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  1. Maybe fruit bowls???
  2. Great collection!!!.......It might be nice to use beautiful and permanent containers again, instead of disposables. Whew, they really knew how to live! :)
  3. Really nice item!!! I have a paper weight made by the same studio. I really admire their vases. So compelling!!!
  4. TallCakes,...very interesting piece of glass, that a Viking head?, making the foot?
  5. Beautiful birds and beautiful island.
  6. and very lovely picture in the background!
  7. LOVE it again!!!
  8. Nice! :)
  9. Thanks for the info Truly1964!
  10. Just guessing here, maybe Mad Art Studio.
  11. Color is scrumptious!!!
  12. I have seen this car on the road too, in my neck of the woods.
  13. Wow! Great find Alan!!!
  14. Can you tell us something more about the yellow flower one?, shown in the first picture?
  15. That's terrible Alan. So sorry this happened to you. Hope you get your money back.
  16. SCORE!!!
  17. SCORE!!!
  18. Nice specimen!!!
  19. Nice item. Does the perfume still smell good?
  20. Stunning!!!
  21. Amethyst ring is stunning!!!
  22. Wonderful!!! :)
  23. Thx for letting me know!!! :)
  24. Nice piece,...has a lot of personality!!! :)
  25. Beautiful color!!! I see what looks to me like "Persian Medallions" on the inside.
  26. Adorable!!!
  27. Any chance this item glows if black light/uv light beamed on it?
  28. You're most welcome! BTW, I didn't know these were called "Weed Pots" until I noticed your posting!! (one of my first postings was a piece of pottery like yours, but I didn't know what to call it bac...
  29. Need a better look at the entire eclectical cord and base underside. Any marks anywhere on these items? (If I would hazard a guess, they look Art Nouveau to me.)
  30. Weed Pots are meant to hold a "wild flower weed" gifted by a child, according to the Internet of things. How true,... I don't know,...this orange one is stunning!!!
  31. Enjoyed the pics, thx!!! :)
  32. Wow, great find!!!
  33. Love the color & shape!!!
  34. Compelling!!!
  35. Nice pics & good looking children!!!
  36. It kind of looks like a cicada sculpture. Couldn't find the artist.
  37. That's an awesome piece of glass!!!
  38. Nice to see a real one!!!
  39. I'm with you FA,... I love the hunt!!! :)
  40. Nice to look at again!!!
  41. All very nice vintage items,...its up to you whether you want to sell or keep. :)
  42. Love the glass dish with cover!!!
  43. Neat!!!
  44. Nice collection!!!
  45. SCORED!!!
  46. Does the zipper have a makers mark? Is the zipper metal? By the way, very nice bag!!! Looks like leather to me, as the grain is the same as my leather R*lph L*uren bag.
  47. Yeah,... I was thinking what everyone else said,...heavy chin too! :)
  48. I love the colors,...I love their youth,...and I must say,...they look well fed!!! :)
  49. And Again!!!
  50. Nice find!!!
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