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  1. Oh my, thank you for the information. I just googled the ribbon watch fobs and I agree, the ornaments are beautiful. Mystery solved!
  2. There is a small clip on the back. i forgot to add that photo.
  3. I agree with you, this cameo is not only the most interesting one, but I believe the most beautiful one. The ladies are EXQUISITE, but the little fisherman tells a story on a little shell, how bea...
  4. Cameosleuth I can not thank you enough for the guidance and direction that you provided me to continue my research on these beauties. Just knowing the material/content of what they are made of is A LO...
  5. Thank you. I do need luck with my research.
  6. Hi, This piece is definitely a gorgeous piece of history. I pick up pieces that are unique and have no idea of the history, I just think they are beautiful like this piece. I gave the piece to my s...
  7. Hello, I just read your lovely story and I am hoping that I have a good ending to my story too. I purchased a necklace similar to the ones you posted but I am not 100% certain that my necklace is ...
  8. I am not a subject matter expert in stones, but I don't believe this stone is a sapphire. It is definitely gorgeous though, you have a beautiful old piece.
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Micro Mosaic 18K Gold brooch/pendant first half 19s. UNUSUAL HAT PINS ANTIQUE HOMEMADE?


Needing Help On this Glass Buddha Necklace!!!