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2000-D Scagawea Experimental Rinse Coinby JFDA
Double die and error mink mark penny with a lot of errorsby Jacicruz
1965 quarter with rings on outsideby steedo79
wide rim silver quarter?by steedo79
my 1969 s  error pennyby BlueJenJen
1964 Jefferson Nickel mint error (indentation)by zoomer71
1916 double feather buffalo nickelby Gruff
Strange Pennyby amanda1…
2007 Jefferson Nickel Grease Struck Thru Dropped R by HJWyatt
I need help, i dont know what this mark  is on my coin by Skypie5
1965 dime errorby fun2finderr…
is this a 1942/41 mercury dime??by kingaduhcats
mint & human error coins by coinhunter2…
1958 D 1cent by FNCCGROB
1999 d bronze colored MJCinAK
1917 miss stamped buffalo nickel..... Real or notby milane
1990 dimeby Cfoux101
1990 Denver Roosevelt dime errorby Boomakk
Made on a Mondayby Mercy
1972D Ike Dollar AU 58 with strike thru mint error. by Cliff2012
Rare centby lostguy
stitch like markings on eisenhower,'s faceby iwonkaz
1975 - Roosevelt Dime - Lamination ERRORby aghcoll…
What is this coinby mofmom
1993 - D Lincoln 1 C Penny - photo updateby Coinsco…
1979 - D Lincoln 1 C Penny - Clear gloss or error from Denver Mint?by Coinsco…
1993 Lincoln 1 C Penny - is this considered an error coin?by Coinsco…
1918 1 cent Lincoln Wheat Penny find just now! Wow!by Coinsco…
2000-P Sacagawea Experimental Rinse Dollar by pickypi…
1945 U.S.A.- Philippines 5 Centavo Mintmark Errorby ddubocq
Mis -Printed Canadian Penny ( Error Coin )by antique…
1957 - Lincoln Wheat Cent "BIE" Errorby aghcoll…
Error or no Error --5 Centavo USA/Filipinas 1945by ddubocq
Lincoln Cent - Blank Planchet ERRORby aghcoll…
Jefferson Nickel Off-Center Strike Errorby aghcoll…
1983 - Lincoln Cent Off-Center Strike Errorby aghcoll…
Lincoln Cent Off-Center Strike Errorby aghcoll…
Weird quarterby prettzychic
Coin, miss printby Kimbr
broken nickelby nikkinoodle
Weird Jefferson Nickelby kingmesellers
Blank nickel on penny planchet post 1982by Mastertaxid…
this penny hellby missyzi…
Dime (200?) with Raised Copper Edgesby TeleODimer
My All Times Favorite in Doubled Denomination 11c ~ So weird! 148 years pennydime
2001 p Jefferson nickel error by RookieCoins…
1988 P copper plated Nickelby DIANEGS
Possible coin erroby Cliff2012
Error Dime 60's eraby RobotWillie
Struck over a different denomination or seriesby jfit
Susan B. Anthony us dollar 1979P error us coin Uncentered Broadstrikeby jfit
us coin Jefferson 5c Saddle Strikeby jfit
us error coin sale,1997-p Improper Annealing jefferson nickel error shiney red copper look by jfit
1998 us Quarter error, Huge Broadstrike quarter us coin errorby jfit
2007 -p John Adams error dollarby schalle…
Simple Pocket Change Nickleby Darkstarwulf
1942/41 Liberty Bust Dimeby NicoleJ…
1992 Doubled DIE ?by pennydime
1998 I think a wide AM Is what they are calling it by bluckmud
1979 cut offby bluckmud
1988 dimeby bluckmud
2000 penny Not sure by bluckmud
Looks like an error  2 me ;)by bluckmud
Please tell me where I can send error coins I found two .by kewpie3260
1994 Lincoln cent with error on reverse mlesage54
1891 S Twenty Dollar Gold coin, marked BAD, with face blemishby jph3190
1943-s copper penny die filled errorby richyrich
2005 cent longhorn 5by Lonewaterstar
miss die penny?by Jschm1991
1969 s-dd by richyrich
1987P Dime with circle around cheek and effecting the ear, by ladyluck757
1987P  with circle on cheek, and effects the earby ladyluck757
Liberty one dollar good coin, no date stampby Lareyes
1992 D US quarter with mint "sandwich" errorby Fishysnacks
What is this?  DIE CENTERING CROSS HAIR ON novicecoinguy
ERROR DIME: die rotation, double struckby KJLara
2092 Lincoln pennyby pennyslots
My 1995 Double Denomination Uniqueby pennydime
U.S Quarter Error?by whitman75
1999 lincoln error dual denomination reverse on obverse and obverse on reverseby srcuffy59
Strange error coinby mpc007
20 Coin Lot American Error Coinsby detellious2
1991   error-  cent somehow things got backwards!!!by bulltown
1854 one cent reversed imageby cliveb
1965 Roosevelt Cud Dimeby jsw14
The Nickel that Never jsw14
Error? 1995 Quarter by terrierocks
Unknown coin found in roll from bank boxby MyBetty…