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my favorite beer stein from ww2by P13684
Weightlifters Beer Steinby Retired…
Humpen by HumpenHumpen
Wooden mug from a charmso…
Old Figural Lidded Stein, Bar Maid, Hunting Motifby sisbe
Gerz W. Germany Steinsby boozefan
Just trying to get info on these Steins. Grandpa brought back from Germany WWIIby sdavies03
Beer steinby twit
Fun German Beer Steinby Tahiti1
Beautiful German Beer Steinby Tahiti1
Ohio steins and mugs by glenna
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 beer steinsby a8107581
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1974 Schlitz 125th Anniversary Beer Indiana…
Stein Collectionby IMASapp
Huge German Beer Steinby Eli68
Antique beer steinby Thoughtbuilds
A possible error? by JoseyWales61
Vintage Pewter Beer Stein with Lid made in Holland by Metawaby SweetBr…
Small German Stienby Engberg020165
Music box Stienby Engberg020165
Trying to date steinby Csbabb1
German Lighter in Stein Ted_Str…
My dad's stein gift from Karenoke
My first Steinby squatchy123
German Beer Stein by mdudley261
Freaky German Majolica Beer Stein, 1950s, Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.06)by Efesgirl
Is this authentic?by rmacintyre
Columbia Brewing Company St. Louis 1890's Beer Stein Made by Martin Pauson in Munichby kilroy456
Beer Steinby earthyetc
German beer steinby LaurieO
My old beer steinby Kimsmall
Beer Stein with a mark of 6 and small circle or 0by Goldielucci
Unusual Shape Pewter Tankard with Hallmarksby Rwarmst…
Found in a charity shopby Loddylod50
Brass Tankardby mtracy14
1972 Olympics Steinby mluna99
German inscriptionby tometooter
Can anyone tell me about this by Eric074
My favorite Beer Stein!!by tkhotati
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München Beer Steinby hgriffin3
Copper Mugby Cyberfed
No flies in my beer this weekend ;)by melaniej
Made in Germany Stein need to know moreby emnz
Steins by Destiny…
Western Germanyby Laughshere
Little Red With Wolf and the Cat With the Fiddleby SpiritB…
Beer Stein by Destiny…
Beer Stein by Destiny…
Old Hall Stainless Steel vintage 60s, 70s or 80s 1 Pint Tankard never used in its bosby GeodeJem
German stein with edelweiss and drinking sceneby martika
Hornsea Pottery large tall mug, commemorating the Postal Workers Congress 1929by GeodeJem
oval heavy tin bass pale ale signby jimmondotz
Recently found German tankards. I'm new to collecting and not sure what I have hereby Jimmysjohn
Gemany Stein..need help to Identify by newfie
The Blue Singer Student Association Stein (Circa 1892)by tanzereyes
?Basalt? dragon tankardby kmgboston
My Favourite Steinby steinmad
The Schlitz Belle Maiden Voyage Steinby captron70
from the 1950'sby wildbill92
WW1 Regimental Steinby jerseyplant
Cant figure out if rare or notby Tophergio2016
Amphora Austria fox and dog tankardby mluna99
 Older, Decorative Majolica Tankard (Bierpul) Celebrating Carnival In The "Wintraak"by Efesgirl
GERZ STEINby antique…
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Terra cotta?  Sumo Wrestler Horn Large Beer Stein by summerbreeze
1970s naked coupleby allisonnoon
my favourite stine01by packerfan
Franz Ringer Stein ?by tanzereyes
Lithophane Steinby tanzereyes
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Complete Set Of Budweiser Holiday Steins.... Christmas Gifts though out the yearsby kerry10…
Beer Stein?by Jrennick
Family heirloom without identification????by Lynnmcc49
Albert Stahl Lidded skeleton Stein Germany, not numberedby davekelejian
Albert Stahl #1848 Skull Head with Top hat Lidded Steinby davekelejian
 brewermaniaby Ptfd149
Help with info on thee steins! by Ptfd149
