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I am thrilled I found this. - Fine Artin Fine Art
Native American? - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Textile - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Mexican? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
New pictures for prayer beads - Asianin Asian
What could this be? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
I love these paintings! - Asianin Asian
Painting by a great Canadian Artist. - Fine Artin Fine Art
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  1. I do love the patterns.
  2. Wow...was I off base. Thanks for the info Canyonroad.
  3. Thanks for all the love. So much appreciated!
  4. Thanks Vetraio50. I read the info. So hard to show with pictures how the whole thing is stitched by hand including the trim. It looks very old to me. I am wondering if it could be a small prayer m...
  5. I think she is full of soup too although she did offer to buy it. Yes the light shines through but it also shines through some resins. The weird thing about the seams according to my hubby is that e...
  6. Are these prayer beads?
  7. I will take better pictures tomorrow. I hope it is fake rhino. I would not want to own anything real.
  8. Well he has passed now and when I look at it, it reminds me too much of a ghost peeking in.
  9. Thanks Caperkid. I will contact them too. They may like a self-portrait if they have some of his landscapes too.
  10. Yes Efesgirl, I think it is a self portrait too. I only paid $5.00 and wonder if I could donate it to a museum in Cape Breton or Montreal. I bought it to save from a landfill. It is very difficult ...
  11. I did check it out. He was very talented. Thanks for sharing info about him Caperkid.
  12. Wow! Thanks Amatour Pikr
  13. OMG!! I have cried over things I broke. Poor you.
  14. caperkid: I will post my painting now. I was busy with work and then family. I hope you see it. Cheers!
  15. I will post a pic tomorrow. I am surprised I bought it since it is a portrait and painted on velvety fabric that was glued onto artist board. I date it to the 1950's maybe. I bought it because I th...
  16. A shortbread mold. Thanks. Does this look like an early one?
  17. Thanks melaniej.
  18. Hi Canyon Road. Thanks for the information. The first builders of the cottage were American so they may have brought the blanket with them. The cottage is a log structure built in the 1800's on the...
  19. I notice SEAN68 has great taste????????. Thanks for the love.
  20. Hey Blunderbuss2 I notice you have not loved it LOL!
  21. I love that it is Japanese. I love that it is unusual. I love that the glaze feels like velvet. I love how I can see the potter's fingerprints. I love the amazing texture. I love that who ever see...
  22. No, that just seems to be some red blobby stuff. I have not washed it yet.
  23. Love this. Reminds me of imperial Jade.
  24. Thanks so much OneGoodFind!
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Laminated wood scoopback? Vintage Lucite Moonstones Necklace Turkish Hand Painted Gedikoglu Cini (ceramic) Kutahya Plate Flea Market Find 2 Bucks Large laquer Box - Russian? Latvian? WATERLOO - LA BELLE ALLIANCE. Pallme-König Attributed, Vase with unusual colours applied. Lenci Torino  18" Felt Doll  Item	Price	Qty	Total # 19374640 - ~Vintage Hand Painted Asian Wood & Paper Art Fan~	$9.00	1	$9.00 PK or Kralik "abstract flower" decanter ANTIQUE LEATHER COVERED TRUNK Large Green Ginger Jar My $45.00 Buffet Victorian early plastic hand holding fan pin


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