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1883 $5 Gold Coinby SpiritB…
1904 Liberty Nickelby jeneric
1910 V nickelby spschouten
1912 S Nickel? or Counterfeit?by FizixJeep
1902 V-Nickelby SpiritB…
1883 Non-Racketeer Liberty Head Nickelby NicoleJ…
Liberty Nickel , ?by jwindolff
1899 V Nickelby musikchoo
1898 V Nickleby musikchoo
1894 liberty head 'v' nickelby blegoff
1911 liberty head 'v' nickelby blegoff
1912 V Nickel Mistakeby clabrie
Pair of 1889 Liberty Head V nickels with a family storyby SMD
1893 Liberty Head "V" nickelby VikingF…
1911 Libery Head Nickel by marciaL