Beer Steinby riczacdex
Gerz beer steinby were
German Beer Steinsby Silk65
German Beer Steinsby Silk65
Haven't seen another one yetby Doolyn
Ludwig beer steinby Marinasnider
Unusual Small Cupby raymrtn
My favourite Early Germany Antigua stainless cupsby People114
Poschinger Clear Etched Green Snake Handled Beer Stein by Moonsto…
Second late husbands German ?Mettlach Military Beer Stein WW1by feefox
German Military Beer Stein Mettlach ? any info?by feefox
Old Family Stein by Freerless
Stein, Jimboblue
1929 German Beer Steinby centurycoll…
Beer Stein with Gun that shot Lincolnby antiquestuff
Help with this Frankfurt drinking Stein?by CharlieAlli…
Fensterln by bricbrac
help with this stein  please?by mollystein
Glass beer stein & mugby sam85
beer mugby sam85
beer steinby sam85
german beer steinby sam85
Western Germany Beer Stein - number inside handle bryonychawner
Beer stein information? Price?by Lozman2
West Germany Steinby EthanG
German Neer Steinby Kellifiz
Another German stein from Louby Loustuff
German beer steinby Loustuff
German beer stein?by Loustuff
Antique beer stein?by Loustuff
Another German stein from Louby Loustuff
Antique German Stein?by Loustuff
Grandad's Beer Steinsby Daisychain
Help identify this steinby e094228
Help Identify this Stein Cant find on NET anywhere ANYONE know this Mark?by bstiewing
Antique German Steinby Racheybean
Pitcher/ Stein that depicts Jewish celebrationby Quote27
Pewter English tankard,  OLD?  Need help,  CHEERS!!!by toracat
Interesting copper mugs with different Brass Face plates on each Mug.  by cbrown
handarbeit lusterware beer stein by robin56
etched glass beer stein with pewter boar and elkby hnf2000
Gertz Beer Stein - Munchen - by alfredolloza
Beer Stein?  Shaving mug? ChrisH
motorcycle beer stein by robin56
Help me identify this mug pleaseby catburg…
German Beer Steins and Lighter by dfarmers
mug with wagon gun and janguard on topeby ahmednour
Tankardby Bottlesjw
German beer Mug"(1904-to current date)"by Alan2310
German beer Mug" age unknow"by Alan2310
Original King No. 5 German Tankard Edition No. A 4889 Komm Setz Dich Herby EvlynJane
German Steinsby Mae_444
very old Germany steinby qqbert68qq
My favorite and most mysterious by ssme54gmail…
My Favorite German Beer Steinby MackPhilpot…
Battle Sceneby djfreestylin
Would Appreciate Information On Stein And Artistby c0l0rad0
Tankardby Zowie
A continental porcelain pewter mounted tankard. Early 19th. Century ?by Agustin
no clue? any ideas?by mt721
Beer Steinby ron1939
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Beer Steinby thekat
Any ideas?by Cory14
Just Found Thisby dakota1…
Anheuser Busch Beer Stein CB4by hubbtruck
Antique Stein by Cjs277
my mistery tankardby jorgevarela
Mathias Germsheid 156 steinby Ptfd149
Beer Stein - any info?by ho2cult…
Holland mold..Germany. by Jessicawoods1
Germanyby surfdub66
Small German tankardby surfdub66
A Rare Vintage "Roerken" Stein by F. (Frans) Santesson 1895by Artisti…
pewter beer rdpulley804
Can anyone help?by Sooperclerk
My grandfather's steinby retnavycpo
anyone help identifyby melissac
Norwegian beer stein. 1961by petey
Villeroy & Boch Mettlach stein/mug with Shakespeare MacBeth toni
Liked design, purchased, looking for more informationby lorentza
antique  german porcelain beer stein. by antikar…
antique german military  beer steinby antikar…
Antique Bohemian Glass Beer Stein Red Ruby Cut.  by antikar…
FIVE Liter Lowenbrau Stein. That's a lot of beer!by lkkoller
Hunting Scene, etched inlay stein with 4 mugsby ALWESTF22
Imperial German Reservist’s Stein of Reservist Brudy, 3rd Prussian Machine Gun Detachment.  by bluemax…
Jingle Bell Beer Mug?by Connie.Q.
