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  1. Thanks blunderbuss2
  2. Thanks aghcollect
  3. Thanks racer4four
  4. Thanks racer4four
  5. Thanks vetraio50
  6. I didn't know my pictures were so blurry, sorry
  7. Thanks aghcollect
  8. Thanks aghcollect and Moonstonelover21
  9. Jensen, Vintagefran Thank you so much!! I wonder why mine doesn't have a red letter with 3 numbers like some I have seen. I think that means who painted it? I paid a whole dollar for this hehe.
  10. Thanks SEAN68
  11. Thanks blunderbuss2
  12. Thanks racer4four
  13. Thanks Vintagefran You would not believe how many young people are shopping at the goodwill now. LOL
  14. Thanks SEAN68 aghcollect Radegunder
  15. I have several ivory netsukes but they don't weight like that. I will post one day.
  16. FIVE figure I would of sold in a heartbeat
  17. It weights 4 pounds 9 oz.
  18. I see something on bottom but can't make it out. Get your magnify glass out bet you will see it.
  19. LOVE IT!
  20. No dots does that mean lithograph?
  21. People just don't see the P. But, you can clearly see it's not made in kindergarten??
  22. I just hope someone else wants to donate another PILLIN I want to find it!!!
  23. What a great find!!!
  24. Viking Fenton L E Smith??????????????
  25. WOW now I'm really confused. They all look like mine. I don't think anybody knows lol
  26. THANKS icollectglass you solved this one.
  27. Yeah that one looks better!!
  28. Thanks icollectglass yeah just like it! Know who the maker might be?
  29. Thanks aghcollect
  30. Who changed this category to kitchen from wood work??
  31. THANKS vetraio50 for the info. I will have to read that. I know there is a lot of detail in this bowl. I knew the elderly lady it came from and I'm sure it has some age to it but how old who knows?
  32. Thanks fhrjr2 I will try and take some better pictures. I'm about as country as you can get and I love it. HAHA.
  33. THANKS geo26e and vetraio50
  34. THANKS aghcollect
  35. THANKS sean68, aghcollect
  36. Thanks shrine could you leave me a comment on my new pictures as to what you think.
  37. Shrine thank you for the comment.
  38. What are the blue stones? VERY PRETTY! Lucky you.
  39. Thank you so much vetraio50 I think you solved this one!!!
  40. Yeah, I think 5909 rocket?
  41. Thanks vetraio50 looks like it to me!
  42. Thanks antiquerose it's a start.
  43. I don't know what that red stamp inside bowl is, maybe somebody knows.
  44. Thanks sean68... Maker?
  45. If you had more pictures... but it looks like a carved netsuke with the two holes in it. Ivory maybe.
  46. Thanks for the comments I will try to post better pictures.
  47. Thanks aghcollect
  48. Thanks Manikin
  49. There is paint loss on fish inside and I don't know if I have the mark turned the right way.
  50. OMG why can't I find that in a thrift shop. Beautiful!!!
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