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  1. I also thought she resembles Little Genius. This doll does have a wind up music box in her back though. (Where hole is. You can just make out the key.) Maybe someone put it there themselves.
  2. Thank you for the picture. I see the doll in the photo is wearing a hat. The doll I have looks like she was wearing a hat at one time. Her hair is flat in areas that suggest a hat may have been worn. ...
  3. Thank you so much for your time and all the great information! I would love to see a picture and will send you an email.
  4. No crazing that I can see.
  5. I was able to pull the wig up quite a bit and her head is very smooth. Her breastplate in back appears like there could have been writing there at one time. Can't make anything out though. Her wig def...
  6. I did both things and did not get anything from the pencil rubbings. I re-measured her with a better measuring tool and she is a full 22" tall.
  7. Hi. She looks A LOT like my Belle Margie dolls made by the Belle Doll & Toy Co.
  8. Hi. This looks like an American Character Tressy doll dress called, "Town and Country."
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1940s 30 inch mannequin store display modeling girdle Help with doll identification Help what is this Barbie Bild Lilli unmarked clone?


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