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Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley Capitol promo lighterby Big-Zingo
Old Semiautomatic lighter by BinaryR…
Antique Brass Cigarette Lighter Japan America Lady Washington voyage?by bekkapooh
Venus Japanese cat lighter 30's/40's?by EAPGDep…
18K Lighter Zippo Insertby Buffy2319
Camel and Kent Promotional Cigarette Lighters….by Ted_Str…
7" Amber Art Glass Table Lighter/Hollow Hour Glass Shape /Circa Mid Centuryby mikelv85
Rivo Lighter Clockby nutsabotas6
Unidentified Cigarette Lighterby auggal
Different views by Hoipolloi
Bakelite Cigarette Case and Lighterby fortapa…
train lighter cigarette holderby julie_willem
Matching Table Lighter & Ashtrayby melaniej
1949 -- IMCO LIGHTER ( Austria )by antique…
Two vintage oilfield lighters by TjAlmond
Lighterby Hughie
Ronson Penciliterby LoriLovesVi…
Old Lighter - Trench Lighter or not?by antique…
Ronson Varaflame lighterby upstate…
BIC Lighters - "Death-heads"by aghcoll…
Hamilton Ships Wheel Lighter a 1940's made table lighter with music box movement. which is still workingby GeodeJem
Great grandpas cigarette lighter from ww2 by M4j0rm1n3r
One rare lighter Prince Rockyby CHYP
Ronson Adonis Lighter Wedgwoodby catladyofme…
Lighterby melaniej
My Mother and custom Zippo lighterby fernpig
Vintage Evans trig-a-liteby ArcherZG
1950's Pin-up girl lighterby kanukster
Marilyn Monroe lighterby Pinupmo…
Lighter collectionby Toyman
What is this?by tkosel
Please identify Ronson Lighterby omerta22
Vintage "Spark" Cigarette Lighterby zeteibao
Vintage Brother Lite Cigarette Lighter by zeteibao
Vintage Silver Cigarette Lighter by zeteibao
Vintage Red Cigarette Lighterby zeteibao
Vintage Penguin Cigarette Lighter by zeteibao
1950's Camera Lighterby AzTom
1950's Chrome Automobile Lighterby AzTom
Telephone Lighterby AzTom
KENSINGTON BUTANE LIGHTER with 3-SAPPHIRE Stones,Made in Japan Letter K under bottom, Unknow about mikeigo…
Cool Fierce Tiger Lighterby gabummer
Crystal table lighter and ashtray setby dammitchris
Varaflame module made by charmso…
Depression glass cigarette lighterby ConnieB…
Ronson Varaflame Adonis lighter early 60'sby LoveAsh…
Vintage Sterling Silver Japanese Geisha Etched Lighterby whitman75
Lighterby Ballsto…
Vintage Waterford Crystal Lighterby Simba
my yardsale findby janetmpc
Beattie jet lighter 40s/50sby D24Ortal
My grandmother's strange orange ashtrayby ssmiley73
1940's - Flip-top Silver Lighter (Mexico)by aghcoll…
Beautiful Italian Florentine Ceramic Table Lighter /Red with Gilt Chinese Dragon Design/Circa 1950by mikelv85
Vintage Lighter Plays Musicby FanciGirl
Info request pleaseby vegaspuf
Info requested pleaseby vegaspuf
Gold Prince Lift Arm Lighterby Dougle
South African lightersby PeterH
Alcohol lighters???by Weeksy
Antique Brass Spanish American War ? WWI ? Era Cigarette Lighter Eagle & Shield sides by rgbrunson
"Newport" Disposable Lighterby aghcoll…
"Marlboro" Disposable Lighterby aghcoll…
Mao Zedong Cigarette Lighterby aghcoll…
trench lighter?by Maggi
Cool cigarette holder with lighter for the topby nittygr…
"Marine Corps War Memorial" Bic Disposable Lighterby aghcoll…
"NASCAR" Bic Disposable Lighterby aghcoll…
Aluminum Clip-on Lighterby aghcoll…
1950's - A.S.R. Ascot Lighter with MOP Caseby aghcoll…
Golf Club Chrome -- LIGHTERby antique…
1991-92 "Camel" Disposable Lightersby aghcoll…
Hand-made Tiki Clay Lighter Case - 2by aghcoll…
Hand-made Tiki Clay Lighter Case - 1by aghcoll…
"Zippo" - 1997 Collectors Guideby aghcoll…
1997 - Hong Kong Ashtray & Lighter Setby aghcoll…
2008 - Olympic Lighter - Beijing Chinaby aghcoll…
"Butterfly" Lighter Holder for Bic Disposablesby aghcoll…
Rowenta lighter, Germany 1970s?1980s?by austroh…
Mastercase Ronson!by AmberRose
CAMEL - "Chain Wrap" Cigarette Lighterby aghcoll…
"Bowling Pin" Butane Lighterby aghcoll…
Fierce Tiger Brand Squirel Model Windproof Lighter by marondaj