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Seaman Netzby bluemax…
Bear Steinby dclee
please help me identify this itemby leannd555
please help identify meby leannd555
please help identify me by leannd555
can you help identify meby leannd555
do you know info about me?by leannd555
needing information about this itemby leannd555
does anyone know about meby leannd555
German Stein Ex. condition 16"H by Suzrick
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Artilleryman Ludekeby bluemax…
What is it ? Military Stein I purchased at an estate sale I would like to know more about by Yahbutkid
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Gefreiter Eckertby bluemax…
Imperial  German Reservist’s stein of Jäger Johan Mayerhofer 1877-1880by bluemax…
Naval Reservist's Stein whose ship was torpedoed twice by British submarinesby bluemax…
Imperial  German Reservist’s stein of Grenadier Moll  by bluemax…
Un-Identified Beer steinsby alfred13
1950's West Bend SOLID COPPER Beer Mugby tom61375
"Holland Crest" - Ceramic Mugby aghcoll…
Antiqued Copper Tankardby aghcoll…
by far my most interesting find so far!!by stevennn
1835 moulded beer steinby getthat…
1977 Pub Crawl Mug  by tom61375
"Beer mugs, jug and plate probably 50 or more years old. Help!" by theoddsock
In the Familyby flip64
"Windhuk - Sao Paulo" - Mini-stein Shotglassby aghcoll…
This is 2nd entry of my beautiful 6" German stein. I got these from my now deceased mother-in-law and she got them from her motby Karebea…
My favorite vintage German Stein 6" Made in West Germany in 40's. Beautiful Bavarian scenes with man resting and community. by Karebea…
German Bier Stein Pewter mug by nikki1986uk
German Pottery Beer Mugsby aghcoll…
Ceramic "Ford Mustang" Anniversary Steinby aghcoll…
Mystery Steinby unger10
Imperial German Reservists stein of Tambour Adolf Thomaby bluemax…
Traditional Royal Air Force Squadron Leaving Tankardby petey
Heineken - Delft Ceramic Mugby aghcoll…
Lowenbrau Stoneware Steinby aghcoll…
BEER STEIN circa 1530by thimop
German beer stein pitcherby allanmag
Radio Brew ALR Clear Glass Pitcherby PrimePickins
1803  Ein Volles Glas Des Gastes Spassby Michael…
Imperial German Reservist’s beer stein depicting the Schutenliesel (the “Target Girl”by bluemax…
Unusual mint porcelain reservist’s stein belonging to Reservist Julch by bluemax…
German Beer Steinby Rsbeau5
My Los Angele brewerie stienby collectortim
My favorite Stein - Labeled "Prosit" The outside images looks like a love story.  by ReneeDa…
I would like someone to tell me about this piece pleaseby Judice520
Imperial German Souvenier Stein of Feldwebel Paul Geickler who served in the 103rd (4th Royal Saxon) Infantry bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Otto Kühne, Eisenbahn Regiment Nr. 1, Berlin-Schönebergby bluemax…
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Aegid Bleitfuls with rare Sniper thumb liftby bluemax…
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Adam Bayerliebby bluemax…
Mega-Rare Imperial German Companion Reservist’s steinsby bluemax…
Rare Austro-Hungarian Empire Reservist’s Stein of Alois Gruber, “Zugsfuhrer”-(Platoon Leaderby bluemax…
Largest Stein I've ever AZHiker
Antique beer pint ?by jarbil
Imperial German mint pottery Reservist's stein of Uhlan Gefreiter Grolzmannby bluemax…
HR bustle lady stein... HELP!by Psarah20
Beer Steinby Edward44
Anyone have info on this antique beer mug i inherited?by Nanolucinda
beer steinby janie
German Beer Steinby elforbo…
Reservist's stein of Hornist (Trumpeter) Mohr, who bugled for the 5th Baden Infantry, 113th Regiment, 9th Companyby bluemax…
Selangor pewter beer mug? by Antique…
Love my old mugsby poloman…
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Tambour Jehlby bluemax…
Hofbrauhaus  Stein 0.5lby filmnet
