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Wedding/Portrait photographer. Graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography. Veteran of USAFSS 1968-1972. Just celebrated 40th wedding anniversary. Nestled into Wedding/Portrait photographer. Graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography. Veteran of USAFSS 1968-1972. Just celebrated 40th wedding anniversary. Nestled into small farm on Whidbey Island for 35 years. Like to collect anything unusual or weird. (Read more)


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Vintage carved Tiki head or whatever... - Folk Artin Folk Art
Vintage Chrome Hood Ornament Atomic Age  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
2 unidentified please - Native Americanin Native American
Mystery tool - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Indian Doll with Human/Horse hair Germany - Dollsin Dolls
Japenese porcelain vase? - Asianin Asian
Heddon Minnow 100, but the paint....... - Fishingin Fishing
Pat 1916 Wooden Toy Indian rocker toy - Toysin Toys
Mystery old cloth head doll - Dollsin Dolls
Wood lure with glass eyes.  But who made it? - Fishingin Fishing


  1. I thought that I had thanked your for that information, but I see it is not here. So please allow me again to say "thanks". I love this site. Now, if I can just identify the other basket!!!!
  2. That is a beautiful instrument, just from the little I know about them. It is possible that it is very valuable, as well. I had an old KK uke floating around here for years, that my 3 year old grand...
  3. Thanks for that info. Any idea what it might be? Or is it just a flower vase?
  4. Go to this site: . I joined to find out about a hawaiin ukelele that i have had forever and it turns out that it is worth several hundred dollars. I was letting m...
  5. I think that the tublular, poorly welded legs give it away.
  6. Hi, We own that EXACT chair. My wife bought it at Pier 1 in Seattle, about five years ago. It isn't old. Sorry.
  7. Thanks for the comment, but my question was; why is the bottom painted red and not the lines like one always sees on the #100 lure. It is a minnow, isn't it? You said that I showed everything but wh...
  8. Yes. I have been looking all night and it says Keystone 1920. But no matter how hard I look at the logo etc, I cannot see the word 'toys', but instead see at least '16' at the end of the numbers. M...
  9. I LOVE this site. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thank you, Sefdesign! I now see the "Keystone", but I think it is "Keystone 1916"!! When I clearly saw 1916, I guess I assumed it was 'Patd' before it. Yaaaaa...
  10. The piece is 12" tall. Not sure what you mean that the item has been 'recategorized'. I have suggested several new categories to them here in the past and they have actually added them. Fishing cre...
  11. Platform rocker. got it and thanks........
  12. THANKS! She lied! Could you direct me to where I might see another like it? Or perhaps the name of some companies that you mentioned.
  13. RiverTrout........ I believe that this will settle it once and for all. You WERE right. Thanks for lending your expertise.......MG
  14. Being old and having been around things back in the early fifties, I also felt that this was something older than newer. Thanks for all the imput........MG
  15. Thank you, Tom.
  16. You are probably right. Remembering back to the early sixties requires peering thru some fog or smoke, if you know what I mean. I think it was the laminated wood that kind of threw me, as I do remem...
  17. I am pretty sure that the doll IS handmade. I guess what I was asking was if anyone knew what type of person in what time era might have made something like this out of theses particular materials. ...
  18. FYI; Items from Japan were marked Nippon between 1890 and 1921. After that they were marked either Japan or Made in Japan, until 1945, when they were marked Occupied Japan or Made in Occupied Japan f...
  19. Thanks, Candiceanne. I would have no idea how to go about looking up that face........
  20. No. No marks. Her head is all that is left. Even her shoulders are broken below the neck. I just thought she was beautifully made, looking at the eyes. They almost appear to be like miniature mill...
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