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Mystery Item - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Tweety & Sylvester Salt & Pepper  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sterling Forks - Need Help Identifying Hallmark! - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Anyone know anything about this piece? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for your help, aghcollect! Mystery solved!
  2. Beautiful! I love the that shade of blue.
  3. You're very welcome, Antiquehunter1.
  4. Here's a link that gives some information on it... http://www.thepotteries.org/patterns/willow.html HTH, Lori
  5. I would definitely take Manikin's advice Lithaskye! How could this "dealer" possibly give you a value when he/she didn't even know who the maker was or what the pattern is? He/she has just pulled a n...
  6. Absolutely, Moonstonelover21!
  7. Thanks, Sean68. It is a nice piece.
  8. Thanks, Sean68!
  9. This gorgeous! I've never heard of nor seen "buff-cut" stones before. I learned something new! :-)
  10. My mom had the same one - there were more tips with hers so it could be that they were sold with different numbers of tips included, you could buy the tips separately or there are a few missing from y...
  11. I could be wrong, but it looks like a man's valet that would sit on a dresser. So yes, a jewelry box of sorts.
  12. Beautiful collection. And beautifully displayed. :-)
  13. What info are you looking for seafarerpaul? I know a watchmaker he sells Hamilton watches in his store. With the books he has, I can probably dig up anything you'd like to know! Let me know and I'll s...
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Absolutely gorgeous! Sorry, I can't help with an info. Very nice piece.
  16. I have a blue one as well. I've never seen the golden one. It's gorgeous!
  17. Beautiful! I love the colouring!
  18. Love, love, love Royal Doulton Figurines! I inherited my later mother-in-law's collection and added it to my own. I now have close to 80 of them!
  19. Great piece to display treasures in!
  20. Or get together with a fountain pen collector. :-)
  21. Wow! These are beautiful belleverre!
  22. These are definitely applique scissors - I've used them many times with reverse applique. Reverse applique is like normal applique but the fabric that you want to show is sewn to the underside of your...
  23. A stunning piece! Love it!
  24. What a TREASURE, electobacco!!! Love it!
  25. My dad used to have the same ashtray kind of ashtray although his was shades of beige to brown. I believe his was quartz. Eventually his started to flake on the top surface (mostly in the bowl) we wel...
  26. I've recently been picking up old medicine etc. bottles for a display in a bathroom that I just renovated. Last weekend I got one of these old Alka-Seltzer bottles as well - it even had all of its tab...
  27. Breathtaking! Congratulations on finding such a beautiful piece!
  28. Beautiful!
  29. lol! That's true, walksoftly! :-)
  30. Great deal on a beautiful piece!
  31. I spend a lot of time researching, Nostalgic! I'm a Personal Property Appraiser and I also own an Antique & Vintage store. Research of any kind has always been a passion of mine. :-)
  32. SCORE! It's gorgeous!!
  33. I've never seen this pattern by Shelley before so I started searching. I've spent the last 2 hours looking and still cannot find it. This pattern number corresponds with the Rose & Daisy - Blue patter...
  34. Beautiful piece! I love the purple!
  35. Vista also came in Pink and there has been a lot of pieces coming into the marketplace in my area lately. Love the pattern!
  36. Beautiful!
  37. I must apologize for not thanking everyone for their info on this post so long ago. I completely forgot about asking for help with these forks! I'm so sorry. I really do appreciate everyone's respon...
  38. So pretty!
  39. A beautiful piece!
  40. I have one of these in cast metal but I don't know much about it either. I believe mine is a reproduction.
  41. INCREDIBLE price, Walksoftly. I sold a coke push bar in my store last month, identical to the one you have, for $350.00. The one I sold had never been on used so the main part of the bar was pristine...
  42. I'm not a collector of EAPG but this is simply gorgeous!
  43. Just judging by the pictures I wouldn't say this is old. This piece looks similar to some newer Mikasa glass pieces - they produced a lot of different pieces in clear and frosted glass combinations an...
  44. So pretty!
  45. This is sweet! I've never seen one before. And I wouldn't do anything to it but keep it in it's original condition. Thanks for sharing!
  46. I have one the same! Love it!
  47. This is absolutely beautiful!
  48. I agree with TallCakes. If memory serves me correctly, there was also a sugar dish to match.
  49. This is strange... I just got an identical one into my store on Friday and it sold on Saturday. I had never seen one before and now I see one posted here. It sold so quickly for my asking price that I...
  50. Beautiful! I've never seen anything like it!
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