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Persian charger - Asianin Asian


  1. This bottle is in the style of Zhou Leyuan. You can search auction results re his work at Sotheby’s by typing his name. Values ranging between few thousand USD and over ten thousand USD. There is no o...
  2. Wow, the work was done by Chang Dai-chien!!! I hope this is a painting not a print!!! It would worth millions if this is Chang Dai-chien's work.
  3. Hi Pius, This is definitely not stone, it is an ink block. I found one pretty much the same as yours. Please see this blog for details. The b...
  4. Hi Pius, How much did you pay for? I hope you didn't pay a lot for it. This is supposed to be an ink block/stick used for Chinese or Japanese calligraphy. Usually these blocks shouldn't be greater ...
  5. This is a Chinese DUAN ink stone. It could be dated in the Qing dynasty. By looking at the patterns of the stone on both sides, it could be from the Mazi pit. It is a valuable object, I hope you are k...
  6. I agree with Scott, from the photos, they looked like modern reproductions made by resin.
  7. These are beautifully made and should be the work of experience artisans. If they were made in Japan or China, they usually would have makers marks. Have you had a look at the bottom of these dogs?
  8. No worries, I love collecting old pottery and porcelains too, I will have to show some of my collections here one day, haha.
  9. The one on the following link is from the same period and is being listed for sale for $695 Australian dollars.
  10. Okay, the marking on the two vases were at the same time period, one says made in Jingde Town and the other says made in Jingde Town China. As they all have double border lines they were made between ...
  11. No I don't think the box will have the maker's name so they would have been made by an unknown artist. The writing on the boxes says famous Chinese porcelain by the way.
  12. I see, if you post that mark here I can lookup the period for you. The Chinese changed the markings many many time during the 50's and 80's, your other vase could be an earlier piece.
  13. But you said in your earlier post that there was a different mark on the other vase?
  14. Lookup Chinese eggshell porcelains on Google you will see how much they sell for at stores or auctions today. The 567 porcelains (50's, 60's and 70's) are catching up in price!
  15. Mrstyndall, the literal meaning of the four characters says birds singing and flowers radiate their fragrance, but otherwise characterising a fine spring day. If you can show the other marking I can l...
  16. These are called egg shell vases but they weren't made from the republic period, they were made between 1977 and 1979. The mark says made in Jingde Town China with two border lines corresponding to th...
  17. The mark says Xuande period Ming dynasty but I would say this burner is a reproduction simply because the mark and legs are welded into the body of the burner so it must be no earlier than the Republi...
  18. And I think the original is at Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
  19. The painting should be a part-reproduction from the original. See the following webpage for details.
  20. These are valuable Chinese vases!!! From the pictures they looked Kangxi period to me. But then they could be reproductions from the Republic period, yet still valuable nonetheless. I think you should...
  21. Wow, you better take them to check if they are authentic Qi Baishi paintings. If they are, it worth millions!!!
  22. This is one of the most beautiful incense burners I have ever seen on Show and Tell. I am jealous and I would like to own one too....
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