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Pionier (Engineer) Rieger of the Prussian 21st Pionier Regimentby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of August Birkel, 5th Squadron, 5th Bavarian Chevaulegers, who served bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Artilleryman Stein, 6th Battery, 39th Field Artilleryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Hornist Sehlund, 123rd Grenadier Regimentby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein named to Artilleryman Seim, 11th Prussian Field Artilleryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein with Prism top, named to Infanterist Klinger, 9th Bavarian Infantryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Gardist Kachelmann, 115th Hessian Liebgarde Regimentby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Fusilier Nagel of the 80th Prussian Fusilier Regimentby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Prussian Garde Uhlan Fahrmeisterby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Grenadier Silber, 110th Baden Grenadiersby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Gefreiter Dellinger, 43rd Field Artilleryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Hornist Miller, 119th Wurttemberg Grenadiersby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Unteroffizier Gustav Geiß, 3rd Bavarian Infantryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Jäger Konrad Knöss, 1st Company, Garde Jäger Bataillonby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Obergefreiter Skirschby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Gefreiter Brorkmeyer, 3rd Westfalian Infantryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Dragoon Ruppby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Konrad Heinrich, 9th Bavarian Infantryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Pionier Otto Weinhardt, Saxon 12th Pionier Regimentby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of ObergefreiterWetzig, Saxon Foot Artilleryby bluemax…
Imperial German Prussian beer stein of Reservist Reichlingby bluemax…
Imperial German beer Stein of a Prussian Mounted Artilleryman by bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's artillery stein of Fahrer (driver) Dreherby bluemax…
Imperial German beer stein of Reservist Kaiserman by bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Brunswick Hussar Raucheby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of a sailor on the SMS Drache, 1908-11by bluemax…
German Beer Steinby beeger
Antique Metal Stein (pewter? steel?) Beer with Lidby emersonesta…
My favorite mug!by LanceAlot
Harrods of London pewter drinking flaggonby petey
Salem Golf Club logo 1904 clipper ship?by filmnet
Beer Stine by debbiet
norsk tinn pewter mug with emblem unknownby mike101
TALLBOY STEINby antique…
THEWALT STEINby antique…
Vintage Beer steinby russsoppe
Vintage German Beer Stien by russsoppe
A HAMBURG STEINby antique…
Can you identify my Beer Stein?by vanillanut
My Great great grandfather's mugby dcardoso
Des Sculp-7 Farkas Ky. Mold I think it is a beer stein???by MikeHeb…
Left behind IV.... Musical Stein!by JennHoey
Left Behind JennHoey
Left behind JennHoey
Left JennHoey
Steinsby musikchoo
exellant stein always boxedby wazza0417
Stein (Western)by Ellynsz
DBGM Set of Four German Beer Steinsby kbcelliott61
Six German Steins/mugsby jimmyabbz
Johnnie Walker Jugby wwtp1
German beer steinsby steins52
Vintage Beer Stein Mug from Flensburg, Germanyby klch
Musical German Beer Steinby acr1987
Gerz  Steinby gearpunk
Gerz Musical Steinby gearpunk
Regimental German Stein by gearpunk
Two Mug and Two Glassesby Ted_Str…
German mugsby patienc…
Four Glasses from Long Gone Ted_Str…
ABC Bohemian Stein - St Louisby ckburke
fun itemby oledebil
Beer Stein #2by oledebil
Beer Steinby oledebil
Grandfather's Beer Steinby nanab64
cobalt blue and white german Stein 1919by amichael1
German Steinby gplace57
My Mystery Beer Steinby sshawsf
Family Beer Steinby sallya
Golf stein Prizes 1904by filmnet
Vintage West Germany Beer Steinby Luisa
Gerz German Beer Steinby Geurcute
German "Darwin" Chimp Stein With Skull On Lidby LynOfGr…
wondering if theres a name for this?by Karls
German Wolf Steinby rflack
Trying to identify this steinby seagers46
Beer Stein?by dropdred
12 in. German Stein Circa 1870's. Family Abbygirl
German Villeroy/Boch Stein made for Los Angeles Brewing Companyby Cheryll
Pewter Steinby dchris
My first Toby Jug! Toby Philpotby Luisa
French Tankardby interested2…
Early German Stein (or) Trash?by ldar8050
Made in Germany Porcelain Toilet Stine / Mugby TeresaD
tiny stien please can anyone help me identfyby jaynsays
Stein Passed from Generation to Generation - Info Neededby MaryEllenNJ
Hofbrauhaus Steinby cwork
West German Shot Glass Tankardby Thrifty…
Antique German Frog Mug RAREby forbeavers
Vintage German Gerz Beer Steinby whitman75
Pweter setby Lindakay
Thrift Store Findby sueb
Copper & Aluminum Stein with School Crest~1953,....Greek Lettersby Budek
Small Unknown Stein Germany with Metal Lidby emersonesta…
