Servant c. 1862by scottvez
1881-97 CDV photo need id uniform? by rocklan…
Old Photos Hicks, Bradley and Rulofsonby Lori
Civil War Collectiblesby dugspring