Time for Tuna: 'Sorry Charlie' Wristwatch

November 9th, 2010

I don’t wear a wristwatch, but I do have a weak spot for tuna sandwiches, preferably on sourdough, with a squeeze of fresh Meyer lemon and a thick slice of tomato. Mmmm.

So I guess might wear this timepiece, posted a few days ago on Show & Tell by silveruser, who wants to know the age and value of this charming advertising wristwatch. After some amateur sleuthing, here’s what I found out.

This watch is probably from 1973 (I can’t make out the date just to the right of the 7, but that’s the date it was made). StarKist Tuna, which launched its Sorry Charlie campaign in 1961, actually made several “Sorry Charlie” wristwatches in the 1970s, beginning, I believe, with one in 1971, in which Charlie is on the right side of the dial and the sign on the hook is on the left. This watch has a calendar in it, which appears to date it to 1973. A wristwatch like this one, in better shape, can be had for about 25 bucks.

Like a lot of people on Show & Tell, silveruser flagged this post as an “Unsolved Mystery.” If you think you can solve someone’s mystery, just leave comment at the bottom of their Show & Tell.

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  1. JerseyMo Says:

    I’d say 1973 is correct. Further, the watch was produced by Timex. It is housed in a non water proof Mercury series model case and powered by a mechnical wind #25 movement.

  2. Mary Bougher Says:

    i have the sorry charlie watch but his on the right and the sign is on the left- can not read the date on mine either, but i will find out.

  3. Linda Says:

    I have the watch. 1972.

  4. tom costa Says:


  5. Erik Says:

    I have a watch Sorry Charlie from 1972 what is the price quoted at today 2018

  6. Jim Says:

    I have one from 1973,1977, and 1986. The 1986 watch requires a battery

  7. shawn Says:

    I have a near perfect condition 1971 gold case with silver face deep blue textured outer and baby blue inner on charlie with much longer gold hook to the blue sign on the left from the 11,mine is reverse from pic above but no day counter on mine. Oh and i forgot mine is also glow in the dark

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