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What kind of lace is this?by tonyduvet
Tibor Reich "Age of kings" design 178by Nuclear…
This Peacock is killn' MeliG
20 yd bolt of antique bird fabricby Aquahope
Early textile hand embroidered by southje…
Huge Framed Tapestryby FirstBuzz
Hand woven South American cotton fabricby SuperSugar
Found. Need info!by TaraWV
Large Piece of Pre-Colombian Textileby ho2cult…
I found another gem in the bunch ! Girard/Miller Hand & Doveby blakshe…
Timbertone Wallcoverings Inc. "SAFARI" 1967  Vintage Fabricby blakshe…
Tapa Cloth 3 Pecesby Vrgdc
Antique Painted Material Unknown exaclty what type Found in Trunkby mikeigo…
Unfinished Rug?by Vrgdc
Balochistan camel saddlebags 1800's Partial repost!by toracat
Peru Old Inca Llama material, 1300-1400, from Ica Peruby toracat
Hand Painted Birds on Linenby Bergenp…
Aunt Martha's Iron on Mammy Transfersby musikchoo
Wall hanging..Arabian by Kimbr
Vintage 1960s Persian print shift dressby carmeni…
fabric, for wall?  from? India? Iran? Handmade?by toracat
French Tapestry of Venice! I know nothing about tapestries! 72" X 56".by toracat
Tribal Fabric Pillowcase and Kuba Cloth Skirt by ho2cult…
Vintage Huck Toweling(embroidered)by lugnut
Antique laceby Cybergro
Revised Needle and Hook Belding Brothers & mike101
My gold backdropby flowerrose
LONDON MY QUEENby napua333
Vintage Girl & Ducks Framed Linenby Spunkys…
This has been handed down in familyby mollygirl
2 Old Fabric Art, Signed JG or FG ? Anyone familar with this Artist ?by Treasur…
Tapastry picture Young girl tending Sheepby blondie4
Ribbon displayby Brimfield
Old cloth of biker lightning bolts very old!by lunaheather1
Picture Frameby Ninamosha
Fabric from inside trunkby SMD
Sweetheart Pillow - Civilian Conservation Corpsby jlennon…
Vintage art from India- Wood on fabric?by Mrj303
Vintage Cotton Bed Sheets 1937 Wedding Gifts'by joel1414
Sun And Stars linen ?by Toyman
Handmade tie dye ?by Toyman
Oil on canvas Western stage coach paintingsby pamara
Antique Textileby marleybird
Help identify.  French tapestryby pwdrday
Tapestryby VikingF…
Deer family and mountain scenery tapestryby VikingF…
Japanese Prints Mounted on Fabricby bayarea…
Antique Picture made of material/cloth  looks like photographby Tamaralynn