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Ontario, Canada

Royal Doulton Figurines, Unique Antique/Vintage Thimbles, Swarovski Crystal Figures, Antique/Vintage Sewing Items


Tweety & Sylvester Salt & Pepper  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sterling Forks - Need Help Identifying Hallmark! - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Anyone know anything about this piece? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I love these!!!! lol
  2. Beautiful! I love the colouring!
  3. Love, love, love Royal Doulton Figurines! I inherited my later mother-in-law's collection and added it to my own. I now have close to 80 of them!
  4. Great piece to display treasures in!
  5. Beautiful! I had a set very similar to this in mint condition and sold them in my store about a year ago for $450. Really regret letting them go now that I have a better appreciation for their beauty...
  6. Or get together with a fountain pen collector. :-)
  7. Wow! These are beautiful belleverre!
  8. These are definitely applique scissors - I've used them many times with reverse applique. Reverse applique is like normal applique but the fabric that you want to show is sewn to the underside of your...
  9. A stunning piece! Love it!
  10. What a TREASURE, electobacco!!! Love it!
  11. My dad used to have the same ashtray kind of ashtray although his was shades of beige to brown. I believe his was quartz. Eventually his started to flake on the top surface (mostly in the bowl) we wel...
  12. I've recently been picking up old medicine etc. bottles for a display in a bathroom that I just renovated. Last weekend I got one of these old Alka-Seltzer bottles as well - it even had all of its tab...
  13. Breathtaking! Congratulations on finding such a beautiful piece!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. lol! That's true, walksoftly! :-)
  16. Great deal on a beautiful piece!
  17. I spend a lot of time researching, Nostalgic! I'm a Personal Property Appraiser and I also own an Antique & Vintage store. Research of any kind has always been a passion of mine. :-)
  18. SCORE! It's gorgeous!!
  19. I've never seen this pattern by Shelley before so I started searching. I've spent the last 2 hours looking and still cannot find it. This pattern number corresponds with the Rose & Daisy - Blue patter...
  20. Beautiful piece! I love the purple!
  21. Vista also came in Pink and there has been a lot of pieces coming into the marketplace in my area lately. Love the pattern!
  22. Beautiful!
  23. I must apologize for not thanking everyone for their info on this post so long ago. I completely forgot about asking for help with these forks! I'm so sorry. I really do appreciate everyone's respon...
  24. So pretty!
  25. A beautiful piece!
  26. I have one of these in cast metal but I don't know much about it either. I believe mine is a reproduction.
  27. INCREDIBLE price, Walksoftly. I sold a coke push bar in my store last month, identical to the one you have, for $350.00. The one I sold had never been on used so the main part of the bar was pristine...
  28. I'm not a collector of EAPG but this is simply gorgeous!
  29. Just judging by the pictures I wouldn't say this is old. This piece looks similar to some newer Mikasa glass pieces - they produced a lot of different pieces in clear and frosted glass combinations an...
  30. So pretty!
  31. This is sweet! I've never seen one before. And I wouldn't do anything to it but keep it in it's original condition. Thanks for sharing!
  32. I have one the same! Love it!
  33. Very interesting story. Nice piece.
  34. This is absolutely beautiful!
  35. I agree with TallCakes. If memory serves me correctly, there was also a sugar dish to match.
  36. This is strange... I just got an identical one into my store on Friday and it sold on Saturday. I had never seen one before and now I see one posted here. It sold so quickly for my asking price that I...
  37. Beautiful! I've never seen anything like it!
  38. Knockknock, have you thought about contacting Westclox and asking them for information? I'd try giving them a call, telling them you have this clock and ask who you might speak to to get more informat...
  39. Hi Lithaskye, would love to know how you make out with the vase!
  40. Beautiful piece of glass. I love the shape and the colour.
  41. This piece is incredible! You are so lucky to have it!
  42. I would suggest that you have this vase looked at closely by a reputable antique dealer close to you. Without seeing the piece in person I can't say for sure, but to me it looks like it may be an ol...
  43. The plate was made by the Ohio China Co. in East Palestine, OH. Would need to know more information such as size, condition, are there any other marks on the plate, is it signed?
  44. This is so beautiful! You are incredibly lucky to have it!
  45. That gives me a place to start. Thanks so much for the info vertraio50! You have helped me out immensely!
  46. Thanks, Bellin68. It really is a gorgeous piece. The pictures don't do it justice.
  47. This is an Irish Mail cart
  48. Gorgeous!!!
  49. Rick Dale did a restoration on a tractor just like this on last night's episode of American Restoration. You might want to check out the American Restoration website - there might be more info there.
  50. This is a beautiful piece, Growinold. Is it possible to post a picture of the hallmark on the back? I'd love to do some digging and see if I can come up with more information for you...
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