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  1. Like you, I also came up on some amazing Dragon's Breath links found in a bag of mostly junk costume jewelry (I have the bracelet I made out of them posted on here) Definitely a fabulous find! A reall...
  2. Hello Inky, I just noticed your comment. I don't visit this site as much as I would like to these days. Anyway, thank you for your input. I am pretty sure though that the ring is not gold per say ...
  3. Bratjdd, thank you for your kind words and I am thrilled I was able to inspire you to post your lovely brooch! I consider myself quite lucky seeing as I found this beauty at the bottom of a box of jun...
  4. Oh, I understand and don't be sorry! I'm glad you like it. I actually purchased it from ebay. It was hard to choose but as soon as I saw this one, it was a wrap, I was going to be the highest bidder!
  5. Thank you DrFluffy and AmberRose for the love! @ AmberRose, I am not sure what you meant by "I just saved ebay for sales to hint to hubby..."??
  6. WOW, so pretty!
  7. These pieces along with your other "bug" mosaics are some of the most exquisite pieces I have seen. I love micro mosaic's as well and have a few small pieces but they all pale in comparison to the one...
  8. Thank you so much Moonstonelover21,Newtimes and Agram.m! Moonstonelover21, the brooch is actually Georgian not Victorian and I was told it was most likely from around the latter part of the 1700's. I ...
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