Houze Vidrio Uranium Slag Glass Electric Lighterby Hedgewa…
Berger lighter made in japan any one know about these lighters?by Osu1116
Antique Pot Metal Little Black Boy(African America) Cigarette Lighter? Hot Chaby mssue64
Red Anodized Cigarette Lighterby aghcoll…
Naughty Nancy Lighter - any info?by ho2cult…
1950's Ronson Whirlwind Lighterby tom61375
St Dupont Laque de Chine Lighter - 1980s?by ho2cult…
"Swan" Slimline Butane Lighterby aghcoll…
Combo Pipe / Cigarette Lighterby aghcoll…
Electro match- Pure midcent…
1927 Austrian cigarette lighterby PiperRed
Vintage Metal Lighter Case by jjansen85
Vintage Ronson Lighter by twoheads
My dad's World War II lighterby Jono
Havana Cigar Smoke Digesterby broots
1936 Toyota type AB 4-door phaeton by kenbartz
Camel lighter on keyringby winch55
IMCO IFA 105107 Pocket Cigarette Lighterby SerbianSpark
 Trench Art Lighter - IIby TheRoper
dunhill lighterby hellboy1740
Antique cigarette lighterby Grid
Trench Art Lighterby TheRoper
Vintage Pall Mall Cigarette Lighterby Ted_Str…
'sparking' a new interestby krham09
Old Lighterby Apoko
My 1930's Ronson Whirlwind in Mint Conditionby dirrtyd…
Ronson Art Metal Works lighter collection by jfc
Colored Ronson Lightersby dirrtyd…
My Buddys Early 1900 Dunhill Watch lighterby dirrtyd…
Can someone help me recognize these two lightersby Tonyy50
British Atomic Bomb Test Souvenirby lovedec…
Mystery Lighterby blingit…
US Tiawan Defense Command (USTDC) Souvenir Lighterby scottvez
Vintage Lord lighterby DevinD.
Trench Art through the years:  Lightersby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Lightersby scottvez
unknown lighterby wildman_2
My gold lighterby lloydy330
Brunswick Bowlby spiriti…
my playboy lighter by playboy
Hurricane Clean Up!by spiriti…
cigarette lightersby ralph
Antique gold lighter "need some adviceby Na24k
Unusual Ronson lighterby davehall
FLAMAGÁS CAR lighter, André Ricard (1960s)by austroh…
Gold lighter with Chinese symbolsby davetajenkins
Four Cigarette Advertising Ted_Str…
I sure could use some help with this Txguyinfl
Unidentified Ligherby nkoch1976
An Old Lighter ...Unknown brandby Ptted
Pigeon - Automatic Super Lighter.Made R Mark  K.L.S.MFG.CO  PAT 42-7753 605844 90041by Gabriel
Vintage Clark Guilloche Lighter- need a part????by Ollie
silver clock lightersby oldlighters
1930's/1940's Polo Cigarette Case & Lighter Combinationby A_North…
Belgrave 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games Cigarette Lighter by A_North…
Governor of New Jersey Antique Ronson Lightingby Purpleisafr…
old unknown japan made oil can lighterby lorddal
Rosenthal Colonial Rose Cigarette Lighter Baseby Salvage…
Unknown vintage lighterby chipper5
Bermuda Crown Coin Lighterby johnD1957
My Rolex Lighter needs a flint. Where to buy?by ArnoBeunen
Lockheed Lighterby gargoyl…
Rolex lighter- needs wickby MorganLarson
One of my favorites!by buddy
can't find any more info on thisby slim
Wonderful Items in My collectionby seantbi…
bullet Cigarette lighter 1946 Berlinby Mrttrader
Cigarette lighter/watchby fred64870
Vintage Ronson Typhoon Snoopy/Woodstock Lighterby whitman75
Colibri Vintage/Deco Style Lighter - 1970sby moderns…
Airtite Vintage Cigarette Lighterby rxguy
vintage Rowenta Lighter from Germanyby filmnet
fairmount billet aluminum lighter early 1900'sby jeepnman
Lucky Lighterby Paulkoz
Art Deco Lighterby picking…
Prince Lighterby indyroxx
Thore' Lifetimer Cigarette Lighterby almyjmoore
Nikko lighterby kwilkins
Coca Cola Match Striker, Matches, & Lightersby…
Dad's Coca Cola Vontrike
I am a antique hunter and collector and have never heard of this lighter called TRESBIENby LoveLal…
cigarette lightersby ralph
What is this Gold Lighter?by GoldLighter
Uncles Trench Art Lighter from North Africaby gvgordon
Mystery lighterby Uglygregster
Redilite lighter 1930's???by marcellawells
1917-1963 JFK Coin Lighterby aber13
USS Snook SSN 592, Souvenir Lighterby scottvez
brass arm flint vintage lighterby karimarie
