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British Columbia, Canada

I am a 15 year old typewriter collector. I have several unique pieces collected over the months for not too much money. The crisis also hit this place. Anyway, I am a 15 year old typewriter collector. I have several unique pieces collected over the months for not too much money. The crisis also hit this place. Anyway, this is the story. I have had my grandfather's typewriter for my whole life. It is a 1935 Olympia Elite with dutch keyboard because i am dutch. In 2009 we moved from Holland to here, (Canada) and that is when i started to develop some interest. I found a Ol' Underwood desktop at a junkstore but because i didn't had the feeling of getting it yet i let is stand there. About a week later my aunt came to visit us from Holland. We were walking along the beach here when i said that i wanted to do something. Like make a artpiece or have something special. She agreed with that but there was only a limited time because she had to go back to Holland in a week. I remembered the ol' Underwood in the junkstore. I could remember it was in rough shape. But anyway, she agreed with the plan of starting a restoration. Too bad it was sunday and when we got there the shop was closed. I could see the underwood through the dusty window but there was no way of getting it. A week later, my aunt left the country. I didn't forget the machine for about a week when we went back to school. I had to get my mother to get to the go to the store because it closes a bit early. Earlier then the school closes. So every time when i went there i couldn't get in. On the thursday of that week my mother told me the machine wasn't there anymore so i let the idea go and went on with my life. My granddad's typewriter didn't get much attention. I think i wrote a couple of letters on it in my life but because i was too young in Holland to pay attention to it, it became a decoration piece on the shelf in my bedroom. After about half a year i went to a thriftstore and was looking around when i saw something heavy under a big ripped dust cover and i could see the leaver from the ripped part. I took the cover off and saw this beautiful Underwood Typemaster from '59. It was in great condition. First i thought my dad wouldn't agree with the price since he thought it was going to be a part of the week that i was interested in it and then it would dissapear in the garage. But the price sticker was placed wrong and appearantly it didn't go for $45,- (that was the price for the table) but for $3,-. I turned red out of happyness when i heard it. So i bought it. I didn't know back then that those things were so heavy so that was a suprise. It took 3 people to carry. (By now i can carry them on my own). When i got home i was really happy with the fact that there was a ribbon in there that still worked. (The original ribbon that came with the sale was used but still worked. I bought this machine 1.5 years ago. I still have the ribbon in it and it still works. Crazy how long the go). Anyway, i spend a day just trying it out and became fascinated with it. All the time on the days i am out early i would go to the junkstore to see if there was something there. One day there was a little green portable typewriter. I think it was a 'Colibiri' but i am not sure and a Smith-Corona Electric 250. I am afraid i bought the Smith-c0r0na. I was not knowing back then that manuals are the ones i was looking for. But the 250 worked. Only the "W" was not working well, it was dirty and there was a grinding noise coming out of the motor. It didn't affect the typing but after a while i became more interested in typewriters and more kept coming my way. I have special ones that i collected like a, 1909 Underwood Nr. 2 that i will post soon, a "Remington standart 12" from '25 and way more. One of my machine which was the most expensive i bought was a "Oliver nr. 9". I only have one Oliver. It got to me for $90 which was a good price. It needs repair though, the platen needs to be replaced. There was one on the internet in mint condition with case and cleaning tools for $200,00. I am really sorry to say that i had to let that one go because we didn't had any money. Too bad but it probably got somebody else as owner. That was a bummer though. My collection keeps expending every month. I have a machine that is in mint condition. Some machines in mint condition but this one came in it's original carton box, came with, Suitcase, Paperwork, commercial ads (You know what i mean, if not post a comment.) Cleaning brush And plastic carriage "In-place-holders" Pretty sweet. I am still intent to keep collecting. My collection is placed in my sleeping room since my house is so small. The portables i keep in the closet and the standard-desktops go on shelfs in my room. I wish to thank the people that gave me there machine to me for adoption and for all the wonderfull sellers that sold me these masterpieces. I would like to thank the great produces of these workhorses and first of all my granddad that has passed away a month before 9-11. His machine was also the switch for starting this wonderfull collection. I hope many more come and wish you all collectors good luck with you're collection. I see collecting as a hobby and not as a competition. I hope you guys agree. Thanks, Dirk Plante (Founder of: Dirjas Typewriter collectiong Dirjas Job service 'Started in Holland' -Dirjas Klussenservice- is dutch 2012 (Read more)


  1. Yes, I can understand. However, there are many part machines out there. Right now, I am struggling with a Underwood #5, which it's tension drum is shot, so I need to find a replacement. I might get it...
  2. No, I never did and eventually sold it...to find another one that did have the U.
  3. Great find.
  4. Jee, that's amazing. Are you sure it's not fake?
  5. Thanks for the comments. It is a great machine.
  6. Yes, i know. I have a lot of typewriters that i got really cheap but that are really expensive. Great machine.
  7. Thank you. It gave some help.
  8. Isn't that funny?
  9. Thanks for the info, Dr_Rambow
  10. thanks for you're comment on my police car. Yeah, it is nice when you have a personal feeling for it. I have a question, Do you know how to reply properly on a comment?
  11. Thanks, funny that you're mother had the same!
  12. Do you know how to reply on a comment?
  13. 800 bucks on mytypewriter.com
  14. Wow!, you have got something special there. Those are for Chinese typewriters. Really big machines that use those. Look it up on google. They are worth something for sure.
  15. You betcha
  16. It is a machine that is a known model under a different name, which happend a lot. I think you can get around $200 on ebay for it.
  17. Hi, i assume that is a 1923 (depending on the serial) Underwood. The keys what colour they are doesn't really matter. It was matter of choice. They go for about $500,- on ebay and $1.000 on mytypew...
  18. The inside you can clean best with something that is called WD-40. A lubricant. The outside you best can do with a all-surface spray and a soft sponge if the paint isn't peeling. If it is, don't do an...
  19. There are some things different like the leaver. If you'll look closely you'll see. That's also with the royals
  20. WWWWWWOOOOOOWWWWW! Amazing, love all you're olivers. Makes me feel like a mouse with only 46 typewriters.
  21. Hi, i am replying on my add. You posted a comment on my typewriter collection and since i am new in doing this i don't know how to post a reply. So i do it like this. Thanks for you comment. I will ...
  22. wow! That's a big present.
  23. Comment two: Keyboard dictionary Dutch-English: (I thought you would appreciate this) Hoofddl. - Shift key Terugslag - backspace
  24. Hi, guess what...it sounds like we are twins. I am a 15 year old "dutch" typewriter collector. I have 46 typewriters and hopefully soon 48. I love to keep in contact with you. What's you're email?
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