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1854 Kellogg & Co. Gold Coin - Real?by chicago_77
would like to know the worth of this coin and money clipby zoh
American Eagle Gold Coins by Rotten88
1891 S Twenty Dollar Gold coin, marked BAD, with face blemishby jph3190
$20 Coinby DonnieN…
Gold Liberty Coin in Money Holderby qwenmal
Tribute Proof of a 1933 20 dollar gold pieceby musikchoo
1854 kellogg & co coinby chrisking015
1854 Twenty Dollar Gold San Francisco Mint Coinby BrianL
1854 Coinby bshank
MCMVII twenty dollar coins st gaudensby santoranch
1850 Type 1 (No Motto) double eagle Philadelphia Mint Gold Coinby diennasanders
US  1904 $20 by cristina
1854 Kellogg Double Eagleby Ronanld
1854 $20 Kellogg & Co., Money LSintentions
Baume & Mercier  Gold Coin Watch; 1908 St. Gaudens Double Eagleby ecrates
$20 "No Motto" Saint Gaudens Double Eagle 1908by bahamaboy
$20 U.S. Gold Saint Gaudens Double eagles 1914-D & 1915-S "With Motto"by bahamaboy
Misc $20 U.S. Gold Liberty Double Eagle 1901, 05, & 06by bahamaboy
1898 U.S. $20 Gold "Liberty" Double Eagleby bahamaboy
Tiny coin gold/20 dollarby lovzu622
1865-S $20 Gold Double Eagle from the S.S. Brother Jonathan Shipwreckby AC_Dwyer
1854 $20 Kellogg & Co., San Francisco, Double Eagle Gold Coinby AC_Dwyer