WW2 Russian/Polish Lighter Questionby howard1037
Nice Brass Cigarette Lighterby r_osterhus
Dupont lighterby Samsanmiller
Antique Lighterby Salvage…
Dupont Lighterby jamesmcg
~~Chesterfield Cigarrette Lighter~~by youngbl…
Vintage Playboy light in the original boxby mayatini
baronet cigarette case with lighterby bobjah
Dad's US Navy Korean war era lighterby ceangle
U S A made Pencil Lighter. Need Infomationby xuzax
Old lighter i found 27 years ago,would love to know any info on itby willtn1
S.T. DUPONT Lighter, gilted, Made in Parisby Catalin
Cigarette Lighterby Redsetter
Arm Lift Lighterby torinotvict…
Antique Lambert footwear lighter made in chinaby joshuad
Pipkorn Lighterby mrosenfeld
Butane lighter by TeresaD
WW2 355th Fighter Group Souvenir Lighter by scottvez
I need help identifying this!by cpgood21
RCA promotional table lighterby Wymani
an old lighterby Mattskinch33
Cartier Cigarette lightersby Jenny2669
Old JessicaStarr
Antique Masterbilt Pres-A-Lite by cearakirk
WWII lighter ?by RonM
rosen lighter by laserTechnova
advertising lighter and cigerette holder from state bank of Albany N. Y. by yanky6955
Varaflame, WhirlWind(R) Ronson(R) Woodbridge and other company names m_sturgell1
Bill Wall Leather Zippo Lighterby Grendel…
Bi-Lo Supermarket Employee Appreciation Lighterby Grendel…
Three Little Pigs Dancing In The Moonlight Lighterby Grendel…
Zippo Lighter Collectionby Grendel…
Various Lighters From A Few Countriesby Grendel…
Anybody know what this is?by dig2dye
Kraft Foods Cracker Barrel Lighterby ktittle82
cigarette case and lighterby clogger1
flamex pocket pipe butane lighter by ashleycaraker
Playboy Lighter w/Case and Insrtuction Sheetby dam_me
1950's Winston lighterby olegacl…
cigaret lighterby jim38
Vintage Lighterby cph484
Old German Lighterby coffeemanx3
Fierce Tiger  Brand  Squirrel  Model  Windproof  Lighter  Made in WZ-1029by fredosqui
Teeny Lighter :)by peachieking
Flip-top coin stamp lighter?by peachieking
corvette zipposby acarnac
Army issued lighterby nanayvonne
WW11 Cigarette Lighterby papafishjr
Do you want a rideby gar1147
Penquin lighter,Pennsylvania RR by beau5278
Round cigarette lighterby deblpierce
Military Lighters Most Are Zippo'sby ttomtuc…
Vintage Zippo lighterby steamer
old lighterby steamer
G.G. Fisher's Garageby steamer
United States Auto Club lighterby steamer
Memory of Japan Lighterby Ninnie
Dunhill "Sure Fire"lighter Made in USAby frenchie
1950's miniature Coca Cola Bottle Cigarette BennyCa…
More Old Lighters or Notby bahamaboy
Viet Nam "Noble" Lighterby bahamaboy
Tobacco Advertising... Smoking Memorabilia...Lighters From The Fifties And Sixtiesby officia…
Colibri Gold Lighterby bahamaboy
Pistol Vontrike
Antique Lighterby Lightoneup
Trench Art Cigarette Lighterby Trencha…
old lightersby chillyd…
 Lighter collection left by my late husbandby Tinker101
Some of my lightersby tikiray
Rare Dunhill Gold Plate Mini Rollalite "not made anymore"by LoveLal…
vintage table lighter 1942 unified japanby alphavalle
Anchor brand lighter by brickman
Please help me identify this whatsthis
Dunhill Lighterby ashley
Old Lighterby qafrank1
1950's Ronson Varaflame Lighterby mantique_co…
vintage gold chesterfield cigarette lighterby doug
Unique FBI Lighterby rbruin
Vintage Leather Cigarette Caseby mantique_co…
engraved rogers lighter by dozerdan
1920's Silver Automobile Cigarette Lighterby jrs1972
Casco Cigarette lighterby Sara
weston lightersby arelicz…
One of a Kind, Antique Kreisler Butane lighterby adanger
trench art lighterby imander
Ronson Mastercase Lighterby joecip
german lighterby carthur
Please help identify this lighter?by skoshi
Very early G.E. electric cigar lighter with screw in plugby jumpupjim
have been saving for over 40 years have over 650 lightersby johny
Gold-plated lighter "Corty" Royal Musical . A Maiden`x Prayer by luckycoll
What is thisby ksharvey
Rothschild Gas Lighterby LoveLal…
Lighter Unknownby LHafer
Unknown Lighterby LHafer