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Been a freak for all things 50, I love atomic, Danish modern and it all started with ceramics and first love was around my home that was built in 1949 thaBeen a freak for all things 50, I love atomic, Danish modern and it all started with ceramics and first love was around my home that was built in 1949 that I kept vintage and the decor was perfectly matched. (Read more)


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TECO like Vase - unmarked need help - Potteryin Pottery
Need to know the maker of these - are these ashtrays? - Potteryin Pottery
Neat carved coconut looks like a pecan .what is it? 
Federal glass set with stainless steel urn, is it for Turkish coffee? - Glasswarein Glassware
Occupied Japan, "what is this" besides CUTE! - Figurinesin Figurines
Madonna / Virgin Mary head vase / planters - Potteryin Pottery
Mystery pottery not sure of ethnicity, Asian?  Has alphanumerica marking - Potteryin Pottery
I love elephants, and this strange piece came my way - Figurinesin Figurines
Terra cotta vase with moriage - Potteryin Pottery
Help, I like it but have no idea where to begin to describe it - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Artfoot...thank goodness for spevislty experts...I think you!
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That is too cool!
  3. The thing on the inside is a raised square on a column, it is of unknown material and the thing attached to it is brass.
  4. I have yet to learn anything about it. I know it is old but have no idea of where it came from, or how it was made.
  5. Thank you for the history on this piece, I love learning something new daily. Nice find and great post. Thank you!
  6. Nice repousse work, lovely piece to take with you to a renaissance festival!
  7. Beautiful piece, I'm jealous.
  8. other half had quite a laugh....he said he's convinced that it is a stand for the champion of show off the "steelie"....
  9. Yeah I have them posted there too....but don't know if they are really Schoop....I had a guy tell me in an email through the other site that they weren't....hell I don't know anymore
  10. Aztec design...traditional Central American
  11. Found it... RELCO Made in Japan, they did this dark chocolate and mosaic design on a few animals and another mosaic design using white, pinks and aqua. Thanks guys and I hope this helps someo...
  12. Here is the close up of the lip/mouth....
  13. Well....I found this piece on the Internet with the Greek key type of design and the other design.... Which is the first...
  14. Also, it seems to be a type of moriage, typical in Asian pieces, however the decorations along the top are more classical, Greek key like.
  15. The base is mark free, no evidence of a sticker, no imprint in the clay, no wax, crayon, ink...nada
  16. No mark, the mosaic like areas are high fire glaze and the gold is low fire glaze and the brown is matte, and may not be fired glaze. Small hole for the slip pour out. Just shocked that my descr...
  17. Fabulous! Just stunning!!!
  18. God bless ya Dizzydave! Your link was what I needed and voila...made a favorite of that link too. This set was manufCtured by Robaul of California.... Thank you thank you thank you!
  19. Thanks Sean68 and Dizzydave, yes they do have that look. Why would Napco be making these when it looks like other company's and Hedi Schoop were making similar figurines. This is driving me nuts...
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Blue Mountain Pottery Swan Vase Thrift Shop Find 1 Euro ($1.08) VICTORIAN BOHEMIAN VASE  - HARRACH OR NOT ??? Loetz Ausführung 237 with Contrasting Handles and Rim Not a "feelie"  but I will take it..... Japanese Green Dyed Black-Butterfly Handkerchief Bottle filled with gold! Old and unusual... ELME GLASBRUK 'PEACOCK' VASE.