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  1. Thanks for the video, that helped. I won't be burning the gas in my van to go pick it up since the drawers are already empty.
  2. Very true and maybe commonly worthless.. lol
  3. Thanks tikiray for the thought. I have that site in my favorites and its not much help for this. Its a japanese or asian mark flanked by a kanji on each side. I've searched every asian glass mark site...
  4. Still lost as to what this may be. I have searched all types of antique medical sites and can't find this piece anywhere. But now i know its not an ink well and that makes sense from the last comment ...
  5. I'm still looking for any info on this piece. Nobody has a hint of what it is or approx age ?
  6. Just reading the headlines. I'm not surprised, Congress was giving themselves pay raises way back then to.
  7. I know that your into tickets and one day i'll gather all mine up which is very few, i just never collected them and you can trade me something for them. I have a few nascar stubs from daytona and one...
  8. Its from his last game he played at the Rays stadium. They had a big ceremony for him down here his retirement year. Unlike a lot of ball players he was loved by the enemy.
  9. Hang onto that Ripken and see what happens in about 30 years. There will never be a NEW ironman. Its clean and certainly gradeable,very nice.
  10. Take it to Pawn Stars it will be worth 5 dollars.
  11. Very cool Viking. I took my son to one bucs game when i first moved to florida and it cost me $750.00 so i said i hope you enjoyed your last football game son. For that much i should have saved the ti...
  12. Thats awesome !! even the cars.
  13. Looks pretty cool. I'd be tempted to wear a cape riding this one.
  14. I can't beat him. My electraglide only does 112.
  15. I know 37,000 yuppies that would pay $500.00 for it.
  16. Very cool story and bike. I'd love to have that bike just how it sits.. Thanks for posting it.
  17. Sweet. I have my 73 sitting in an old original Amen's saviour frame that houses a rear wheel shock like that Indian. You ever get started on it and if the guy is still around look up Nick Cycles in N...
  18. I just refreshed this in hopes that some evening viewers may see it and send me in the right direction of finding out what it is and age.
  19. Can i be one of your ancestors. I want to ride it. Very cool and everyones dream to have one of them sitting in their basement. Between you and me, i'd move it to the living room.
  20. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I wish i could have showed more detail of them but it was hard just to spread them out for those pictures. I won't be looking at them much longer because when the sets compl...
  21. I don't think its vintage but looks like a cool piece. I would wear something like that but i'm 56 and still stubborn and trying not to blend with the yuppies. I'd rather go to bed with a back ache. ...
  22. I think you look better on that knucklehead but still, thats a cool bike. Thanks for all the cool tips from your show, i enjoy watching and learning. When i die you can come get my old trains, basebal...
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1958 Topps Yankees Team Card, 1982 Donruss Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie Card NC TRANSPORTATION MUSEUM 1941 Harley-Davidson knucklehead Dad's 51 Panhead 1918 Harley TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THI LEATHER  KIDNEY BELT