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United States Of America Dime Error Coin? Is it? by Lifeiswhaty…
1968 s Jefferson Nickle cud error I think?? by Luck_solis
1964 Jefferson Nickel mint error (indentation)by zoomer71
One sided nickelby CCL
1964 Jefferson Nickel no mint mark need information by Martin85
found this jefferson nickel in roll from bankby funkeatrepeat
2007 Jefferson Nickel Grease Struck Thru Dropped R by HJWyatt
2014 P Nickleby Mercy
Jefferson Nickel Multiple strike through grease obverseby mountainrun…
misstruck nickolby crusott1
broken nickelby nikkinoodle
Weird Jefferson Nickelby kingmesellers
2001 p Jefferson nickel error by RookieCoins…
1962 DDR/DDOby alaskajim
1988 P copper plated Nickelby DIANEGS
mis struck 1990 nickleby tschenck
us coin Jefferson 5c Saddle Strikeby jfit
us error coin sale,1997-p Improper Annealing jefferson nickel error shiney red copper look by jfit
Simple Pocket Change Nickleby Darkstarwulf
I'm not sure but I think this is a jefferson nickel stamped of standing liberty on a silver plachet.      Any ideas?by Dennisraymis
The Bearded Jefferson Nickelby davidbenoit…
The Thomas Jefferson  " Large  S "  Nickel by jb4gpo
1942 Philadelphia Jefferson Silver Nickelby VikingF…
U.S. WW II Silver Nickels (1942-1945)by valleyboy
1940 Nickelby kristin