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Retired electrician. I like old stuff and got a lot of it. I stick to small items so they don't have to set outside. I don't specialize in any one thing. A lot oRetired electrician. I like old stuff and got a lot of it. I stick to small items so they don't have to set outside. I don't specialize in any one thing. A lot of vintage farm related items like cream separators, milking machines, light plants, 32 volt appliances, old garden tractors/mowers, box shellers, grinders, and also telegraph keys and sounders (Read more)


  1. I was told that collectors called these "crocks". I acquired a bunch of glass insulators way back and have since sold them, but I kept the crocks. Four or five different ones. Now I don't know wher...
  2. Still looking for answers to my questions.
  3. I now have a crank for my Clipper fanning mill. You could get worn out cranking this thing very long.
  4. Have you anymore pictures of that Bobcat scooter thingy?
  5. I had a Dream 305 in the early 60's. Lots of memories!
  6. I used to watch him on TV when I was a kid. Cedrick the Centipede, the sickest centipede in all the United States, was one of his sidekicks. I did the Soupy Shuffle at my son's wedding dance a few y...
  7. I have serviced a siren like this for our city/fire department years ago. Be careful of the siren wheel as they were just a slip fit on the shaft and may be loose. I have seen them vibrate bad enoug...
  8. The "Clipper" fanning mill has a hand crank on it. I have never seen a crank, but a friend has promised me he has one, and will give it to me. Thanks for the picture, now I know what to look for. I...
  9. The wooden washing machine: Is the cylinder on the top that runs the dasher, would it be steam operated or water pressure? I would guess water, but never seen such a thing.
  10. Make sure you keep the crate it came in also. It makes them worth more if kept together. Nice find
  11. Don't know the years but they come from the old days of rural fuel delivery. The delivery man would run this full, an even 5 gallons, and then pour it in your barrel, then fill it again, and again ti...
  12. Good old vintage Ham receiver. I got an HQ-129-X on the shelf right here next to a couple of Hallicrafter receivers. An S20R Sky Champion and a SX100. No clock in the HQ-129. DE KA0VEU
  13. That was for applying a hot patch to an inner tube. They would apply a rubber patch to the hole in the inner tube and then clamp it in that device. Then place it with the cup facing up, put some gas...
  14. I guess we must be old geezers as I would look at them in my garage and think there are a couple quarts I should use up. Kind of like my grandson saying: "Grandma's phone has a wheel on it"
  15. Now I noticed the plastic wheels. That would not indicate the period of the galvanized sprayer unless they were replacements for some hard rubber wheel or metal.
  16. I never seen one just like it but mechanically it is the same principle as a pump up sprayer for garden or orchard. Open the top, put in your insect spray, water, and then close it up and pump up the...
  17. It would be fun to see a kid ride this thing. Must have bounced up and down like a jockey in order to make it run. Neat item!
  18. My guess: I looks like maybe a turns counter for something. Each revolution of the horizontal screw would turn the outer dial (100 to 1 ratio). The inner dial being geared down from the outer dial ...
  19. I have a 6 player "Clover" shuffle alley. I think it is a United brand. It's in storage and has been for 20 years. Built in 53. Used to have it in the living room back in the 60's, had to put it a...
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Phillips 66 Porcelain 29 inch Sign Dated 1955 1969 Honda Dream


old ESCO motor-generator - my "little black pig" ;-) Soupy (Sales) Hines my best find so far  im loving it find this today along with a couple gocarts this is a gocart i found in a barn ARROWHEAD PURITAS  WATERBOTTLE AND FRAME Hand Crank Corn Sheller Made in Tenn. Model 800 Wurlitzer Jukebox more goodie


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