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AA Whiskey Bottles with original 1954 tax sticker - Bottlesin Bottles
CM Russell Prints & one lithograph - Visual Artin Visual Art
Dog Catalog Prints - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Asian Tea Pot and Tea Cup - Asianin Asian
Holiday on Wheels by G. Boulanger  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Folk Art musical Wine Cork - Folk Artin Folk Art
Card Trays Vintage or not? Help - Cardsin Cards
Prairie wings Cards double deck - Cardsin Cards
Bee No.92 Club Special - Cardsin Cards
Rhinestone Bee Brooch/Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. I'm not a bottle collector, But for .75 cents a bottle I thought they were cool enough to keep???? They look nice on a shelf on my my wine rack...
  2. SOLVED- Thank you Kimbercin!! I appreciate it. I looked up Colson Co Paris Illinois & yes they did prints
  3. I wish I knew about your dogs .. ( sorry) But I do like your collection especially the Airedale terrier! It's darling!
  4. I love it... I'm not an expert, but I do love southwest paintings/prints. This might help find the artist. Try looking up Taos or Santa Fe water color artist or pueblo/adobe- new mexico-or something ...
  5. a gum massager.... oh my goodness.... that's great!
  6. Mustangtony Thank you very much. I would have never figured that one out!!! I appreciate it
  7. Thanks penkae....and fragile to boot!
  8. Jim- WOW awesome!! THANK YOU for the detailed info. I had no idea where to start on this. (china scares me!) Thanks so much for your help! Angel
  9. I love opera glasses! i have 3 pair (only one vintage or semi vintage) None of mine have the flip out handle though. I especially love the smaller set with the handle. FABULOUS Find! Thanks for sharing
  10. I LOVE dia de los Muertos and all the awesome Catrinas and Calavera dolls! What a nice friend you have!
  11. Thank you so much for the link and all the insightful information! What appears to be common knowledge for some, is new to others like me. I am an estate sale junkie so I will keep my eyes open for un...
  12. Ideas,opinions & suggestions are always welcome. It gives the newbie like myself a starting point and another way at looking at their newfound treasure. It's no fun, buying it, brining it home then b...
  13. Thank you Eye4beauty. Any and all information is helpful. You know, I can see why people collect cards- they are kind of fun & there are alot of unique ones out there. I really need to do my homew...
  14. I double checked the deck again/score card to see if I might have missed the date. But no date on the score card . Is B&B brown and Bigelow? How can you tell that they are B&B? I have a box full of...
  15. I know very little about cards as it is, and have done some research the last couple of days on the web. Oh- so these cards are nothing special? So question- Can anyone tell me what the number means...
  16. WOW so so cute!
  17. so CUTE! I love stuff like that!
  18. HI- Guess what you might be in luck. I just purchased a multi strand of Faux pearls and they were marked 1988FM. FM stands for Franklin Mint. some of his stuff has dates and some do not. (most just ...
  19. Hi- My Mom has one similar to that. My Dad bought it in the 70's somewhere in Arizona. I do know that the value of hers is around $2500-$3000. I have not seen it in years as my parents have it locked...
  20. Thank you for the help! It's so pretty- the colors are awesome on it. Thank s for the input.
  21. so cute! love it
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Vintage Painted Clay Bowl Watercolor of Pueblo 6 Religious items for $8.51,  I bid $8.77 and won Pope etc.  hmmm?  more stuff! Exceptional Early Cartier Carved Coral Bead, onyx and pearls necklace, with 18k solid gold mount Trifari black cut glass bead bracelet & flapper necklace. Kramer of N.Y. tennis bracelet Rhinestone dragon Antique Sterling Silver/Turquoise Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace WW II Medical Kit from Surrendered German U Boat 926 hand made silver purse late 1800's