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  1. I've seen pics of the suite. I think it's great and especially dig the bracelet.
  2. Great bug collection. I really like the wings on this one.
  3. Thanks for sharing. A nice Roma/Rome souvenir that someone once brought home. Is the green stone glass? I've not seen a stone like that in micro mosaic pieces either. What date do you think this cross...
  4. My favourite flower, and I love the sort of graphic Greek key border design.
  5. I especially like the bracelet.
  6. Classic dove with olive branch - a symbol of peace. ???? Thanks for sharing.
  7. Lovely vivid blue shade. Those are some statement earrings!
  8. Very striking. I'd love to wear that.
  9. Where and when do you think this shoe brooch was made?
  10. What do you think is the date of this piece?
  11. What does the Alp mark mean?
  12. Good for you for getting proof of antique ivory.
  13. Marga, how sweet of you! That etsy shop has a fabulous stock of items. I'd love to visit it in person.
  14. I'm also very fond of the horseshoe shape brooch. Wish I could find one like that, but vintage pieces are hard to com by where I live.
  15. I have a few pieces, too, but nothing so good as that collection.
  16. Really like the shape of that first mosaic brooch pictured. What a great collection! If I lived anywhere near you I'd want to visit!
  17. Wow! Love it and what a find and such a bargain!
  18. I don't see this being worn with a peasants blouse. I imagine it on a belt of a lady who has done a Grand Tour or visit of Europe and got it as a souvenir.
  19. Is this meant to wear on a necklace?
  20. Very special.
  21. Really love the painting and colors.
  22. Is this white brooch made of a kind of soft, flexible, lightweight plastic? It may be the material called featherlite, or similar names. I have an orange one in that lightweight plastc material.
  23. Lovely that you have the story, painting and jewelry together. I wonder what became of the artist?
  24. That should have read that I especially love the earrings, not espionage! Weird auto spelling accident.
  25. I espionage love the earrings. I'd wear those for sure!
  26. I'd wear that!
  27. Something about that makes me feel celebratory....must be the angel and trumpet motif gives a joyous feel.
  28. If these pieces go out of fashion I hope that some are going into museum collections and such. And perhaps some could be made wearable by using as brooches or incorporating into neck pieces. Just hopi...
  29. Why did they make that shape that cannot stand up?
  30. Agram.m: I think you meant to put a link to something you wrote in your response to me.
  31. Do you know what FAP is? Also, I am very interested in micromosaic jewelry and wonder if you have tips for dating pieces?
  32. Very beautiful. The shade of blue with the silver is perfect. I'd love to wear those!
  33. Love the colour palette with the yellow tones against the blue-green, and the birds.
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