Large Made in Western Germany Stein - Father Christmas - Can't identify mark - help!! :)by Sherri9099
early 1800th century german beer steinby lilrickoutl…
German Stien Unknown Originby jamesd55
 B series numbered rare Budweiser lidded steinby cat13
Old Toast Crockery Mug/Steinby rangegrad
Friar Steinby joaniej100
Beer tankard  by Chillin…
Unknown Pottery Stoneware Ceramic Mug Old Rope Design Bennington? by emersonesta…
Origan KING made in Germanyby dotsworld
Ugly face stein folk artby havenrain
Beer mug by boardsl…
1802 GERMAN BEER STEINby rickojam
German Lided Man Mugby machaikdcj
two german beer drinking mugsby eyesopen
Girmscheid 157 Beer Steinby amymac
Mettlach Beer Steinby amymac
Stein's he got and his bill for the courseby filmnet
Gruss Aus Munchen steinby lusklusk1
28th Infantry "Black Lions" German Occupation Steinby scottvez
Beer stein ( Gilles & Sohn)by Shana
Early drinking tankard marked 1872 German. by alanb4168
Beir stienby chefparroth…
1886 - 1899 Regimental German Steinby Jim1953-58
siver beer mugby valnal
The stein bottom and songby filmnet
German Stein with music box on bottom,songby filmnet
Family collection Germany I guess?by filmnet
Villeroy & Boch Mettlach Beer Stein Pitcherby TATinGermany
need help identifyingby haloxkitty
My mothers second Steinby Ingrid
My mothers Steinby Ingrid
beer steinby paulsuperch…
old home made beer stein pottery?by hennit_seebo
"Pintail Sunset" Stein by OHI/Gerz, OHI 005 by micheprs9
4 antique beer mugs Hausmann 4th Ave. NYby dotbronx
 Majolica lidded stein?by cruisaire
Super Heavy GERMAN Antique Pewter Steins - Beer, Wine, & Shotby mandace87
Hofbrauhaus KGL lidded steinby cruisaire
Antique German Beer steinby Purpleisafr…
Inherited my grandmother's German beer steinsby BaggedandBO…
Hofbrauhaus Steinby Cincy323
A Atein I got from my grandpaby fblept57
My stein..unique and mysteriousby purna2960
very old pewter stein has cross on one side by roofer
my german beer mugsby doglady
German Stein Setby antique…
German DBGM stein with music boxby no8outa9
bavaria beer steinby tristan
German Beer stiensby Mburko4
German Beer Steinby antique…
3rd Field Artillery Regiment 1st Battalion 1899-1901 Munich, Germanyby Kanonier23
Reinh. Merkelbach Barrel Setby ctbee
Drinking Buddy - Bud Manby Louy
German Beer Stein - Brought from Germany in 1871by rich4371
old german beer steinby bethway
German stien mugsby bid-happy
Old German Beer Steinby asw32
Any Ideas?by mtlbass
Some nice mtlbass
Antique German Beer Steins by Pkclarke1
Antique German Beer Steins by Pkclarke1
Antique German Beer Steinby Pkclarke1
Antique beer steinby Pkclarke1
Antique German Beer Steinby Pkclarke1
Patrol Squadron Sixteen (VP-16) USN  Painted Beer Stein c. 1958by scottvez
vintage optimizer and german beersteinby bethway
Villeroy & Boch; Mettlach Steinsby bmrnc
511th Parachute Infantry Regiment Beer Stein by scottvez
German steinby Larry010
Late 1950's Ceramic Beer Steinby sunnywoolf
Great Grandfather's MET LACH 1890 Beer Steinby jeni8
Webco sueron
Andreas Hofer Porcelain Beer Steinby Curiousity2…
Need some info on this stein please!!by stoogeslap29
How old is this and what is it worth??by stoogeslap29
My Mother in Law's family antique beer stein.  by aebergen
 1890 Bavarian Forestby Klaaaaus
Set of 6 Salt Glaze Steins - ?? Age (Marks altered?) NOT FOR SALEby annie
1975 Budman Beer Steinby beanie.kelly
German Beer Mugs inherited from Momby judysnow
German Beer Steinby JNC
Mien Bier Stiensby rlwindle
Old Beer Mugsby meadecs
German Beer stein from 1959by misfit120
an old German steinby Bob_M
clay mug ?????  anyone seen one of these beforeby fishhunt37
Antique or Old Beer Stein #2by Chesapeakes
old beer steinby Chesapeakes
Beer Steinby VikingF…
Frankfurt Beer Steinby VikingF…
Beer Steinby VikingF…
German Beer Steinby VikingF…
An Old Stein - I Cant Figure it Tommyan…
Cobalt blue & cream German flat lidded steinby nuttycollec…
Faust German Beer Stein-  an image apppears when the beer has been consumedby geniusgrandpa
Beer Steinby Patrish
EIN GUTER TRUNK IN FROHER RUND 1862???...any help with this please guys =)by malapeach
Beer Steinby lilac1011
 Original King 3by TeresaD
D.P. Angem  MusicalStein by Kranich
1593? steinby cherylA
vintage beer mug from germany  number 1041by unknowA…
Stroh's steins and ice chestby RobertD.
Thewalt German Stein #6by papa
Western German Steinby Miariss
Happy little monk!by isomhowe
My Fathers gift to meby Lparr1948
Gerz Beer Stein 025by hgesch
Beer Stein Mettlach 2051by hgesch